1533 – How to Get People to Know and Trust You Faster with Ilderton Bookkeeping’s Jordan Ilderton

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Growth & Profitability Consultant, Founder of Ilderton Bookkeeping, Jordan Ilderton.


As a financial expert, Jordan has a unique and comprehensive approach to bookkeeping and CPA services. Her methods focus on helping clients understand their financial reports and providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Jordan has successfully transitioned from traditional bookkeeping to a coaching role, demonstrating her commitment to assisting business owners in their growth journey. She has firsthand experience in increasing revenue through strategic content creation, which can be valuable for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses.

Entrepreneurs can learn from her knowledge and experience by engaging with Jordan. Her personalized support and guidance can contribute to unlocking a business's full potential and achieving long-term success without the promotional tone typically found in the industry.


About Jordan Ilderton: Jordan Ilderton is a passionate financial expert dedicated to empowering soulful entrepreneurs, particularly women, to achieve peace of mind and increased business profits. As a female CPA and bookkeeper with a unique approach, she partners closely with clients who share her vision for growth and improvement. Jordan believes in providing a comprehensive and holistic financial experience, enabling her clients to understand and act on their financial data.

Motivated by many entrepreneurs' struggles, especially women, Jordan offers invaluable guidance and support to help them leverage financial insights and drive their businesses forward. As a result, clients can trust her as a committed ally on their journey to greater profitability and success.


About Ilderton Bookkeeping: Ilderton Bookkeeping is a successful multi-six-figure business focused on helping clients increase revenue through consistent content creation. Recognizing the importance of content as a key driver for attracting more clients and boosting revenue, Ilderton Bookkeeping has transitioned from traditional bookkeeping services to a more comprehensive coaching role.

Drawing on personal experience of doubling their revenue through strategic content creation, Ilderton Bookkeeping is committed to supporting clients in achieving similar growth. By partnering with entrepreneurs and sharing their expertise, Ilderton Bookkeeping empowers clients to effectively harness the power of content and unlock their businesses' full potential.


Tweetable Moments:

04:22 – “I'm just such a big fan of being so intentional and so strategic about what we are adding in the business and really doing that kind of piece by piece, picking one focus area so that we can go all in.”

15:30 – “If you have content out there that people can binge, they just get to know and trust you so much faster.”


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