1586 – Social Media Support with Rohaan Khan

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & Founder of Orange Trail Media Ltd, Rohaan Khan.


Are you a business struggling with the complexities of social media advertising? Do you face the frustration of restrictions and account bans? Look no further than Orange Trail Media, the agency that promises to navigate these challenges and support businesses of all sizes.

CEO and founder Rohaan Khan shared his journey of starting Orange Trail Media after experiencing the pain points of social media advertising himself. With access to agency accounts that offer unlimited spending limits and priority support, Orange Trail Media can help businesses overcome the hurdles of advertising on social media platforms.

But what about the eligibility criteria? Orange Trail Media only accepts clean, white-hat advertisers, and businesses must spend a minimum of $10,000 monthly on advertising. However, the agency works with many clients, from those spending millions monthly to smaller businesses. They even provide compliance support for specific verticals, such as CBD and sports betting.

The onboarding process is simple, and once approved, clients can expect 24/5 support and the ability to have multiple ad accounts. The fees are affordable, with a monthly charge of $500 and a 3% ad spend. With decentralized agency accounts, Orange Trail Media provides stability and protection for its clients.


About Rohaan Khan:

Rohaan is a champion of perspicacious entrepreneurship. He believes success hinges on not just spotting opportunities but capitalizing on them effectively. His global perspective, shaped by travels to over 35 countries, infuses his business ideas with cross-cultural nuances.

This rich tapestry of experiences informs his decision-making process, enabling him to leverage diversified insights to drive his company forward. Rohaan exemplifies how strategic execution paired with a broad worldview can be a powerful catalyst for innovative leadership and business success.


About Orange Trail Media Ltd.:

It’s a company founded by experienced professionals who have been transforming businesses for five years. The company has strong ties to top advertising platforms. They provide ad accounts that are only available through their agents. These accounts are designed to lead to success and profitability.

Their analytical approach comprises a comprehensive consultation to troubleshoot issues related to landing pages, ad creatives, and Facebook advertising strategies. This tool aids businesses in efficiently expanding their reach through Facebook ads.

The firm's widespread success is testament to their tailored quality services and in-depth understanding of the advertising landscape.


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence com and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now, Rohan Khan. Rohan, you are the CEO and founder of Orange Trail Media. You're found on the web at Orange And I'm excited to have this conversation because initially when I went to your website, I'm like, okay, they looks like they do paid ads, but it's a little bit unique.

Josh (00:01:17) - It's a little bit different. Rohan, thank you so much for being here.

Rohaan (00:01:20) - Josh Pleasure. Thank you so much for having me.

Josh (00:01:22) - All right. Go ahead and explain what Orange Trail does.

Rohaan (00:01:26) - Yeah, indeed. Like yourself, many others, they misinterpret exactly what we do. And that's just because we solve a very acute pain point in the advertising industry, which is all surrounding brands restrictions. And this approvals, if anyone has run social media ads out there, they understand that you can get restricted for absolutely no reason whatsoever. There's different styles of bands. For example, there might be a false positive ban. What is that? Well, the platform might just be having a bad day and you just launch an ad, it goes into the approval process and you just maybe launch a few more and then the whole account just goes down. This is a false positive. You may not have necessarily done something wrong, but it's just because the algorithm had a bad day. That's just one style of band.

Rohaan (00:02:13) - There's so many others as well, and there's such little information out there on how to prevent it, how to get around, follow the policy. So that's where we kind of come in.

Josh (00:02:22) - You know, the biggest thing for me is just, you know, when I think about particularly platforms like Facebook, it's just the lack of support. It's the lack of communication. And that's most frustrating to me. So let's say that something does go screwy. There's nothing I can do, there's no one to talk to. There's no no one to help. And so I would imagine that that's one area. Do you mind going through, I suppose, access to better communication, I would imagine, is part of that or at least some better recourse. But would you mind kind of going through all of the kind of the primary features and benefits?

Rohaan (00:03:02) - Of course. Yeah, absolutely. So you kind of nailed it right there. Josh, One of the other main reasons that clients actually come to us is because they're frustrated.

Rohaan (00:03:10) - They've reached out to support. They're not getting an answer back for a week or two. And during this downtime, it's the opportunity loss, right? It's the opportunity cost. They're not running ads. They're not getting traffic and sales on their website. So that is another huge pain point that we saw with our agency ad accounts. They're kind of like a premium level, higher tier ad account. We also give priority access to reps. I'm talking getting a response within 24 hours from someone who actually understands what they're talking about and not someone in a, you know, outsourced call center just following a script. Because unfortunately, that's what a lot of these platforms are actually doing. Bless you with a lot of these platforms. You know, you reach out to the support and it's probably somewhere in the Philippines or India. And, you know, God bless them, they're actually just following a script and they don't really understand the nuances of advertising or why they may have got restricted. They're just giving you a scripted response.

Rohaan (00:04:02) - And usually that response, our decision is final. Sorry, can't help you. Oh yeah. In that case, you know, and that's where we kind of come in. We understand advertising because, you know, this is I'm being in the industry for six, seven years myself. I've had multiple ecommerce brands myself. I've spent millions on ads myself. So when I understand those pains because I felt them, we know how to then provide the support around that.

Josh (00:04:27) - Yeah. And where did where did this come around? I mean, how did Orange Trail come to be?

