1519 – Hiring Start to Finish with Vidcruiter’s Sean Fahey

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO and Founder of VidRecruiter, Sean Fahey.

Connecting with Sean Fahey can benefit those seeking insights from an experienced professional in the remote recruitment industry. As the CEO and Founder of a rapidly growing company, VidCruiter, Sean possesses valuable entrepreneurship and human resources expertise. You can access his knowledge of best practices for efficient recruitment, remote hiring, and HR technology implementation by engaging with him. 

Additionally, Sean's passion for sharing his success stories and learnings provides a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to learn from a proven leader in the field.


About Sean Fahey: Sean is an award-winning business leader, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of VidCruiter, one of the fastest-growing remote recruitment companies on the market. He holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Florida Atlantic University, and after years of first-hand recruitment experience, he’s passionate about sharing what he knows so others might find the same level of success he has. 


About VidRecruiter: VidCruiter simplifies the hiring process by providing HR tech software significantly reducing time-to-hire while improving the candidate experience and helping employers find better-qualified applicants. The company uses Recruitment Process Modelling to digitize and customize the workflow, allowing it to mirror and enhance existing recruiting processes, ensuring a smooth online transition. Their services include live and pre-recorded video interviews, interview scheduling, skills testing, automated reference checks, audio interviews, and video proctoring. 

Each product can be used independently or as part of VidCruiter's fully optimized recruitment platform. The software helps organizations transition to remote hiring and modernize outdated recruitment practices, such as phone interviews and manual reference checks, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.


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