1478 – Chat GBT with Method and Metric’s Jesse Ringer

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder of Method and Metric SEO Agency, Jesse Ringer.

As the founder of this Vancouver-based SEO agency, Jesse has over a decade of experience building digital strategies that drive actual results for businesses of all sizes. His approach combines cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of what makes people tick, making him a unique and effective partner for any business looking to grow. Jesse's passion for creativity and data-driven decision-making is at the heart of Method and Metric's approach. With an unwavering commitment to ethics and transparency, Jesse and his team help clients connect the dots between data and business outcomes, delivering real value and tangible results.

Beyond his technical expertise, Jesse is a proven entrepreneur and marketer. He knows how to build high-performing teams that work together to drive results for clients, and he has a track record of success to prove it. However, what sets Jesse apart is his dedication to making SEO more human. He understands that businesses are built by people, for people, and that effective SEO requires a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology. By working with Jesse and his team, you'll get a more personalized, human-centered approach to digital marketing that can help you build stronger connections with your customers and drive real growth for your business.


About Jesse Ringer: He founded Method and Metric, which he launched in 2017. He helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing teams build winning SEO strategies for their organizations for over ten years. His passion for progression, creativity backed by data, and the democratization of tech have led him to create an agency focused on connecting data and people in an ethical and forward-thinking way. He's a creative problem solver, marketer, and entrepreneur known for building high-performing teams and delivering results. Business today is being dramatically reinvented by digital transformation and our customer's ability to shop from anywhere. As a result, there is more significant pressure to be easily discoverable online. Here, he helps companies uncover the formula that will generate more website traffic and, more importantly, more revenue.


About Method and Metric SEO Agency: Method and Metric is an SEO agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It works with small startups and large brands to improve their search visibility, increase reach, and grow revenue. The agency uses their 20 years of experience to help clients increase traffic, acquire and retain customers, and create more sales. They offer search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, website analytics, and app store optimization. Method and Metric emphasizes accountability and results, and they strive to form close relationships with their clients to provide a seamless agency experience.


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