1554 – Redefining Work with Work Positive . Today’s Dr. Joey Faucette

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & President of Listen to Life, Too, Dr Joey Faucette.


Connecting with Dr. Joey Faucette benefits professionals and businesses seeking to create a positive work environment and drive success. As an experienced executive and team coach, Dr. Joey offers valuable insights and effective coaching programs to foster growth and productivity. You can access Dr. Joey’s best-selling books, podcasts, and coaching resources by engaging with him, reaching over 50 countries. His warm and approachable style builds trust and encourages transformative growth in both individuals and organizations.

Dr. Joey's expertise in leadership development, team engagement, and sales growth can help you achieve better work-life balance and create a workplace where employees thrive.


About Dr. Joey Faucette: He is an accomplished executive, team coach, author, and content creator. Dr. Joey helps companies create positive workplaces through various coaching programs and resources. His expertise has led him to write best-selling books, host podcasts, and appear on numerous media outlets. With a relatable and warm approach, he has a strong impact on the growth of both companies and individuals. Outside of his professional life, Dr. Joey enjoys spending time with his family and pets on Pleasant Gap Farm.


About Listen to Life, Too: They are a coaching organization dedicated to helping small businesses with 200-500 employees create a positive work culture. They offer various services, including executive coaching, group and team coaching, and online courses that teach strategies and tactics for fostering a winning work environment. These courses also provide training for managers to lead their teams effectively.

They also cater to businesses that aim to attract top talent, reduce turnover, invest in leadership training, and are performance-driven. By focusing on caring for team members and promoting a positive workplace, Listen to Life, Too empowers businesses to achieve success and build strong, committed teams.


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