1574 – Thinking Like A 1% with Elevated Human Experience’s Yun Rhee

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Founder & CEO of Elevated Human Experience, Yun Rhee.

Yun Rhee, the Chief Empowering Officer and Energy Expert at Elevated Human Experience shares her expertise in understanding paradigms and energy to help individuals create balance, love, and prosperity.

One of the key takeaways from the episode is the importance of authenticity and transparency in today's world. Young emphasizes the need for sales professionals to be mindful of their energy and how they show up in business transactions. She also encourages listeners to become aware of their desires and permit themselves to pursue them without guilt or shame.

She also offers coaching programs and a mastermind but notes that qualification is required for the latter. Young's ultimate goal is to help her clients achieve their goals while promoting balance in life. So, take the first step towards personal growth and development by listening to this episode and implementing Young's insights and strateg ies. Remember, you have the power to attract the life you deserve.


About Yun Rhee:

Yun is the founder and CEO of The Elevated Human Experience and Overflow Mastermind Group, a dynamic powerhouse of positivity and energy. As a Coach's Coach and Leader's Leader, she empowers clients to realize their potential and achieve personal definitions of success. Yun is also a renowned real estate investor who has owned multiple businesses, demonstrating sales, recruiting, and training expertise.

Her impactful work with the Matrix Success Network led her to become a leading Consultant for the Proctor-Gallagher Institute. A compelling speaker and energy healer, Yun lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Matthew Swierk, and their two daughters. Her dedication to influencing humanity positively is unwavering.


About Elevated Human Experience:

The Elevated Human Experience is a transformative initiative to empower individuals to tap into their higher selves and embrace their truth without judgment. Its vision is a world of abundant living where self-discovery and personal potential are foremost.

The mission is to raise human consciousness by helping people unlock their infinite potential, comprehend energy and paradigms, and realize the universal truths of unlimited abundance and intentional living. The Elevated Human Experience seeks to guide individuals toward living a life by design, underpinned by a profound understanding of their purpose and the inherent abundance of life.


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey, their thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant coach, or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than 10 million in revenue. Just head to up my and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget, the Thoughtful Entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my and click on podcast. We'd love to have you with us right now. It's Yun Rhee. You are the chief empowering officer and energy expert at Elevated Human Experience. You're on the Yun, thank you so much for joining us,

Yun Rhee (00:01:14) - Josh. I'm so grateful and honored to be here with you today.

Josh (00:01:18) - Excellent, excellent. So, um, what is, what's El what is an elevated human experience? It sounds interesting.

Yun Rhee (00:01:26) - It really is just like it sounds, it's just a new evolution, the new way of living to live in harmony with the universal laws. And my goal is to really teach people how to think and operate like the one percenters of the world, not just about the wealth, cuz it is 96% of the wealth that's owned by the one percenters, but really understanding how we were put here as creators, right? They're the ones that created the world that we all live in, and now we have the ability to actually have those tools within us and create the world that we wanna live. So I'm really excited to share, share as much as I can with you and your audience today.

Josh (00:01:59) - Y your background, I, you're, you, you've got a pretty successful background in real estate. You're, you've done some good stuff there. Uh, and I'm wondering if there's anyone who might be listening to the beginning of our conversation and kind of hear some of the terminology and go, uh, oh, this sounds like it might be a little too woo for me. I don't know.

Yun Rhee (00:02:17) - Yes, yes. Well, guess what? Really, at the end of the day, it's too really bring abundance and businesses and spirituality all together and really talk about energy. I really believe it's so, so important because we've been sep living a separate life, spirituality one way businesses another abundance, right? It actually goes hand in hand. And I wanna share this one simple concept with everybody that's listening that might be saying, Ooh, this is woohoo, right, . But if we really think about it, nothing on this earth was ever created or destroyed. Nothing on this earth was ever created or destroyed. So nothing came in and nothing left. All the abundance that we get to experience now is because people desire more. So now the advancement of technology that keeps us getting the world smaller and smaller, we're at an amazing time where we can have the ability to create and co-create with others amazing experiences to really allow us to create businesses and, and, and experiences and live an abundant, prosperous life.

Josh (00:03:13) - Yeah. Um, young, so how do you work with people? Like what, what does it look like? Are you, um, coaching, do you provide programs?

Yun Rhee (00:03:21) - So all of the above. So we do have a six month pro coaching program. My husband and I were actually certified consultants of the Bob Proctor Proctor Gallagher Institute. Oh. So we, so we teach a course called Thinking Into Results. That's a six month. We also have our own mastermind. We also have developed and continuously will develop more courses, and I also do one-on-ones with a, a small group of people. So my one-on-ones, um, is a selective. You have to qualify in order to be able to be, you know, one of my one-on-one clients. But we do offer that as well.

