1507 – How Advertising Works Today with Radical’s Ryan Alford

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO and Founder of Radical, Ryan Alford.


Working with Ryan Alford and Radical offers brands a unique opportunity to benefit from Alford's innovative and strategic approach to marketing. With his diverse range of skills and expertise, Alford can develop highly personalized and targeted marketing strategies that deliver results. He is not afraid to explore new and emerging marketing channels and technologies, which allows him to respond quickly to the changing market conditions and consumer behaviors. Alford's honesty and candor ensure that clients receive personalized attention and high-quality services tailored to their specific needs.


About Ryan Alford: Ryan is an accomplished CEO and Founder of Radical, who has made significant contributions to advertising, marketing, and business consulting over the past two decades. With his innovative ideas and a wealth of experience, Alford has established himself as a true hybrid marketer who is capable of solving global challenges and driving bottom-line revenue for his clients.

Alford is known for his unique ability to bridge the analog/digital/social gap for senior executives and then build plans that can deliver real results. He has earned a reputation for his honesty and sincerity, as he is not afraid to speak his mind and provide honest feedback, even if it means telling clients that their ideas or strategies need improvement. He is a results-driven individual who focuses on delivering massive results for businesses requiring a fresh perspective and assistance navigating the new social/digital landscape.

Alford's approach to business is highly strategic, and he always seeks to align his clients' marketing and business objectives to drive bottom-line revenue. He has a track record of delivering impressive results, and his success has earned him a reputation as a highly respected and sought-after CEO and Founder.


About Radical: Radical marketing is an innovative approach that emphasizes the importance of creativity and flexibility in achieving business goals. It involves developing strategies that are highly adaptable to changing market trends and consumer behaviors. The hybrid marketer is a key component of this approach, as they possess a unique skill set that combines strategic thinking and creative problem-solving.

The hybrid marketer must have a thorough understanding of the business goals and the brand's unique identity. They must be able to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that is highly targeted and personalized to the needs of the audience. They must also be able to identify new and emerging marketing channels and technologies which can be used to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Radical marketing is all about speed and agility. Brands must be able to respond quickly to changing market conditions and consumer behaviors. The hybrid marketer must be able to work in an environment that demands constant adaptation and flexibility. They must be able to analyze data quickly, make informed decisions, and execute campaigns in a timely and effective manner.


Tweetable Moments:

02:47 – “I think they've learned that you have two options with content these days. You either entertain or you educate.”

02:55 – “People think with their head and they buy with their heart.”


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