1564 – Learning to Love and Accept with Pro Advisor Coach’s Matt Drinkhahn

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Business Coach & Strategist of ProAdvisor Coach, Matt Drinkhahn.


Connecting with Matt can provide invaluable insights into sales, leadership, and high-performance coaching, given his successful track record and extensive experience across various industries. His approach is unique. Having overcome significant personal adversity, he offers a perspective that intertwines resilience, optimism, and business acumen. Matt has a reputation for integrity and enthusiasm, with a proven ability to generate substantial sales and develop effective teams. As a part of ProAdvisorCoach, he can provide personalized coaching, blending psychological understanding with strategic planning. 


About Matt Drinkhahn: 

Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur and sales specialist, has generated over $130 million in career sales, coaching and speaking for organizations like Google, Oracle, and Bank of America. Based in Charlotte, NC, he's also a real estate investor and enthusiastic family man. Enduring a life-changing zipline accident in 2015, Matt transformed adversity into growth, resulting in his most successful business year to date. A Wofford College graduate, Matt's journey includes recruiting 2000 sales representatives for Vector Marketing, attempting a professional golf career, and leading successful sales teams for Clearwire and Time Warner Cable. Currently, he offers high-performance coaching through ProAdvisorCoach, particularly in financial services, real estate, banking, technology, and retail sectors.


About ProAdvisor Coach: 

ProAdvisor Coach merges the benefits of coaching and consulting to foster enduring transformation and sustained accelerated outcomes. Unlike standard consultants or coaching providers, ProAdvisor Coach integrates knowledge of foundational psychology, typically tied solely to coaching, with best-practice planning generally linked exclusively to consulting. This union offers a comprehensive solution that leverages both worlds. They focus on maximizing human potential, nurturing innovation, and optimizing systems, underpinning their approach with a deep understanding of human psychology and strategic planning. The result is an enhanced coaching and consulting experience designed to deliver superior, long-lasting results.


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