1498 – Making Businesses More Resilient with My Business on Purpose’s Scott Beebe

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Head Coach and Founder of My Business on Purpose, Scott Beebe.


Scott Beebe is an experienced entrepreneur and business coach who can help business owners and key leaders clarify their purpose and values, develop effective systems and processes, and stay on track to achieve their goals. His Business on Purpose Roadmap is a proven approach that has helped numerous businesses succeed and grow. 

By working with Scott, you can better understand what drives you and your business, identify areas where your business is struggling, and implement systems and processes to help you overcome those challenges. Scott provides the accountability, support, and feedback you need to make better decisions and avoid common pitfalls. 

Scott's approach is based on real-world experience and has been tested and refined. His work with numerous businesses has helped them achieve success and growth through purposeful business practices. Overall, connecting with Scott Beebe is an excellent opportunity for business owners and key leaders to gain the guidance, support, and tools they need to succeed in today's business environment.


About Scott Beebe: Scott's experience is a testament to his grit and determination, starting with his time as a football player. Despite only having one year of high school football experience, he could walk onto a Division-1 SEC football team and earn a full scholarship during his final two years. This demonstrates his natural athleticism and his willingness to work hard and persevere in the face of challenges. After college, Scott moved to Texas with his wife Ashley and attended and graduated from theology school. This period in his life highlights his commitment to his faith and his desire to serve others. It also shows his willingness to explore new opportunities and take on challenges in different fields.

Scott's time as a legal drug salesman for Pfizer gave him valuable experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He worked with well-known products such as Lipitor and Viagra, which required a deep understanding of the products and the market they served. This experience gave Scott a strong foundation in sales, marketing, and customer service, all of which are essential skills for anyone in business. After working for Pfizer, Scott and Ashley embarked on a new journey, planting two churches and pastoring one of them. This period highlights his leadership skills and desire to help others grow and develop spiritually.

Finally, Scott's work in rural Nigeria is genuinely inspiring. He has been working there since 2005, building a platform for sustainable partnerships with Nigerians through various sectors, including business, finance, and agriculture. This work requires a great deal of cross-cultural communication and understanding and an ability to navigate complex social and political dynamics. 

Through all of these experiences, Scott has developed a unique perspective on business and leadership. His commitment to his faith and desire to serve others has undoubtedly shaped his approach to coaching business owners and their key leaders. His experience in different industries, including athletics, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, has given him a broad understanding of how businesses operate and what it takes to succeed in other sectors.


About My Business on Purpose: Business on Purpose is a company that provides various resources and platforms to help professionals live out their businesses with a sense of Purpose and meaning. One of the primary platforms that Business on Purpose offers is the Business on Purpose Podcast. This podcast features interviews with business professionals who share insights on how they are living out their businesses with a sense of Purpose. These interviews provide listeners with practical advice and inspiration on how they can do the same.

In addition to the podcast, Business on Purpose offers an online video series called “Back to the Drawing Board.” This series provides brief and ongoing “pearls of practical wisdom” to help professionals focus on their Purpose and achieve their goals. They also offer live and online teaching, training, speaking, and consulting services to help individuals and businesses align their work with their values and Purpose. These services provide personalized support and guidance to help clients develop systems, processes, and strategies aligning with their mission and goals.


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