1479 – What We Need To Communitcate with Steve Multer

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Keynote Speaker, Steve Multer.

Effective communication is essential in today's fast-paced and increasingly remote work environment. Steve Multer, a corporate storyteller, understands the power of engaging storytelling and how it can create a meaningful impact on an audience. By working with Steve, you can develop your storytelling skills and learn how to create a more personal, shared human experience around your brand. This can help your business differentiate itself from the competition and drive success.

Steve has adapted to the current work environment during the pandemic and helped businesses thrive in these challenging times. He uses his deep market research and technical expertise to deliver narratives that resonate with the audience's needs and wants. Steve has earned numerous accolades and testimonials from satisfied clients thanks to his professionalism, technical expertise, and engaging personality. His coaching has helped many professionals improve their communication skills and succeed tremendously.


About Steve Multer: He is a professional corporate storyteller and presentation coach with over 20 years of experience delivering presentations to audiences worldwide. He has worked with executives, engineers, and sales leaders to help them hone their communication skills and deliver more effective presentations. Steve's approach is based on deeply understanding the brand's unique value proposition and the target audience's needs. He is known for his engaging personality, technical expertise, and ability to connect with audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. His coaching programs help speakers to create exciting content that resonates with online and in-person audiences, regardless of the setting. Steve has received numerous accolades and testimonials from satisfied clients who have seen the benefits of his coaching firsthand.


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