1523 – Building Resilience to Change with LCubed Consulting’s Lisa Levy

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder and CEO of Lcubed Consulting, Lisa Levy.

Connecting with Lisa Levy can provide valuable insights into navigating organizational change and process improvement challenges. Her expertise in aligning people, processes, and technology offers a unique perspective on building agile and adaptable teams. Drawing from her experience as a best-selling author and successful consultant, Lisa shares practical knowledge that can help businesses adapt to constant change and maintain a competitive edge. By learning from her approach, which combines Project Management, Process Performance Management, Internal Controls, and Organizational Change Management, you can acquire the skills and capabilities needed to drive strategic results within your organization. Lisa's commitment to empowering clients with self-reliance can also foster a culture of continuous improvement, benefiting your business in the long run.


About Lisa Levy: Lisa loves a good puzzle. After witnessing the confusion that ensued after new technology systems were integrated into offices in the 90s, she didn’t panic. She saw an opportunity to establish effective processes that support employees and businesses grappling with evolving technology. Then a pattern emerged: internal teams kept failing to communicate with one another in the wake of change. To respond, Lisa founded Lcubed Consulting. 

As CEO of Lcubed, Lisa helps companies align people, processes, and technology to utilize agility as a strategic advantage and acknowledge change is a business constant. Her secret sauce to success is leveraging key elements of Project Management, Process Performance Management, Internal Controls, and Organizational Change Management to build teams with the skills and capabilities to drive strategic results.

Lisa is the #1 best-selling author of Future Proofing Cubed, a book she created to share her insights on productivity, profitability, and process refinement in business. Lisa’s goal is to prepare her clients with the skills, capabilities, and self-reliance they need to thrive in the future without Lcubed’s guidance. With this notion, she has broken the typical consulting model.

Lisa holds her Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media Management from Northern Arizona University. She is a Project Management Professional and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Lisa enjoys spending free time with her family and basset hounds.


About Lcubed Consulting: They are a firm dedicated to providing businesses with comprehensive change management solutions aimed at enhancing process efficiency and overall operational effectiveness. By conducting a thorough strategic risk assessment, they identify the necessary steps for improving an organization's performance.

Catering to industry leaders, Lcubed Consulting offers an in-depth business analysis that focuses on three core areas: processes, people, and technology. This holistic approach ensures the delivery of maximum customer value. Lisa L. Levy, the Founder and CEO of Lcubed Consulting, is a highly regarded advisor and thought leader with a proven track record in elevating client performance, profitability, and growth.


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