1490 – Bringing Your Book Into The World with Chambrebleue’s Michelle Fishering

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Thinker, Publisher and Strategist of Chambre Bleue, Michelle Fishering.


Connecting with Michelle Fishering, the founder of Chambre Bleue, could be beneficial for several reasons. As a strategic consulting firm and boutique publishing house, Chambre Bleue provides a platform for thought leaders and emerging intellectuals to engage in meaningful conversations and share their ideas with the world. By connecting with Michelle and the Chambre Bleue community, you may gain valuable exposure and support for your work. 

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, Michelle's strategic consulting expertise could be invaluable in helping you navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape. 


About Michelle Fishering: She is a writer, thinker, publisher, strategist, and modern-day salonnière. During her nearly 15-year career building businesses alongside 7- and 8-figure founders in the luxury wine industry, Michelle indulged her passion for books and writing with a side hustle as an editor and book strategist. When she could no longer ignore the pull of her personal mission to explore potent ideas and facilitate profound conversations, she founded Chambre Bleue which is both a strategic consulting firm and a boutique publishing house. Together, the symbiotic entities serve as a think tank for nascent thought leaders, supporting them in building intellectual legacy and income while also publishing their impact-driven nonfiction books.


About Chambre Bleue: Chambre Bleue is a multi-faceted organization that offers a range of services to thought leaders, organizations, and businesses seeking to elevate their strategic thinking, enhance their brand positioning, and expand their reach through compelling content and effective communication. As a strategic consulting firm, Chambre Bleue leverages its expertise and industry knowledge to provide clients with customized solutions to their most pressing challenges, whether in business strategy, market research, or organizational development.

As a boutique publishing house, Chambre Bleue provides a platform for thought leaders to spread their ideas and perspectives by creating and distributing high-quality content such as books, articles, and other publications. With a team of experienced editors, writers, and designers, Chambre Bleue ensures that the content is of the highest caliber and resonates with the intended audience. They also serve as a speaker services agency, helping thought leaders to build their brands and expand their reach through speaking engagements, workshops, and other public appearances. By leveraging its extensive network of contacts and relationships, Chambre Bleue can connect its clients with the right opportunities and audiences to help them achieve their goals.


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