1471 – Conversations with Dynamic Fit Pros’ Chris and Eric Martinez

Martinez WideIn this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founders of Dynamic Fit Pros, Chris and Eric Martinez.

Chris and Eric are experienced fitness professionals, authors, and hosts of the “Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast” who have helped numerous clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Chris and Eric take a personalized approach to fitness coaching. They understand that each individual has a unique body and specific needs, and thus they tailor their programs to fit their client's particular needs and goals. By working closely with clients to develop customized workout and nutrition plans, Chris and Eric ensure their clients achieve optimal results.

They understand that the journey to health and fitness can be challenging, and thus they provide their clients with the motivation and support they need to stay on track and achieve their goals. They are always available to answer questions and provide guidance to their clients. They utilize science-backed methods and practical strategies to help clients see real fitness and overall health results. With their personalized approach, results-driven methods, accessibility and support, holistic approach, and valuable resources through their podcast, Chris and Eric can help you achieve your health and fitness goals and become the best version of yourself.


About Chris and Eric Martinez: Chris and Eric are Business coaches and owners of “The Dynamic Fit Pros” where they help health and fitness coaches create more income, impact, influence, and independence in their coaching businesses. Along with being Multiple #1 International Best-Selling Authors, Podcasters, and Speakers. Chris and Eric have worked with over 700 health & fitness coaches to help them build their online businesses and scale them. After investing in high level business mastermind’s groups, elite coaching days with business and marketing coaches, losing $250k in mistakes, and having an online business for the last 12 years, Chris and Eric's mission now is to pass on their gifts and expertise to other fitness coaches.

Chris and Eric have also built a six -figure online fitness coaching business by the name of Dynamic Duo Training and have worked with thousands of people via online and in person to help them look better, feel better, perform better, and live a dynamic lifestyle through training, nutrition, mindset, personal development, and lifestyle practices. As successful entrepreneurs themselves, Chris and Eric believe that everyone has the right to an abundant lifestyle, and the responsibility to help others have the same. They practice what they preach on a daily basis and that’s to live a dynamic lifestyle, which in their eyes means to keep evolving in life, health, wealth, love, happiness, and to never live a static and complacent lifestyle.


About Dynamic Fit Pros: Dynamic Fit Pros is a company that helps online health and fitness professionals reach their goal of earning $10,000 per month. They do this by eliminating the complicated technology and eliminating the need for paid advertisements and fancy websites. Instead, they focus on simple, effective strategies that allow their clients to reach their financial goals while maintaining their focus on providing top-notch health and fitness services.


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