1528 – How to Build A Relationship of Trust with Success Through Trust’s Natalie Oldfield

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & CEO of Success Through Trust Inc, Natalie Doyle Oldfield.

Connecting with Natalie Doyle Oldfield offers numerous benefits, as she is a leading expert in trust building with a proven track record. Engaging with her can gain valuable insights and tools to foster trust within your organization, leading to increased sales, profitability, and customer loyalty.

Additionally, her well-established connections within the business community can provide networking opportunities for your professional and personal growth. Ultimately, forging a relationship with Natalie can lead to business success and personal development in today's trust-driven marketplace.


About Natalie Doyle Oldfield: Natalie is the author of The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage, and Protect It and serves as the President of Success Through Trust. She has been recognized as one of the world's Top Thought Leaders in Trust for five consecutive years by Trust Across America, an honor she shares with other prominent leaders such as Howard Schultz, founder and CEO of Starbucks, and author Stephen M.R. Covey.

Hailing from Canada, Natalie is celebrated as one of the nation's Most Inspiring Women Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs. She was also nominated for the prestigious 2023 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs Award of the Year. Her mission is to help business owners and leaders expand their companies by fostering relationships of trust with their customers and colleagues.

Natalie's training programs, trust measurement system, tools, and proprietary Trust Building framework are all grounded in scientific research and evidence. As a sought-after podcast guest and writer, she contributes to Forbes and has been featured in Economist Impact as a “Business Trust Expert.”


About Success Through Trust Inc: Success Through Trust Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses enhance their sales, boost profitability, and strengthen customer loyalty. In today's fast-paced world, numerous business owners grapple with stagnant or declining growth, fewer referrals, and increased negotiation stress. Business owners must recognize that we have entered a new era where customers prioritize trust when purchasing. Simply offering best-in-class products and services is no longer sufficient; customers now choose to buy from people and companies they trust. In the absence of trust, sales suffer. Success Through Trust seeks to empower businesses to overcome these challenges and achieve tremendous success by focusing on fostering Trust.


Tweetable Moments:

02:45 – “What I realized is it all comes down to building relationships of trust.”

06:02 – “Probably a lot of your listeners are trustworthy. However, not everyone knows how to build a relationship of trust. It is a skill that you can learn and you can cultivate and develop. And when you practice it, you become even more trustworthy.”


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