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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder & CEO of Particle 41, Benjamin Johnson.

Connecting with Benjamin Johnson would be beneficial due to his extensive experience and expertise as a technology leader. His strong background in open-source programming and various frameworks and ability to scale and lead engineering teams in diverse environments make him a valuable asset. Benjamin's proven track record in delivering high-quality products on time and within budget demonstrates his commitment to excellence.

His experience managing remotely distributed teams and implementing effective project management methodologies like SCRUM ensures seamless collaboration and communication. Benjamin's dedication to professional and personal pursuits showcases his well-rounded character and ability to impact the technology industry and local community positively.


About Benjamin Johnson: Benjamin is a highly accomplished technology leader with expertise in open-source programming and various frameworks. He excels in scaling and leading engineering teams, particularly in remote and distributed environments. By implementing SCRUM and other best practices, Benjamin maintains high-quality standards and achieves exceptional results in product delivery. His dedication to professional and personal pursuits is evident in his commitment to his local church and family, as he actively coaches his sons' soccer teams and leads community workshops. Overall, Benjamin is a well-rounded individual who significantly impacts the technology industry and his local community.


About Particle 41: Particle41 is a technology company inspired by niobium, the 41st element in the Periodic Table, known for its superconducting properties and ability to strengthen alloys. The company aims to improve businesses through its expert teams, specializing in Application Development, DevOps, and Machine Learning.

Particle41's core values include velocity, visibility, and vision. The company believes in moving quickly to get things done, ensuring clear and constant communication, and preparing for the future while creating new opportunities. Particle41 aims to amplify businesses and drive their success in the ever-evolving technological landscape by offering dependable, high-caliber teams.


Tweetable Moments:

06:33 – “Development is a very iterative process. If you have big bangs in your project management lifecycle, those are bad because then there's this kind of distance between the people executing the mission and then the results.”

09:48 – “I would say almost 60% of my business has been referral and about 40% partnerships. So also, finding strategic partners is a great way to achieve hair steps in growth.”


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