1540 – Leveraging Quizzes with Maeve Ferguson

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Owner and Coach of Maeve Ferguson Coaching, Maeve Ferguson.


Frustrated but expert coaches can gain valuable insights and guidance on creating their own profitable online coaching businesses by connecting with Maeve. Maeve's mission revolves around empowering parents to succeed in their coaching endeavors while enjoying quality time with their loved ones. By taking action and learning from Maeve's strategies, individuals can unlock the potential to establish thriving businesses and a strong presence in their professional and personal lives.


About Maeve Ferguson: Maeve is a successful CEO and International Bestselling Author, known for her innovative approach to scaling online businesses – The Evergreen Lifestyle Business Blueprint. 

Maeve has been featured in Forbes and is passionate about helping Frustrated but Expert Coaches to build their own Evergreen Lifestyle Coaching Business, enabling them to get off the launch roller coaster, balance their family life and become successful CEOs. 

Her mission is to empower parents to create profitable online coaching businesses from the comfort of their own homes, so they can enjoy more time with their loved ones. 

Maeve firmly believes that any parent who takes action can achieve a thriving business while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle and presence with their kids.


Tweetable Moments: 

1:13 – “So a complete stranger coming into your world organically through your quiz funnel, onto your automated workshop, and then booking a call with your program advisors who sell them into your high tech coaching program, and you literally have never had any interaction with this person.”

5:25 – “The most important question is the hook up front. Because if that hook doesn't perform, you're not going to get your opt in at the back end of the quiz. Nobody is actually going to take that thing.”


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