1566 – Thriving While Growing a Company with The Freedom Owner’s Andre Abi Awad

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder of The Freedom Owner, Andre Abi Awad. The Freedom Owner is a Newsletter run on Linkedin teaching you how to create your own company that can thrive without you so you can enjoy your own personal freedom.


Connecting with Andre can provide invaluable benefits, especially if you're an entrepreneur aiming to grow your business. With his extensive experience in business growth strategies, exit planning, and capital raising, Andre can offer practical advice and innovative solutions tailored to your needs. His credentials as a Certified Value Builder Advisor further assure quality guidance. Andre's initiatives, like the Freedom Owner Program and Entreprenergy, provide a supportive network of entrepreneurs and resources.

With his upcoming online platform and book, you can gain further insights to make your business scalable, valuable, and attractive to investors. Connecting with Andre is a step towards achieving business success and maintaining personal freedom.


About Andre Abi Awad: Andre is a renowned business advisor with a 15-year track record guiding entrepreneurs across 54 countries. A Certified Value Builder Advisor, speaker, and trainer, he specializes in business growth, exit strategies, and capital raising, having aided over 700 entrepreneurs in fundraising pitches. Andre created the Freedom Owner Program, teaching entrepreneurs to scale and attract investment to their businesses while maintaining personal freedom. He also founded Entreprenergy, a supportive network of over 5,000 entrepreneurs providing resources and opportunities to drive business growth.


About The Freedom Owner: The Freedom Owner is an upcoming online platform set to launch in 2024, offering business advisory services to entrepreneurs aiming to scale, sell, or attract business investments. This platform will provide valuable insights and strategies tailored to different stages of business growth. It aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for business owners navigating complex decisions and challenges. Accompanying the platform, a book will be released, providing further detail and guidance on the same topics. The Freedom Owner aims to empower entrepreneurs to take their businesses to new heights while maintaining their freedom.


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