1572 – Bringing B2C to B2B with Enable Us’ Jinal Jhaveri

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Co-Founder & CEO of Enable Us, Jinal Jhaveri.

Connecting with Jinal Jhaveri can provide immense value to aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals in the technology and education sectors. Jinal's proven track record in founding and leading successful technology companies offers invaluable insights and guidance on navigating the competitive landscape. 

As a venture and secondary investor in over 100 technology firms, Jinal keenly understands the industry's trends and growth opportunities. His extensive experience, innovative mindset, and strategic vision are crucial for personal growth, business development, and investment decisions. 


About Jinal Jhaveri: Jinal is a serial entrepreneur specializing in founding and leading innovative technology software companies. Jhaveri’s extensive experience, anything-is-possible attitude, and customer-focused mindset have made Enable Us a world-class seller and buyer enablement platform. 

He successfully founded SchoolMint, an online enrollment platform helping 20,000+ schools in the US attract, enroll, and retain students. SchoolMint was successfully acquired by BV Investment Partners. Jhaveri currently serves as SchoolMint’s Chairman of the Board. He also founded Mismo, which provides integrated remote engineering, design, and customer success teams in Central America.

Jhaveri is also a venture and secondary investor in 100+ technology companies, such as Facebook, Square, Github, Zuora, 23andMe, Palantir, Cohesity, Impossible Foods, Automattic, Invision, as well as early-stage education companies, such as GlimpseK12, KickUp, CourseDog, WonderSchool, Tailor-Ed, and SV Academy. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two daughters.


About Enable Us: Enable Us, a groundbreaking B2B digital buying platform, focuses on improving efficiency, transparency, and personalization for sellers, buyers, and customers. The buyer-centric enablement solution integrates with existing sales and marketing tools, enhancing sales efficiency and expediting revenue growth. Notable features include Digital Sales Rooms, Mutual Action Plans, Onboarding and Training Rooms, Content Management, Customer Reference Management, and real-time behavior insights. 

Known for its user-friendly design and seamless adoption, Enable Us offers exceptional customer support and is a trusted business partner. By revolutionizing the buying experience throughout the customer journey, Enable Us sets a new standard in the B2B digital buying landscape.


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey, their thoughtful listener, would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant coach, or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than 10 million in revenue. Just head to up my and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live, and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget, the Thoughtful Entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my and click on podcast. We'd love to have you with us right now. It's Jinal Jhaveri, Jinal, you are the co-founder and c e o of Enable Us, and that is found on the web Jinal, thank you so much for joining us.

Jinal (00:01:14) - Thanks so much for having me, Josh. I'm super excited to talk to you today.

Josh (00:01:17) - Yeah, so, so tell us what enable us is.

Jinal (00:01:22) - Yeah, so enable us, the vision is pretty simple. Like we feel that the way you can buy stuff so easily on Amazon, or even DoorDash or Uber, even cars like Tesla, where you can buy like a hundred thousand dollars car. So quickly, we wanna bring the same experience for B2B sales, where instead of making the the buyer go through dozens of phone calls and meetings and stuff like that, we are helping companies make it extremely easy for their buyers to review everything, ask questions, invite other stakeholders, and literally purchase your stuff without going through that archaic process of meetings and stuff like that. So, that's our goal is, uh, and we feel it's gonna happen very quickly. We feel like the new buyer is a millennial buyer who's used to having that B2C experience, and we are bringing that to all the B2B companies.

Josh (00:02:21) - Yeah, well, I mean, that sounds like a great concept. So essentially for agencies and for service providers, if you provide services, correct me where I'm wrong here. So if you are selling b2b, enable us as a platform where you can be listed, and again, that will connect you then with people who need those services.

Jinal (00:02:43) - It's actually simpler than that. So if you are a services company, and if you have a traditional sales motion where you schedule a phone, call your buyer ask you questions, they invite other stakeholders, uh, they ask you more questions, they negotiate, we allow you using our platform, we allow you to put everything in this place called a digital sales room. Think of it as like you're pitching to the buyer. Yeah.

Josh (00:03:07) - Buyer.

Jinal (00:03:07) - I think I can literally do all of this asynchronously and then literally close the deal without having to go through all those dozens and dozens of phone calls.

Josh (00:03:16) - Yeah. So what do you include in the digital sales room?

