1492 – Bringing Diverse Interactions to You with Frameable’s Adam Riggs

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Frameable, Adam Riggs.


Connecting with Adam Riggs, the CEO of Frameable, could be a great way to gain insights and information about the company's products and services and its vision and future plans. As the company's leader, Adam deeply understands Frameable's goals, strategies, and operations and can provide valuable insights for anyone interested in the company. Whether you are a potential customer, investor, or partner, connecting with Adam Riggs could help you better understand how Frameable operates and what it offers. For example, you are interested in Frameable's virtual collaboration tools, such as Frameable Spaces and Frameable Events. In that case, you could connect with Adam to learn more about how these products work and how they can benefit your team or organization.

He may also share insights about the broader trends and challenges in the virtual collaboration space. As remote work becomes more common and virtual collaboration tools become increasingly important, having access to the perspectives and experiences of someone like Adam could be incredibly valuable. Ultimately, whether or not you should connect with Adam Riggs would depend on your specific needs and goals. 


About Adam Riggs: Adam Riggs is the Chief Executive Officer of Frameable, a software company focused on improving virtual collaboration and communication for remote teams. Before joining Frameable, he served as a Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Treasury Department and a subject-matter expert at the State Department. He worked on open data and knowledge management challenges.

Adam was also the first President and CFO of Shutterstock, a successful stock photography company, from 2005 to 2010. In the last 20 years, he has built, invested in, and advised companies with various outcomes, from successful exits to disappointing bankruptcies. Overall, Adam's background in executive leadership and investment and his experience working on open data and knowledge management challenges could be valuable assets for Frameable as it continues to grow and develop its products and services.


About Frameable: Frameable is a software company that provides products designed to improve virtual collaboration and communication for remote teams. Their mission is to make working together virtually feel as easy and natural as working together in person. Frameable has two main products: Frameable Spaces and Frameable Events. Frameable Spaces is designed to enable spontaneous video and audio calls alongside or between scheduled meetings, making it easier for team members to communicate and collaborate. On the other hand, Frameable Events allows teams to create customized virtual events that promote engagement and interaction among team members.

Both of these products focus on helping teams collaborate more effectively and improve their communication, regardless of where team members are located. By providing tools that make virtual collaboration feel more natural and seamless, Frameable is helping teams to work together more effectively in a remote work environment.


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