Josh (00:03:52) - Someone listening to our conversation may not be thinking, well, I need to join a program called Thinking Into Results. But they may know painfully well what their own personal pain points are or where there may be gaps or where they might be feeling things like burnout, stress, exhaustion, ineffectiveness. Um, maybe they're feeling that their life is outta balance. Maybe, you know, some of their pressures and stress in life are manifesting in their relationships. I don't know, I don't mean to lead the witness here, but how might, uh, someone know that it's time to get a little bit introspective and perhaps young can help me?

Yun Rhee (00:04:31) - Absolutely. Well, it sounds to me like a lot of your audience members are high performers and they really do a lot of amazing things at an unconscious competent level. A lot of the times it shows up in business through success, through abundance. And, you know, they have lots of money, but they may not be balanced. Just like you said, everything lives by the laws of tr transportation of energy. So when we're not balanced, it ends up showing up in our health. When we start getting sick, it shows up in our relationships, especially those closest and dearest to us. Right? And most importantly, we start creating a gap within us that causes massive anxiety. And that anxiety has no option but to turn into physical forms through. I mean, I gotta share with you, Josh, and I'm sure you're hearing this, sickness is going up, depression is through the roof, anxiety, high anxiety, right? Suicide is right through the roof. This message and this type of teaching has to be spread so that people realize it's actually so much more simpler than you. It is that you think it's, we have the power to live such an amazing life and create a world beyond our wildest dreams when we can really study simple principles to get to learn how powerful we are. How powerful we are.

Josh (00:05:44) - Yeah. And it's interesting, young. I think that, um, if we look at trends, I, I think that it, to me, it feels like technology and society and culture is moving at a very rapid pace. And I think human psychology or are, are wiring. To me, it feels like, I, I think that we're all struggling to catch up, like technology and, you know, the impact, we, we don't know. We don't have, you know, decades and decades and decades of studies to show the impact of, you know, three to four hours of TikTok what that does on an adolescent's brain. But boy, we're finding out in real time, but unfortunately we don't really have good data on this ahead of time. So I think a lot of us are just catching up and I just use like, you know, three hours of TikTok is one example. There's a lot of things, right?

Josh (00:06:38) - Um, the bubbles that are forming and, and, and you know, where, you know, we spend too much time in our echo chamber and not enough time, you know, maybe with more diverse voices and, and accepting and being accepting of those. I mean, there's just a lot of things that are going on really quick. We went through a big global pandemic. We don't know, right? I mean, we kind of don't know, uh, you know, the impact of that, but boy, we're seeing it. We're seeing a lot of things being manifested in our personal lives. So it feels to me like, you know, if we're a leader, or certainly if we are, you know, kind of this, uh, we have high expectations for ourselves. We, we have demanding positions, demanding roles, we expect a lot of ourselves. I think it's gonna be tantamount that we work on ourselves to undo maybe some of this, um, you know, the, the ex external pressures that are coming on that are kind of new to us culturally.

Yun Rhee (00:07:32) - Absolutely. And you said so much there that are so, so important. You know, technology is advancing faster and faster and faster. I'm sure your audience absolutely knows about the AI and how quickly, I mean, things are going to shift so fast that in the next five years, we're probably going to experience way more changes than we have in the past a hundred years put together, right? In the next five years alone. Now, with that said, one of the biggest things that's happening, just like you talked about, is an abundance of information. We are gathering so much information in our minds that we actually are exposed to more information in one day than people used to be exposed to in a full year, in the back, in the early 19 hundreds. So think about that. Our brains are receiving more data and information in one day than a full year in the early 19 hundreds.

Yun Rhee (00:08:17) - Oh, yeah. So that's what's causing the anxiety. That's what's causing the stress. And that's why I'm such on a mission to teach. I'm a huge believer if people could understand two things, just two things, they don't need to know everything else. But if they understand two things, paradigms, paradigms meaning a set of mental programs that are stored in our subconscious mind that literally control our reality. And then the second thing about energy, energy being everything is energy, which is vibration, which is frequency. And if they understood those two things and studied those two concepts, I'm a huge believer every single person would actually have the keys to their magic kingdom of balance, of love, prosperity, and really learning more of their special gifts inside of them, right? Learning more about who they are, what they are, and what their purpose here on this actual planet is.

