1481 – Communicating Professionally with Inside Comms’ Gary Ross

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the President of INSIDE COMMS, Gary Ross.


About Gary Ross: Gary Ross is a versatile communication expert with extensive experience in different fields. As a former FORTUNE 500 corporate executive and Emmy-nominated broadcast journalist, he has honed his skills in delivering effective messages across different platforms and audiences. Gary's expertise ranges from training and coaching internal communication professionals and corporate leaders to drive business results and employee engagement to providing consultation on internal communication through direct client engagements and as a subcontractor integrated with agency teams.

Gary is adept at handling special situations, such as M&A/integration/divestiture, crisis management, spinoff, labor issues, etc. He also excels in developing and executing communication plans and providing C-level executive counsel and leadership development. Regarding industry experience, Gary has worked with clients in healthcare (pharma, medical devices, health systems), technology, hospitality, food & beverage, home products, media/entertainment, manufacturing, and academia. He offers online training through his website,, providing tips and tools that businesses and individuals can use to grow their communication skills, enhance their careers, and build credibility and influence.


About INSIDE COMMS: INSIDE COMMS works with internal communication experts, executives, human resource and change management specialists, and private equity firms who want to improve their knowledge, confidence, and communication proficiency within enterprises. INSIDE COMMS Plus, a suite of interactive, on-demand E-Learning courses, provides internal communication training. Bespoke E-Learning, virtual training, and in-person classes are also offered (conditions permitting). For further information, go to and

Internal communication experts, as well as executives, HR, and change management professionals, receive coaching. Coaching can bring new inspiration for communicators' work, professional connections, and careers. CEOs well-versed in the media might benefit from discreet advice when articulating their vision inside. HR and change managers can benefit from communication insights and views as they design and implement their programs. To learn more, go to Internal communication consulting can assist you in leading a project, supplementing a team, or filling a personnel gap. INSIDE COMMS employs its M&A communication method for private equity companies to engage staff facing a buyout, helping sustain productivity and preserve an acquisition's value.


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