1511 – A Path to Success with Mark Pointe’s Tim Bridges

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the CEO of Makpointe, Tim Bridges.

By connecting with Tim and his team, businesses can gain access to their tailored workforce solutions for niche companies in busy American markets, including Energy, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and IT. This can be especially beneficial for companies still looking for qualified candidates in these industries.

Makpointe also provides a confidential service for candidates, meaning businesses can be sure they receive only the most qualified and committed candidates for their open positions. This can save companies time and resources in the hiring process, as they can focus on interviewing and selecting from a pool of highly qualified candidates.


About Tim Bridges: Tim Bridges has had a career in pipeline construction and specialty services, as well as founding and building three businesses over the past few years. Through his experiences, he has gained valuable business lessons and established a strong network of like-minded leaders.

In his previous work, Tim managed hundreds and bid on thousands of high-profile maintenance and pipeline projects, leading to increased revenues and key positions in upper management. He gained hands-on experience in real-time business development, dealing with millions of dollars.

Known for his hard-driving work ethic, Tim only does business with others who operate with integrity, respect, kindness, and good faith. Despite his success, Tim was unfulfilled in his corporate America job and left to pursue his dream with his partners. He continues to strive for success in his ventures.


About Makpointe: Makpointe is a company founded by Tim Bridges, a partnership of IT & Energy and Staffing Industry professionals aimed at sourcing human energy to power the American industry. Their mission is to offer tailored workforce solutions to niche companies in busy American markets, with key sectors including Energy, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and IT.

At Makpointe, they provide a confidential service for their candidates, starting when their resume is submitted to the company's website. They aim to match “The Right Candidate” for the job and build a network of qualified individuals to fuel the American industry. They take pride in their nationwide vision of supplying “The Right Candidate” for every job and being the “Human Energy Powering American Industry.” They believe their tailored workforce solutions are crucial to success for both companies and candidates.

Makpointe's team of professionals has extensive experience in the IT and Energy industries, allowing them to provide top-notch staffing services to their clients. The company's focus on confidentiality and dedication to finding the best fit for each job sets them apart from other staffing agencies.


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