1455 – Customer-centric Legal Services with’s Anthony Millin

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO and owner of NEXT.Law, Anthony Millin.

According to Anthony,'s new model offers a solution to one of the challenges that startups often face: the lack of predictability and sustainable legal fees. By productizing legal services and offering fixed prices, aims to make the cost of legal services more predictable for startups. This can help startups budget for legal expenses more effectively, and avoid unexpected costs. Additionally, by making legal services more accessible and affordable,'s new model can help to ensure that startups have access to the legal support they need, without breaking the bank.

Anthony explains that early startups typically have typical engagements such as the steps needed when one founder leaves, seed financing, and protecting their intellectual property. He states that business owners should cover these legal needs to derisk their businesses. By covering these legal needs, startups can reduce the risk of legal issues arising in the future and help ensure their long-term success.

Key points from the Episode:

  • Key points:
  • Overview on what Next.Law is about
  • Services offered by Next.Law
  • 5 most common engagements for early start ups
  • The benefits of working with Next.Law
  • C-corp versus LLC

About Anthony Millin:

Anthony Millin is a trusted legal and business advisor to startup and emerging growth companies. As a startup attorney, a serial entrepreneur, a venture partner, and the Founder and Co-Chair of NEXT powered by Shulman Rogers, an innovative new model for delivering legal services to startup and emerging growth companies. Anthony brings his unique legal and business perspective to advising his clients.

A creative problem solver and strong advocate dedicated to the success of his clients, Anthony frequently serves as his clients’ “outside general counsel, taking a leadership role in managing the full range of their legal needs from formation and financings to growth and exit.

Anthony understands firsthand what it takes to start, scale and manage a company, to successfully prepare for and run a fund raising process, and to address the legal issues faced by a startup. This background provides him with valuable insights into the legal and business needs of his clients. Within Shulman Rogers, his unique skill set has earned him an appointment to the firm’s 7-person Strategic Planning Committee.

About NEXT.Law:

NEXT, powered by Shulman Rogers, is a game-changing new paradigm for providing legal services to startups and emerging growth firms across their entire life cycle. NEXT has productized a wide range of legal services and provides startup businesses with predictable legal bills via over 75 fixed-price packages and service bundles. Their clients receive legal advice and services from a high-touch, hands-on legal team formed of senior Shulman Rogers' attorneys.

To design and provide a unique and powerful client-centric experience, NEXT employs various cloud-based technologies and innovative business models. Shulman Rogers is a forward-thinking full-service legal firm with almost 100 attorneys in the DC Metro Area and regional and national practice.

Tweetable Moments:

00:51 – “One of the big challenges for start-up and emerging growth companies is the lack of predictability and sustainability of legal fees.”

04:08 – “Have a partner who understands what it takes to start, build and successfully scale the company. Working as a partner on your side, helping guide you through the pitfalls that they know that early-stage growth companies commonly step into.”

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