1559 – How and Why with Sell Nothing’s Joe Pallo

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder of Sell Nothing, LLC, Joe Pallo.


Connecting with Joe Pallo can significantly enhance your sales performance and business growth. With 35+ years of experience and a proven track record, Joe specializes in helping professionals build emotional connections with clients and team members, driving long-lasting relationships and loyalty. 

By learning his Emotional Sales techniques, you can double or triple your output without investing additional time. Joe's expertise spans various industries, making his approach versatile and adaptable. 

And as a Sales Coach and Game-Changing Trainer, Joe has transformed the careers of top producers, helping them surpass their sales goals. By connecting with Joe, you will gain access to his invaluable knowledge, innovative systems, and processes, ultimately elevating your sales success and fostering a more fulfilling professional journey.


About Joe Pallo: Joe is an accomplished sales consultant, speaker, and author of “How to Sell Nothing.” He founded the consulting company Sell Nothing, where he trains CEOs, EVPs, and top sales professionals to build emotional relationships with clients and team members. Joe's unique approach to sales called the Emotional Sale, focuses on leveraging emotions for sales success. 

Drawing from his 30,000+ personal sales calls and diverse clientele, Joe has helped hundreds of individuals and teams double their productivity. Besides sales consulting and coaching, his expertise extends to keynote speaking, sales presentations, and working with nonprofits. Joe is also an avid home improvement enthusiast, with many completed projects.


About Sell Nothing, LLC: Sell Nothing, LLC, led by Joe Pallo, leverages 35+ years of commission sales and 30,000+ sales calls to help clients excel in their businesses. Specializing in door-to-door sales, Joe has devised systems and processes enabling hundreds of top producers to double or triple their output without the extra time investment. 

Their clients range from non-profits, defense contractors, and financial advisors to the top US mortgage broker and an Olympic champion. With experience in financial services, technology, and agriculture, Joe's success stems from a core belief: emotional connections matter more than logic-based sales. As a Sales Coach and Game-Changing Trainer, Joe empowers top producers to surpass their sales goals by harnessing the power of emotional connections.



Our good friend at the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, Joe Pallo, is launching his book, How to Sell Nothing: The Logical Way to Make the Emotional Sale. As of today, it is officially available on Amazon! Because you know me, Joe will offer my friends a payment plan.

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