Jinal (00:03:21) - Basically anything that you are typically sharing with the buyers. So think about it. What's the very first thing the buyer wants to see? They wanna know about your company, so like a deck. Then they wanna know about who else in their domain is using you. So there is some credibility. So customer references, then they know, want to know, ideally, like if there's a product you're selling of or if there's a services offering, what are the ROIs that either have received? So like a case study and stuff like that. So everything that a traditional seller is sharing with the buyer, links, attachments, emails. Now they can put this all in one single place, one single place for the buyers to review and then literally close the deals. So that's what it is. It's like, think of it as, um, what happens in the, in the VC world, when a founder is pitching to the vc, they put everything the VC wants to review in one place. Hmm. We are doing the same thing, but in a living and breathing digital sales room. Yeah. And that's what it's,

Josh (00:04:20) - Yeah. Well, why is this important to do B2B sales this way today? Yeah, , well, why is this important for if we think about how people are buying?

Jinal (00:04:36) - Yeah. So couple of reasons why. One is this, the new buyer is used to, with that asynchronous experience of doing their own work before talking to someone and buying stuff. But more importantly, now, b2 d SaaS, uh, is competitive in general, right? So think of buyer, if they're talking to four or five vendors and they have to go and pick one vendor, uh, from those four and five, imagine the amount of work they have to do. They go through all these meetings, they go through all the customer reference checks, and doing a research on which one of these vendors they want to go through. Ask the stakeholders on what their opinion is before they make a decision. So when they have to go through this, imagine the amount of time they have to spend. Wouldn't it be awesome if you make it easy for them by actually putting everything they need in one place instead of they asking for it, just put it in one place, make them feel like a VC and make them do the work so that, um, immediately you stand out against all the other vendors who are not doing that.

Josh (00:05:39) - Oh my goodness. I if, you know, if I'm thinking as myself as a buyer, and I'll do this frequently, we'll, I'll, I'll ask some. I'm like, Hey, do you have any long form content? Like, I don't need you to explain this all to me. Like, I, I, listen, I've got some downtime later on in the afternoon. Just gimme a video I can watch and like, I can watch it at 1.5 speed. And you know, that way I, I can come into a conversation, we could talk at a little bit at a higher level, so you don't have to gimme all the, the basics. And if they say no, but we can talk in two weeks and I'll cover it, then I'm like, well, that's kind of a missed opportunity. Just

Jinal (00:06:15) - Ask me. Yeah, yeah. No, you're spot on. Meanwhile,

Josh (00:06:18) - Your competitor is giving me everything I need, and so I'm gonna be diving into that. And it's just, you know, um, yeah. That it's, you know, I think about, um, how buyers want to be enabled. This is how we buy today. Um, you know, in person synchronous communication. It it's demanding.

Jinal (00:06:44) - It's demanding. No, I, I, I agree with you and, and I think, I feel like it's gotten even more complex with now a lot of folks working from home, a lot of folks, a lot of sellers working from home, but also buyers, their stakeholders working from home and the, the, the, the time when everyone used to be in this one conference room where you pitch and then the deal is done, that doesn't happen anymore. Right. Especially for SMDs. Like they don't have time to go and travel. You can't even do that. Like, that's not even a sustainable model. So I feel like this is something that the world needed and, and, and we are giving it them.

Josh (00:07:17) - Yeah. So how do we make a sales, uh, yeah. How do we develop sales resources that are going to be very engaging? Like, what, what would you recommend for best practices there?

Jinal (00:07:29) - Awesome. So I'm glad you asked that. So the platform, as you zoom in, it does two simple things. One is before, even before you create a room, it gives a single place for the seller to find every single thing that the system already knows it's gonna resonate with the buyer. Which means that if Josh is talking to me through my analytics, I already know that this deck, this case study, this reference and this white paper are the one that's gonna resonate with people like Josh based on the analytics we have captured in the past. So the system allows you to automatically put all of this in one room, literally in three clicks. That's the room that's created for Josh. The room gets shared with Josh, and then the best part is, as Josh is reviewing it, the sellers immediately get alerts on what is Josh looking at? Who's Josh sharing this with? Who are they, what are their job titles? Are they even looking at it? If you send a proposal, Josh said the proposal with the cfo, F the CFO F hasn't looked at the proposal yet, you know, that you have to do some more work before closing a deal. Mm-hmm. So that's the type of analytics that the sellers get, uh, when they create this personalized room for Josh.

Josh (00:08:45) - So enable is gonna let you, uh, uh, know exactly what your guest or your prospect has done, uh, how much they've looked at what, what they were most interested in. So if you seem, wow, they're really consuming a lot of content around this aspect, you know that, oh, that's probably gonna be pretty interesting or pretty important for them in the buying process.

