1547 – Why Preventative Maintenance is Important with Maintenance Care’s Dan Roberge

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Maintenance Care, Dan Roberge.


With his extensive experience as a successful President and CEO of a multi-million-dollar international corporation, Dan has the expertise to provide valuable insights into sales, marketing, and product development. He has demonstrated the ability to build and grow companies from the ground up, establishing budgets, creating marketing strategies, developing sales processes, and building a productive and growing enterprise.


About Dan Roberge: Dan is a successful business executive who has worked as the President and CEO of a multi-million-dollar international corporation. He has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and product development, and has helped build a company from the ground up.

Dan co-founded Gnxcor Inc., where he played a critical role in establishing the company's budget, marketing strategy, sales processes, and support protocols. He also helped develop a product tailored to the needs of the industry. He has managed timelines, budgets, and financial models and helped build a finance department to maintain a profitable balance sheet and cash flow.

Dan has provided daily sales presentations to thousands of potential customers via web or in-person with business owners and C-Level executives.


About Maintenance Care: Maintenance Care is a company that provides Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) for facility maintenance management. Their web-hosted facility maintenance software is designed to improve maintenance ROI through work order management, preventative maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, capital planning, and other features.

By using Maintenance Care's CMMS, businesses can automate their maintenance management processes and provide timely information to staff, which can help improve efficiency and effectiveness when responding to maintenance requests. This can improve facility safety tracking data, equipment ROI, and customer/resident satisfaction.


Tweetable Moments: 

04:01 – “A software that keeps everybody accountable is a good way to go for that. Plus, it does a lot of things that are very specific to their job on a daily basis.”

6:23 – “Typically, if they're in need of a software like ours and they're wanting to get one, we're a really good solution for people because of the price especially.”


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