1542 – Applying New Ideas with The ReWild Group’s Matthew Pohl

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Principal and Senior Business Adviser of The ReWild Group LLC, Matthew Pohl.


Connecting with Matthew offers entrepreneurs and small business owners valuable insights and guidance. As a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO, and leader of three successful businesses, Matthew possesses extensive experience in data analytics, management, and business growth. His expertise in developing exceptional workplaces can help you create an environment that fosters personal growth, skill development, and increased productivity. You can enhance your business's profitability and overall well-being by leveraging his knowledge and resources, such as The ReWild Group's 60-Minute Guidebooks for Business Growth series.


About Matthew Pohl: Matthew is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO with a background in data analytics and management in the legal and business sectors. He currently leads three businesses: The Rewild Group, The Capitalist Alliance, and Herculean Litigation.

In Broomfield, Colorado, Matthew enjoys spending time outdoors, including hiking 14,000-foot peaks known as “14ers” in the state. With a passion for helping businesses become autonomous, profitable, and healthy, he continues to make a significant impact in the entrepreneurial space.


About The ReWild Group LLC: The ReWild Group is committed to expanding the number of exceptional businesses worldwide, believing that work greatly influences individual and societal well-being. They advocate for outstanding workplaces that enable people to apply their natural talents, develop new skills, and grow personally and professionally. This, in turn, creates positive ripple effects throughout homes, communities, and nations.

The ReWild Group provides resources and tools for small business owners, including their 60-Minute Guidebooks for Business Growth series, which offers actionable insights on various aspects of business development. Their unique methodology emphasizes the importance of exceptional businesses in fostering individual growth and enhancing the overall quality of life.


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