1524 – Streamlining Surety Bonds with Propeller Bonds’ Aaron Steffey

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO and Co-Founder of Proppeler Bonds, Aaron Steffey.

Connecting with Aaron Steffey can be valuable due to his extensive experience and expertise in the insurtech and insurance sectors. As co-founder and co-CEO of Propeller Bonds, Aaron knows firsthand how to streamline processes and solve challenges within the surety bond market. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals or organizations looking to optimize their bond issuance process or those seeking insights into the insurtech landscape.

Aaron's marketing, strategic management, and international business background can provide valuable perspectives on general business practices, industry partnerships, and digitization strategies. By connecting with Aaron Steffey, you may gain access to his wealth of knowledge, learn from his experiences, and potentially foster meaningful collaborations that could positively impact your business ventures or professional growth.


About Aaron Steffey: Aaron is the co-founder and co-CEO of Propeller Bonds, an insurtech managing general underwriter (MGU) equipped with a proprietary instant issue surety bond platform. He founded the insurtech company in June 2020 in Philadelphia with fellow co-CEO Chris Kolger. 

Steffey kicked off his career in the insurance industry as a managing partner for his family’s Indianapolis-based insurance firm, Steffey Insurance Agency. During his 12 years with his family’s company, he recognized a need in the market for a comprehensive solution to help agencies streamline their surety services after having consulted on several insurtech product developments. From there, Steffey became inspired to build a company from the inside out to solve common pain points in surety bond issuance, leveraging his first-hand experience and knowledge of the insurance industry.

Steffey holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of Mississippi and a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management and International Business from Villanova University. Throughout his experience, Steffey has become an expert on general business best practices including creating industry partnerships, digitizing a traditional industry, and alternative channel distribution.


About Proppeler Bonds: Propeller Bonds is an innovative InsurTech company focused on the $6B surety and fidelity bond market. As an MGA, Propeller utilizes a proprietary surety platform to instantly underwrite and issue bonds, increasing efficiency for carriers, agents, customers, and obligees. The platform eliminates pain points for agents and brokers while still paying commissions, allowing them to capitalize on their existing client base and web traffic. This benefits both experienced surety professionals, who can write more bonds with less effort, and agents without surety expertise, who earn commission through customer referrals. 

Propeller's team has extensive experience in the insurance industry and technology, developing software solutions for top insurance companies and positioning the company to revolutionize the surety and fidelity bond market.


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