Jinal (00:09:11) - Exactly. And the system keeps getting better as it captures more and more engagement from the buyers. It knows, it also knows which of these deals actually close, so it can go back and then adjust the analytics to say that in the future, when you use this white paper and this case study, the likelihood of your deal closing goes higher by this percent. It knows that, and that helps the sales salesperson focus on what they're good at versus figuring out which case study to use and which white paper to use.

Josh (00:09:39) - Yeah. And, uh, I am a huge fan of short video, uh, and I would imagine video's gonna be something that you wanna incorporate.

Jinal (00:09:49) - Absolutely. I'm glad you mentioned that because as soon as the person, the buyer enters the room, the seller have, uh, a tool where even before they start looking at the content, they can see the video from the seller introducing who they are, summarizing the call that they might have had. And that way, immediately they are, um, getting their personal connection with, not just with the buyer, but other stakeholders who might not have attended the phone calls or the Zoom calls, so they can immediately see who the seller is, why their product and the company is better than others, and then they can start reviewing the material. But video is super important. I completely agree with you.

Josh (00:10:26) - Yeah. Um, so, you know, again, just thinking about how you utilize this. So, um, you know, we think about the entire buyer journey. When would we be, would we be introduced? Well, I suppose you could introduce all of this content before you even have a conversation, potentially.

Jinal (00:10:46) - Exactly, yes. So like say

Josh (00:10:47) - For example, someone is, you know, filling out their contact information or their lead information, and it's like, you know, kind of your first evidence of this person's identity, and, you know, let's say a call is part of that cadence, um, and that call is gonna be three, four days away. Man, don't waste any time, uh, because again, your, your, your prospect is probably just looking for ways to solve a problem. And if you can immediately show up, uh, and start answering questions around that, um, hey, y y you're gonna be the, well, you're gonna, you've en you've enabled yourself to, uh, uh, consult, uh, quite a lot better right out of the a right out of the gate.

Jinal (00:11:33) - Absolutely. That's exactly what it does. So as soon as someone books a demo, even before the call is scheduled, a personalized deal room gets sent to the buyer, you wanna see that right away. They don't wanna wait until the three days after which the mo schedule, as you just said right now, they can start reviewing the material, they can start asking questions, they can even start inviting others. They're like, Hey, look, this is what we are gonna look at in a couple of days. Once the day comes by that time, the seller already knows how engaged the buyer was. The seller already knows that if they even looked at some of the things that was shared with them, once the day comes, the zoom call happens, it gets recorded. Now the same room gets updated with the Zoom call and any other material that the buyer might, might have asked for or alluded to in the call. And so you get shared, again, sustain exact link, one single place for the buyers to go and review everything until the very last step where they're actually signing the deal, even signing the deal happens in the room so that they're not trying to find the DocuSign or other email that might be sitting in their spam folder. It can all happen literally in that room where they come and sign the deal and then the deal is done.

Josh (00:12:44) - Yeah. Think about, um, you know, also the, the use case where, let's say that you had a conversation with someone six months ago, all of a sudden they're logging back or not logging in, but all of a sudden they're accessing all of that. Um, sales enable, uh, they're accessing all your content and you haven't talked to them in six months. Now imagine that they're doing that now. Right Now if you're not tracking that, you have no clue, right? They might go in research a bunch of stuff because they're ready to buy, and if you proactively see that and reach out, I could see where that could be pretty powerful.

Jinal (00:13:21) - Exactly. So historically, the way it used to work is sellers don't know what happened, why the, the, the buyer ghosted them, and then the only, uh, mo they have is every few weeks they would be like, Hey, just checking in , just checking in what's happening? Just wanted to see if this is still a priority. Instead of that, if, wouldn't it be awesome if the buyer comes to the room whenever they feel like their budget, they're ready to buy immediately. The seller knows that, look, the buyer that I talked to six months ago is reengaged. Now that's when you wanna send them an email saying that, look, I just saw that you accessed the room. Can I help you with anything else as you're making a decision? So that's the, that's the thing. The black box, it used to be a black box. Now, immediately, you know what's happening whenever the buyer is accessing the room.

Josh (00:14:07) - Yeah. Alright, so, um, what does, let's talk about, like, I, I actually like engaging with this platform now. So let's say I'm selling B2B services. Um, how does enable us work? Like how do I set this up? Is it really complicated? Am I gonna have to cancel all my other services because this is, you know, doesn't play well with other things? Boy, am I throwing you a softball here? ?

