1522 – Selling Better with Buyer-ology® Karen Green

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Business Coach and Mentor, Karen Green.

Connecting with Karen Green can benefit businesses seeking growth in the competitive UK retail market. As a renowned expert in challenger brands, Karen has a proven track record in helping businesses generate significant sales growth and secure listings in UK grocery stores. Her experience in raising investment funds can also support businesses looking to expand. 

With her extensive background in launching and managing various businesses, Karen has developed a keen understanding of what works and what doesn't in the industry. She helps solopreneurs and companies create clear, actionable growth strategies by offering coaching and mentoring services. Karen's expertise as an international speaker and best-selling author further demonstrates her ability to provide valuable insights and guidance.


About Karen Green: Karen is a B2B sales expert who started life as a successful retail buyer for Tesco and Boots, before crossing the table and working as a Commercial Director – covering everything from Christmas puddings to Sushi. Karen now uses this vast experience to help SME business owners and sales team to sell more and sell better by understanding the psychology of how their customers buy. She has helped clients achieve enviable success from gaining listings in UK retailers to winning major contracts with the likes of Nike and Amazon. 

She is the author of two Amazon best sellers, “Buyer-ology – Know Your Buyer, Sell More and Sell Better” and “Recipe to SuccessThe Ultimate Guide to Negotiation” which was shortlisted for Business Books awards 2018.  

Karen is a sought-after speaker who delivers keynote speeches at major events such as IFE and Retail week live and creates bespoke workshops for UN ITC, Virgin and Enterprise nation alongside her own training and mentoring programmes She is a passionate and highly knowledgeable foodie, judging at all the major awards including Great Taste, Grocer Own Label and Quality Food awards.


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