1521 – With A Purpose Behind it with Founder and CEO of Elev8 IO and Great Dane Ventures’ Gary Garth

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder and CEO of  & Great Dane Ventures, Gary Garth.

Connecting with Gary Garth could be beneficial for several reasons, particularly if you are an entrepreneur or involved in a high-potential startup. With a wealth of experience in founding and scaling businesses, Gary possesses valuable insights and knowledge in various aspects of entrepreneurship.

As the founder and CEO of Great Dane Ventures, The Accelerator Platform, and Elev8 Media, Gary has a vast network of connections and resources that could help you grow your business. By connecting with him, you may gain access to expert advice on sales, marketing, growth strategies, incubator programs, and advisory services.

Gary's experience as an author and featured expert in prominent publications further solidifies his expertise and reputation in the industry. Connecting with him could allow you to learn from his successes and failures, giving you a competitive edge in the market.


About Gary Garth: Gary Garth is the Founder and CEO of Great Dane Ventures, The Accelerator Platform and Elev8 Media. Author of ‘The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint' book and ‘The Goals, Grit & Greatness' planner. He also leverages his resources as a sales leader and angel investor, helping high-potential startups go-to-market, scale, and become profitable via 360 degrees sales and marketing support, incubator programs, advisory services and proprietary technology, engineered with the purpose of empowering entrepreneurs. He has been featured in Inc., Forbes, Success, and many other prominent publications. 

A serial entrepreneur since 2002, Gary has started and successfully exited six companies, including large outbound sales call centers, radio advertising networks, and an award-winning, eight-figure digital marketing agency. Born in Denmark, Gary now lives in Medellín, Colombia.

About is a prominent growth accelerator and digital marketing agency specializing in the addiction treatment and mental health care sector. Their primary mission is to assist clients in achieving profitable admission rates through a comprehensive suite of digital marketing strategies. With a holistic approach, provides services such as sales enablement, customer relationship management (CRM), and the implementation of cutting-edge tech solutions.

By leveraging their expertise, empowers addiction treatment and mental health care organizations to reach their target audience effectively and efficiently, ultimately improving patient outcomes and expanding their reach. With a keen focus on the unique challenges of this industry, stands as a valuable partner for those seeking to make a meaningful impact in the field of addiction treatment and mental health care through strategic digital marketing.

About Great Dane Ventures: They are a dynamic angel investment and accelerator firm identifying and nurturing startups with exceptional growth potential. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, including 360-degree marketing and sales support, tailored incubator programs, expert advisory services, and cutting-edge proprietary technology, Great Dane Ventures aims to empower entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve unparalleled success.

Their unique approach focuses on understanding the individual needs of each startup and providing customized support to accelerate growth and drive profitability. With an experienced team of industry experts, Great Dane Ventures is well-equipped to identify promising startups, mentor them through various stages of development, and facilitate their transformation into prosperous, thriving businesses.

Great Dane Ventures is committed to fostering innovation and promoting a culture of entrepreneurial excellence through strategic partnerships, valuable connections, and a vast network of resources. By investing in the future of startups and entrepreneurs, the firm plays a crucial role in shaping the business landscape and contributing to economic growth

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