1469 – Taking Clients You Can be Successful With with PK Recruiting’s Kelly Robinson

Robinson WideIn this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of PK Recruiting, Kelly Robinson.

PK Recruiting is a unique recruitment agency that provides end-to-end services to clients looking to fill positions in their companies. According to Kelly, they differentiate themselves from other recruiters by their continuous efforts to retain talent and find the right fit for their clients. This sets PK Recruiting apart and makes them a reliable partner for companies seeking the best talent for their organization. She shared valuable tips on how to differentiate oneself as an employer of choice and become attractive in today's business world. The importance of differentiation was emphasized as crucial in attracting top talent.


Key points from the Episode:

  • What does PK Recruiting do?
  • Who are ideal clients for PK Recruiting?
  • Backstory on how Kelly got into the business
  • Why do businesses help with recruiting?
  • Services offered by PK Recruiting
  • What makes PK Recruiting from other traditional recruiting agencies?
  • Benefits of working with PK Recruiting
  • Tips to be an attractive employer today


About Kelly Robinson: Kelly Robsinson has been building and implementing professional recruitment services since 1998 in a broad range of settings and industries. Before starting PKR (Panna Knows) in 2019, Kelly served as the Managing Partner for a five million-dollar firm for 13 years, growing it 1000%. As formerly quoted by the CEO, “We would not be where we are without Kelly, not only in her current role, but in her contributions throughout the years. She has been the most impactful hire”.

With Kelly’s leadership, along with a best in class, collaborative and highly impactful team, PKR has already well exceeded over 1000% growth in just 3 years. Over 20 plus years of exploring every aspect of recruiting and hiring, she’s packaged her process into her Next Level Recruiting™ system and approach to recruitment. “I feel strongly that recruitment needs to be intentional. Our focus needs to be making the best possible match to help our partner achieve their objectives with the right time that they are able to retain.”

The NLR framework details Kelly’s 9 Stages of the Talent Acquisition Life Cycle. Kelly has developed her PKR Reach program that offers NLR™ training to recruiters at all levels and her myPACT program which is a coaching program for select recruitment professionals. Kelly’s hope is to share her experiences with recruiters globally in a simplified step-by-step framework. She’s made mistakes, so you don't have to.

Kelly is often heard saying, “Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.” She believes that best recruiters do two things: 1) Listen and 2) Ask the hard questions. This is something that has been incorporated into her UnCulture™ philosophy. Kelly resides in Philadelphia and is a single mother to the love of her life, her 12-year-old son and her Cavapoo puppy. She loves working out, eating healthy, and making memories with those she loves.


About PKR: PKR is a leading talent attraction program focused on recruiting with intention through structure, strategy, and support to connect employers with top talent. Robinson is an award-winning talent operations specialist for her expertise in hiring operations, talent acquisition and retention, and organizational leadership. She coaches leaders throughout the recruiting space globally on strategies for success in the digital era of work.


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