1563 – People Know When You’re Authentic with Kind Lending’s Glenn Stearns

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder & CEO of Kind Lending LLC, Glenn Stearns.

Connecting with Glenn could offer immense value due to his extensive experience and proven success in the mortgage industry. As the founder of Stearns Lending and Kind Lending, Glenn has demonstrated his ability to innovate and lead in challenging markets. His resilience, showcased by overcoming personal adversity and building a million-dollar business from scratch on ‘Undercover Billionaire,' could provide inspiration and practical wisdom. Furthermore, Glenn's commitment to philanthropy and community development may provide unique opportunities for social impact.

Connecting with him could offer insights into his entrepreneurial vision and the chance to learn from his strategic decision-making, potentially benefiting your professional growth or business endeavors.


About Glenn Stearns: Glenn is a celebrated entrepreneur who established Stearns Lending, one of America's largest private mortgage lenders. Recognized as Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year in 2002, Stearns led his company to fund over $30 billion in loans by 2010 and become America's #1 Wholesale Lender in 2013. Stearns, the youngest inductee to The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans in 2011, exemplifies success against adversity and commitment to philanthropy, traits recognized by the association. After surviving cancer twice, he sold Stearns Lending in 2015 and took a sabbatical before starring in Undercover Billionaire, a reality show culminating in the establishment of Underdog BBQ. In 2020, Stearns returned to mortgage banking, founding Kind Lending. He and his wife, Mindy Burbano, reside in Southern California.


About Kind Lending LLC: Kind Lending is a revolutionary wholesale lending and mortgage banking venture spearheaded by industry leader Glenn Stearns. The firm is committed to creating a dynamic, collaborative work environment encouraging innovation and fun. Offering a range of products and superior resources, Kind Lending aims to serve the mortgage community and homebuyers with exceptional service by experienced professionals. After his sabbatical, Stearns returns to reimagine wholesale lending with his unique vision and determination. Kind Lending is beginning its journey and actively seeks driven, competent mortgage professionals for diverse roles across the U.S. Joining the Kind Team promises a thrilling and rewarding career path.


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