1482 – Being A Mindful Leader with Living The Gap’s Eric Holsapple

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Living The Gap, Dr. Eric J. Holsapple.


Dr. Eric J. Holsapple is an accomplished entrepreneur, real estate CEO, and developer who has practiced yoga and meditation for over 30 years. He founded Living in the Gap, which offers mindfulness programs for heart-centered business leaders and CEOs, helping them achieve higher performance levels without sacrificing profits or well-being. Dr. Holsapple's approach to leadership is based on the 12 Pillars of Mindful Leading, which provide a transformative approach to community involvement, healthy lifestyle habits, and soul-driven leadership. 

He is a popular speaker, guest on business podcasts, and author of the upcoming book Profit with Presence. Connecting with Dr. Holsapple can offer valuable insights for anyone who wants to learn how to merge mindfulness and business to achieve personal and professional transformation.


About Dr. Eric J. Holsapple: He is a successful developer and entrepreneur who has used mindfulness to transform his life and business, and helps others to do the same.  Eric has a PhD in Economics, has been a real estate CEO and developer for nearly 40 years, lectured real estate at Colorado State University for 20 years, and practiced yoga and meditation for 30 years. Eric was awarded The Colorado State University Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year in 2010; and Bizwest Bravo Entrepreneur of the year award for Loveland, CO in 2015. 

Holsapple has a unique perspective on how merging business and mindfulness can be a catalyst in changing lives. Eric is the Founder of Living In The Gap. His popular workshops teach CEOs and professionals a different way to operate mindfully while improving the bottom line.  Eric has written numerous published articles in real estate and economics, and a book entitled Profit with Presence that will be published in early 2023.  Eric is a regular speaker at public and private events, and a popular guest on business podcasts.  


About Living The Gap: Dr. Eric Holsapple's mindfulness programs, Living in the Gap, show heart-centered business leaders and CEOs how to apply mindfulness skills to assist and guide their journey to new heights. Their programs teach transformative approaches for personal and professional growth through online sessions and live in-person seminars. You'll explore soul-driven leadership that creates real relationships, understand community involvement as a way to give back, and learn how to develop healthy lifestyle habits without the normal stress. 

Their purpose is to challenge the belief that stress and pressure are required for performance and demonstrate that you may be more creative and flexible when you operate from a grounded, aware state. You'll attain higher levels of performance without the normal stress if you understand and follow our 12 Pillars of Mindful Leading. Your team will prosper, and employees will get more involved in developing a giving-back culture that benefits everyone. Living in the Gap can assist you in discovering a new approach to lead and thrive in business, one based on mindful present, peace of mind, and thankfulness, without sacrificing profits or performance.


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