1509 – Making The Entrepreneur Journey Worth it with Arkona’s Ryan Tansom

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Partner and Founder of Arkona, Ryan Tansom.


Connecting with Ryan Tansom offers entrepreneurs valuable insights from his expertise in business strategy, operations, and finance. Utilizing his Intentional Growth™ Framework, you can learn to achieve sustainable growth, focusing on a clear end goal. This all-encompassing framework highlights educational training, fractional CFO services, and strategic planning, providing a well-rounded approach to business development. 

By engaging with Ryan, you can access his extensive network of accomplished entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and experts. This connection may lead to collaboration, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing opportunities, significantly contributing to your business's success.


About Ryan Tansom: He started his entrepreneurial career at his family business where he was the Executive VP and responsible for the strategic, operational, and financial strategy of the $21 Million company. Ryan helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategies which enabled it to be sold for 8 figures to a local competitor in 2014. 

Ryan took his experience and founded Arkona to create the Intentional Growth™ Framework which helps owners grow the value of their company with the end in mind through educational training, fractional CFO services and strategic planning. 

Ryan also hosts the popular Intentional Growth™ podcast that has 250+ episodes, 360k+ downloads and guests like Gino Wickman, John Warrillow, and the editors of HBR and Inc. Magazine.


About Arkona: Arkona is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses' value with a clear end goal in mind. They offer a range of services, including educational training, fractional CFO services, and strategic planning, to support informed financial decision-making, optimized performance, and lasting industry impact.

Educational resources cover business valuation, strategic planning, and financial management, equipping entrepreneurs with necessary knowledge. Arkona provides courses, workshops, and webinars to cater to different learning preferences. Experienced fractional CFOs offer personalized financial advice and support, empowering entrepreneurs to manage resources, optimize cash flow, and identify growth opportunities.

Arkona's strategic planning services develop tailored plans aligned with clients' specific objectives and goals, focusing on key performance indicators and actionable strategies to achieve sustainable growth and increased value.

By emphasizing a long-term perspective and considering desired exit strategies, Arkona encourages entrepreneurs to envision their end game and make strategic decisions throughout their businesses' life, helping clients proactively manage risks, capitalize on opportunities, and maximize company value.


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