Josh (00:09:12) - Yeah. Yeah. And, and you, Jan, I wanted to, um, I don't know if I asked this enough here, but, um, you know, again, when we think about the concept of energy, this is not woowoo stuff at all. If you are in the room with someone and you're considering a business deal or business transaction, and you know that there's something going on with their energy, like they've listen, I, I, you know, even on the PR side, you know, when you talk about like, Hey, I'm gonna be on tv, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, and we used to do that work. I'm like, you're not gonna fool audiences today. I, I think that you could probably get away with it maybe back in the seventies and the eighties a little bit. But today, audiences are far more skeptical. Like we're, we're just, we, we, we, we kind of begin with, um, you know, again, just, you know, more skepticism than we've ever had because we've just been shouted at so many times that we've been, you know, it's like there's just so much noise out there. We've learned as consumers and as audiences to put up these walls to protect ourselves, um, from, you know, just energy that we don't want might be unconscious. So if we are not mindful of how we're showing up, um, listen, you're not fooling anybody. So particularly to our friends that are working in sales. Yes. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And I can imagine you've worked with some real, well, that's your background, , right? Talk about sales for a second. You have no choice. Sales professionals, you got no choice. You must do this work today. Yes,

Yun Rhee (00:10:41) - A hundred percent. And you said something so profound, and I believe that the audience really needs to hear this very, very, very clearly. Technology has also taken over so many of these little tasks, if you will, for automations and systems and things are gonna become easier and easier. And the most important thing that's going to matter, Josh, is character. Are you authentic? Are you transparent? Or are you hiding behind the mask? Because just like you said, right, everyone can feel when someone comes into the room and they're outta a whole mess and they're just outta whack or they, everybody can feel it, right? They can feel it. Their conscious mind may not understand, but we're getting quicker and quicker than understanding that something's off. Right? And so, truly and truly the most important thing is somebody to really understand who they are, what they are, become aware of where you are.

Yun Rhee (00:11:30) - And then at least if you have the awareness, then you can make some conscious decisions about whether you wanna work on certain aspects of your character or not. And the biggest thing I want the audience to hear, and this is don't feel any guilt or feel any shame. Don't say like, you're bad or anything, like none of those words. Cause everything had to have happened in the order that it happened in. But really come to an awareness of who do I wanna become? Right? Who am I? And give yourself permission to say, what is it that I truly want? What is it I truly want? If I could have anything in the world, what would I love to have? Because the truth of the matter is, it's going to become easier and easier to obtain those things. What a great time, right? What a great time to be a human in this point in time because scientists and theology are coming together where science is providing the evidence of all the things that people once called, woohoo. All the things that people call once call woohoo. Science is actually here. And that's where I love, love explaining this because I can actually express it through analytical minds where it makes sense. Mm-hmm. Cause the science exists.

Josh (00:12:34) - Yeah. And we've all experienced it. And I think if we put the shoe on the other foot, um, you know, one thing we've learned on the PR side of things is when you ask an audience, are you pretty good at reading people? 100%. Nearly 100% of the time. People go, I am really good at reading people. We all believe, we're really good at reading people. And so again, just asking someone from the other side of the foot, have you ever been with a salesperson and something's up like you, like you could feel it a mile away. How does that affect your ability to move forward or not in that relationship? And it is, it has far too much. Cuz again, it's all about human to human. It's all about connections. It's about relationship particularly, I mean, you know, especially if we're talking about, oh gosh, if there's someone listening and you offer hire ticket engagements where if someone's making an investment, they're making an investment because of you, like you're, you're a big factor in that.

Josh (00:13:28) - Um, you can't, you, you gotta work on no pressure. And oh, I, I wanna, here's the thing I really wanted to talk about is this idea of sometimes I know myself, speak for myself. High performing folks, um, carry around way too much baggage over, gosh, I really stepped in it there, didn't I? Like, I just had a call and I had an employee who created a bunch of stuff for me that I was supposed to share in the call. Uh, unfortunately my personality type is I'm really, I get to, I'm one of those really in the moment kind of people. Um, and, uh, I forgot to share a bunch of data. And as a result, you know, we, it probably will not result in, in an outcome that I was kind of hoping for because I didn't do what I was supposed to do in relaying the, that data. And, um, you know, I, I could be down on myself and say, you know, I stepped in it. And guess what? We all make mistakes. Yeah. And help me out here. How do I not feel bad about myself?

Yun Rhee (00:14:26) - So first and foremost, you became aware. That's number one. But most importantly, it's more about how you feel now, just believe this Josh, that actually happened for you, not to you. It actually happened for you. Because now I wanna share with you whatever that result that you're looking for, I promise, as long as you adopt that belief, it's going to be better than you expected. The results will be a hundred percent better than you expected. And it all is because of the laws of the universe. See, think about this for a second, right? Whatever happened, you thought that you had a deadline, you thought it was gonna be, when we sit in that what's gonna happen is you're gonna attract more chaos and you're gonna attract more distraction, and you're gonna attract more feelings of, man, I should have coulda, woulda. And your vibration goes down.