Jinal (00:14:30) - Yeah. No, no. , no, I think it's, it's pretty simple. So first is because of the engagement we saw, we have product like growth motion, which means if anyone's wants to try it out, they can literally sign up for a free trial without entering their credit card. Right now, they can go in there, they can connect it to wherever you have content. So let's say you, you put all your content in Google Drive, you put all your Zoom videos in, obviously Zoom, and then you want to quickly build a room. You can literally build a room in less than two minutes right now without ever buying the pro platform to make sure that this is something that you are interested in. The content can come from wherever. We have like dozens of integrations, like integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Stack. We even have integrations with, Dropbox.

Jinal (00:15:13) - Uh, we have, you can even bring in your YouTube url, your viya URLs all in one place. You can, uh, literally all of that can happen in like less than few minutes. You bring it there, you create a personalized room and then you share it out. Um, so that's how we use it. Um, the, the typical user for our buyer is day-to-day is a salesperson, but we also have seen marketing people who are enabling the sales team also setting it up for them so that the seller literally doesn't even have to think about what they should be sharing. It's already, the work is already done for them.

Josh (00:15:47) - Yeah. And then, um, so you could go to enable and then, uh, the, oh, do you mind maybe discussing how pricing works? Um, both if you're kind of at the SMB level versus if you need something a little bit more enterprise level?

Jinal (00:16:05) - Yeah. Uh, our pricing is super transparent, so much so it's already on the website. We believe that you should, you should be able to try it out, and you should be able to see exactly what you're paying for. So for startups that are just starting out, they can pay as low as $25 per user per month with unlimited content and unlimited deal rooms, we don't charge you more for any number of deal rooms. You can create as many deal rooms as you want. The only way we'll charge you more is as you grow your sales team. That's it. And then for, uh, commercials or mid-market and enterprises, the pricing is around $50 per user per month. Again, unlimited content, unlimited deal rooms. The only difference is if you are a more sophisticated organization, mid-market, then we also connect with your C R M, and then we send all these insights back to your CRM so you can really use it to forecast your deals. Like example, if the buyer hasn't accessed the deal room in last three weeks, the likelihood of them closing the deal next week is pretty low. You should be able to know that through these analytics.

Josh (00:17:05) - Mm-hmm. Yeah. Pretty good stuff. I like this. Enable when somebody goes there, and let's say that they're listening to our podcast conversation as part of their research, um, and, and now they're ready maybe for some additional content before they, I mean, obviously just get the demo. I mean, go sign off. It's . Yeah, you can try it, try it out their way. Um, but, but what other resources would you recommend for someone who wants to see more, learn more, maybe even, um, become a little bit, you know, just become a great user, um, as they begin? Like, so they just wanna learn like, ah, what are, what are like the smartest people? Like what are, how are they using enable us to become, you know, to, to be more successful with their B2B sales?

Jinal (00:17:47) - Yeah, so I think the, the biggest is obviously enable Just try it out. We also have product tools. So even before you start uploading content, you can literally, uh, try out product tools, which allow you to see both the deal room aspect, but how you build these deal rooms and how you see the analytics try it out. And then obviously we also have a community of a lot of these passionate forward thinking enablement salespeople. So we can also connect you with them one-on-one so that you can immediately learn from them how they're benefiting from our platform.

Josh (00:18:19) - Yeah. Uh, congratulations on your market domination. Congratulations on your funding round. Uh, enable is the website. Uh, and again, from there, uh, you'll see everything that we've been talking about. Uh, Jinal Jhaveri, again, founder, thank you so much, uh, for joining us. Uh, it's been a great conversation. Really, really interesting. L love the platform. Thank you so much.

Jinal (00:18:43) - Awesome. Thanks so much, Josh. I'm a big fan of your podcast, so I'm glad I I could be on it. Thanks so much for having me. Take care.

Josh (00:18:55) - Thanks for listening to The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show. If you are a thoughtful business owner or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up my If you're a listener, I'd love to shout out your business to our whole audience for free. You can do that by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or join our listener Facebook group. Just search for the Thoughtful Entrepreneur in Facebook. I'd love, even if you just stop by to say hi. I'd love to meet you. We believe that every person has a message that can positively impact the world. We love our community who listens and shares our program every day. Together we are empowering one another as thoughtful entrepreneurs. Hit subscribe. So that tomorrow morning, that's right, seven days a week, you are going to be inspired and motivated to succeed. I promise to bring positivity and inspiration to you for around 15 minutes each day. Thanks for listening, and thank you for being a part of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur Movement.

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