1462 – Revamping To Scale, Grow and Sustain with Revampologist’s Kareen Zahr Walsh

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder, CEO and Business Advisor of Revampologist, LLC, Kareen Zahr Walsh.

Kareen emphasizes that change is necessary to achieve different outcomes, particularly in business. She notes that leaders often have to navigate various dynamics when it comes to change and must be comfortable with change to effectively lead their teams through it and achieve the desired results. This highlights the importance of having a mindset that embraces change rather than resisting it to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.

Kareen works with her clients to help them achieve their desired results by providing them with strategies and toolkits. These tools are designed to help her clients navigate the change they need to make to reach their goals.

She also works for teaching her clients how to be comfortable with change, and how to accommodate it. By providing her clients with both the practical tools they need to make change happen and the mindset they need to be comfortable with it, Kareen helps her clients achieve their desired outcomes. This approach helps clients understand how to implement change sustainably, making it more likely for them to have long-term success.


Key points from the Episode:

  • What does Revampologist do?
  • Understanding why people fear change
  • Embracing change with preparedness and agility toolkit
  • Insights on Kareen Walsh help entrepreneurs embrace change
  • Introspections on how leaders can grow and be ready for change


About Kareen Zahr Walsh: Kareen is the CEO and Head Strategist of Revampologist – A Strategic Growth consulting and coaching practice that helps thought leaders build 7-8 figure businesses with ease. She has 17+ years of experience coaching C-Suite executives to help them up-level their leadership stance, conceive and implement business growth strategies, and lead initiatives that result in high quality customer experience.

Kareen Walsh has mastered integrating her heart of service, her healer training, and her business savvy to assist entrepreneurs and C-suite leaders of any industry align what they love with what they do every single day. Kareen believes income can always be earned, but fulfillment is what each of us should strive to attain. Kareen can disarm you with undivided attention and help you quickly jump into action after one short interaction.

You are going to want to hear how Kareen shares her clarifying and actionable methods for growth in her book, Lead with Value, How Leaders Unleash Their Vision, Empower Their Team, and Evolve Their Business, because you will love how her relatable, practical practice will help you lead. She is also the author of the self-development book: Be A Badass, Six Tools to Up-Level Your Life.


About Revampologist: Strategic Consulting, Advisement and Augmented Staffing Services are geared toward businesses aiming to optimize and scale their operations. They are brought in to assist executives in determining the skills required to help them achieve their corporate objectives. They assist c-suite leaders in matching who they want to become with the growth of their business through their leadership development and executive coaching programs.

They begin each encounter with a brief examination and suggest how they may best assist you. Fintech, Health and Wellness Companies, Digital Marketing Agencies, Staffing Services, and Executive Advisory and Coaching are among their specialties.


Tweetable Moments:

01:36 – “The impetus for the work that I do is to it's in that phase of pain. Like, there are so many people who are comfortable, and they call it a comfort zone. I believe it's a discomfort zone if it's not feeling aligned if it's not feeling excited to show up in when the challenges hit, that you feel almost crippled to try and go after it.”

03:06 – “The people we manage are having challenges that we have to figure out how to lead through. All require a lens of comfort with change in order to make it better.”


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