1505 – Problem Focused with Author Brendan Dell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the President of Brendandell, Brendan Dell.


Connecting with Brendan Dell can offer you a wealth of benefits. As a positioning and messaging expert, Brendan has worked with some of the biggest names in the technology industry, helping them develop effective marketing strategies that set them apart. By connecting with Brendan, you can tap into his expertise to improve your messaging and positioning, ultimately helping to increase sales and drive growth.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking funding for your business, Brendan's course, “$1B Pitch,” can offer you practical advice on how to craft a winning pitch that will capture the attention of investors. The course covers the key elements critical to a successful pitch, including how to tell a compelling story, build a strong team, and demonstrate market fit.


About Brendan Dell: Brendan is a positioning and messaging expert who has worked with some of the top technology brands in the industry. His impressive client list includes well-known names such as Expedia, ADP, HP, Y Combinator, and over 99 portfolio companies. With his vast experience and expertise, Brendan has become a trusted advisor to many companies seeking to improve their marketing strategies and messaging.

In his book, “The 12 Immutable Laws of High-Impact Messaging,” Brendan shares his rules for standing out in crowded markets. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to make an impact in today's competitive business landscape. Brendan's new course, “$1B Pitch,” examines the eight elements of a successful $1B pitch. This course is a valuable resource for anyone looking to create a winning pitch and secure funding for their business.


About Brendandell: Brendandell is a company that specializes in partnering with B2B CMOs to help create impactful marketing campaigns and departments. Their expertise and experience have earned them a reputation for being leaders in their field, with a roster of clients including some of the industry's biggest names. Some of their past and present clients include Cvent, which Deloitte has recognized as one of the Fast 500 companies, and TOPO, a leading B2B analyst firm. They have also worked with UserTesting, which Deloitte recognized as one of the Technology Fast 500 companies, and Nuance, a Fortune 1000 company.

Other notable clients of Brendandell include Panasonic, SAP, Brother, Act-On Software, MedeAnalytics, and Cambia Health Solutions, among others. They have worked with over 100 clients, each benefiting from the company's expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch marketing solutions.

If you are a B2B CMO looking to take your marketing campaigns to the next level, Brendandell is a company that you should consider. Their vast experience and impressive track record make them a reliable partner who can help you achieve your goals and take your business to new heights.


Tweetable Moments:

02:36 – “So the first thing that every company should do, and the mistake that folks often make is that most companies start and go.”

06:04 – “In order to tell that story, you need to have clarity of the problem, clarity of the solution, and clarity of the unique mechanism in which you deliver that solution.”


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