1567 – Ai Co-pilots with Zero Systems’ Alex Babin

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO of Zero Systems, Alex Babin.


Connecting with Alex could be highly beneficial due to his extensive experience and success in the Automotive, SaaS, and AI sectors. As the CEO of ZERO Systems, he has unique insights into leveraging AI for business automation and productivity enhancement. His entrepreneurial journey started with founding a hybrid vehicle company at a young age to leading a pioneering AI firm, which could offer valuable lessons for startups, tech innovation, and leadership.

Babin's expertise could prove invaluable if you're seeking guidance in these areas or exploring AI-powered solutions for business process optimization. His connection could open doors to new opportunities, partnerships, and knowledge in the rapidly evolving world of AI and automation.


About Alex Babin: Alex is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO with over two decades of experience in the Automotive, SaaS, and AI sectors. He co-founded and led ZERO Systems, an innovative company harnessing AI to streamline high-value processes for enterprises in restricted areas. Notably, at just 24, he founded a hybrid vehicle company backed by DFJ. Babin's expertise lies in developing AI-powered productivity solutions to enhance the efficiency of knowledge workers, affirming his commitment to technological advancement and business transformation.


About Zero Systems: ZERO Systems is an innovative tech company that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance productivity for knowledge workers. It specializes in automating high-value processes that typically require human-like decision-making. Their services range from timekeeping to document and email management, as well as data extraction and transformation. Through automating these often time-consuming tasks, ZERO Systems streamlines workflow increases efficiency and optimizes the use of resources. ZERO Systems propels businesses towards increased productivity and profitability by mimicking and augmenting human cognitive functions.


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