Yun Rhee (00:15:06) - Remember, everything is energy, which is vibration, which is frequency. And the frequency that you're on is what you're attracting and creating in your reality. So as you do that inner negative talk, the vibration goes down. And then what happens is we end up recreating that hamster wheel. Well, what happens is, if you can actually respond to it versus react to it, now that you know that it happened, you're like, okay, it happened. I can't change the fact. What is my desired outcome? I des desire. And give yourself permission to say this, right? Say, what do I really want out of this? And then hold that image in your mind and get into that vibration of what it would feel like. I promise you, Josh, and I can't wait for you to text me or email me after the result is going to be far greater than that initial result you would've created at that moment of delivering, I promise. And because the universal loss works a hundred percent of the time mm-hmm. not 99%. It does. Yes, it's a hundred percent of the time.

Josh (00:16:03) - I like that. You know, it's like, it doesn't matter if you believe it or not. I remember like way back when with like, the secret doesn't matter if you believe it or not. I mean, law of attraction's, just the way that it is, like attracts like, I mean, there's nothing mysterious or woo-hoo about that. Um, so, um, y tell me more. You, uh, y sorry, uh, Sun, tell me more about, um, you know, engagement options. Um, does somebody ghost to your website? That website is elevated human Um, what's kind of the next step if they're like, I like what I'm hearing here. I, I'm, you know, a little nervous about moving forward with something, but I definitely wanna learn more. What, what would you recommend they do?

Yun Rhee (00:16:45) - Actually just put your information in. You'll get in touch with a discovery call. Also, if you just wanna join a community, we're building a community that's going pretty rapidly, and it's all about this growth mind to set people right? And again, like you can start out the baseline of the community. Then there's that six month coaching program. Then there's actually another mastermind on top of that. And the, the mastermind on top of that, as well as the one-on-ones you have to qualify for. So you're gonna get a one-on-one anyways as a discovery call. Cause I'm here to best serve, right? I don't wanna give you something that's not gonna be worth your while. I wanna help you accomplish your goals. I want to help you feel better and understand that everything in life is all about balance. It's about balance. And I think that too many people are driving it around with wheels that are spiky versus that round, smooth wheel to give you a smooth ride, which is your life, right? You should have a smooth flowing life with little contrast that shows up. Contrast is actually a great thing, by the way. Awesome contrast shows up to expand us. So welcome it. But I'll sh share with you how you can perceive it differently.

Josh (00:17:53) - Yeah. Again, the website, elevated human Anything else, uh, young that you'd recommend people do? Uh, favorite book or, or anything that, uh, that, that, you know, if we're gonna change hearts and minds, uh, maybe, uh, maybe some epic content that, that you've created?

Yun Rhee (00:18:11) - Yes. Um, first and foremost, I always say study, study, study. So if you have any book and study and repetition, I'm a huge believer of that. Um, there's a lot of books, but can I just share a simple technique please, that I think will help? Please. Okay. It's a breathing exercise. So many times our minds are walked into the past, right? So a lot of people are thinking in depression of the past, regrets and all of that stuff. Anxiety forms when we're worried about the future, worried about the unknown. And the greatest gifts are in the present moment. So a simple breathing exercise that helps you become more present. And a simple breathing exercise is breathing through the nose where you're expanding your belly. Your bottom belly should be sticking up cause it's past your diaphragm. And you wanna hold it for like a slow four seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4. And then slowly breathe out like a small straw and do that at least four times.

Josh (00:19:13) - I'm doing it. You can't just, you just, you're not hearing me.

Yun Rhee (00:19:16) - Mm-hmm. . But if you do that, what happens is it slows down your heart rate, it expands the cells in your body and fills your cells up with more oxygen and it increases your vibration. So you get clarity of thoughts, you get calmness of mind, and then you can really, really think clearer, feel better. Because this is the biggest thing that I want people to understand. It's not just about what we know. It's about understanding what paradigms operate us. And this whole world, you are attracting through vibration. And your vibration is literally how you feel. So if you can get good at feeling good in the now moment, you'll consistently manifest and attract greater and greater things for you. Cause people use this term love attraction and love manifestation very loosely. And yet, the truth of the matter is, we as humans have always been attracting and always have been manifesting. The question becomes, do you like what you're attracting? Do you like what you're manifesting? Because it's not something you can turn on or off like you are. We are electromagnetic beams that's constantly attracting. Do you like what you're attracting is the biggest question.

Josh (00:20:29) - Well, young, I like that. I've attracted this conversation and I like that we've been able to share this with, uh, with everybody. Yun Rhee again, your website. You're the chief empowering officer and energy expert at Elevated Human Experience. Your website is elevated human Yari, thank you so much for joining us.

Yun Rhee (00:20:50) - Thank you so much, Josh, for the opportunity.

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