Rohaan (00:04:33) - Yeah, great question. So in 2021, I exited a brand of mine. I had an e-commerce brand and it was a very big brand, multi seven figures and I sold it to a VC in Canada. After that I had a bunch of time, bunch of money, and I just figured, next business, I want something to solve a pain point in the industry because I always say you get paid in proportion to the level of problems you solve.

Rohaan (00:04:57) - The bigger the problem, the more you get paid. So I had a bunch of time. I was living in Bali and during this time I tried to reverse engineer a solution based on a problem. And when I saw in all of these Facebook groups and communities and chats that I was in regularly, people saying, Oh, I just got restricted, I just got banned. Anyone have a solution? Anyone have a business manager? You know, I saw there's such a prevalent pain point and try to reverse engineer. Okay, what are the solutions here? Meta And a lot of these platforms have a number of authorized sales partners and, you know, agencies that are partnered with them to provide this whitelisted special advertising account. These are not standard accounts. And everyone can go to your homepage on Facebook, go to the ads manager, and you can run ads. Totally fine. Everyone has access to that. These accounts have a lot more benefits and I'll go into them. So a standard account will have spend limits.

Rohaan (00:05:49) - You might be able to spend 20 a day, then 50 a day. It's limited with the daily spend limits until you go weeks and then it goes blocked With agency accounts. There's unlimited spend limits from day one. Not only that, you have a lower risk of ban with agency accounts because they kind of vetted from the platforms. And remember what I said about the opportunity cost every single day hour that you are down, you're not running traffic and you're not Yeah and website and not converting. So it's like the opportunity cost there. And then aside from that, as I mentioned already, the support is one of the biggest ones because look at the meta layoffs recently, 11,000 around one. Then the second round, of course, is going to be stretched out thin now. So huge problem in the industry.

Josh (00:06:32) - Yeah. How about. Is there anything that you can do? I had a Instagram account and it was shut down, and they said that there was some funny business going on. And I still, to this day, I still don't know what it is.

Josh (00:06:49) - No one's ever told me what it is. And I had 42,000 followers on that account and it's gone now. It's been over a year. So, I mean, I've tried like you know, sent all the messages in, you know, to add the did everything they told me and just could never get it back. So it's that's pretty frustrating because to them it's nothing to me. You know that was I worked really hard to build up that following on Instagram and it's gone. Is there anything like can you help with recourse on situations like that?

Rohaan (00:07:21) - Yeah. So great question and I'm sorry to hear about that. This is actually a really frequent occurrence. So just imagine that's on Instagram, you know, and it's happening across pretty much all platforms. Yeah. You know, even our TikTok rep sometimes accounts go down. Yeah, of course we can. The reason is that we have, you know, contacts at Meta TikTok, Google, and these are insight reps that are working for Meta and they're partnered through an ASP with us, which means that they can provide help in situations like this.

Rohaan (00:07:49) - And what they'll do is they'll escalate your appeal to a higher up. They'll ask you to review it. As long as there was no shady business, you weren't trying to like fraud people out of money or anything.

Josh (00:07:58) - Oh, my gosh, no. Anyone who's listening to this podcast for any length of time, like, Yeah, no, Josh is a pretty good guy. Don't know what the heck. So but yeah, you know, to me it's like, it just, it takes all the fun out of social media, you know, when I always have to kind of always be looking over my shoulder, I'm like, I'm not doing anything nefarious. And meanwhile, I see people that are doing shady stuff. I mean, so yeah, it's frustrating because sometimes it feels like there's no rhyme or reason to it. What is the model look like? Like when people want to engage with you? How would, like, how is that model?

Rohaan (00:08:36) - Yeah, good question.

Rohaan (00:08:38) - And also, just to add to your last point, you know, that's your personal account, right? 42 K followers, you know, if you were monetizing that or not.

Josh (00:08:46) - No, I wasn't. I was just sharing the same stuff I share on Facebook, mostly stuff about movies and music and fun. Oh, no, that one. I think we were sharing, you know, stuff about the podcast, promoting episodes and stuff. So, I don't know.

Rohaan (00:09:01) - Plain old policy.

Josh (00:09:02) - Yeah, no, we weren't slinging cannabis or anything.

Rohaan (00:09:06) - So you know, the point I was about to make is that, okay, imagine that's just a personal profile. Now think of brands who are on that for that's equity. That's, you know, as an asset and that goes down. Your entire business is going to crumble, especially when you're relying heavily on one traffic source. So yeah, huge problem in relation to how someone could work with us. So we do have an approval process, so not everyone can work with us.

Rohaan (00:09:29) - You know, you need to have a couple. We need to evaluate if someone is eligible and what is the eligibility criteria? Well, first of all, you need to be running something that's clean white hat. We don't accept any shady advertisers. Nothing shady. Second of all, we need to see how much you're actually spending because we don't really accept very small clients. Like our average is around minimum 10,000 per month. And then we have others that are spending millions a month. So there is quite a wide spectrum. And then lastly, there are certain verticals you just mentioned, you know, slinging weed. We do actually have a brand that's $40 million. I bet they're working with us because they cannot get running themselves. They need that compliance support which we offer. So when Meta laid off those 11,000 employees, I told my team, go, go and find me one, Find me someone who knows what they're talking about. And we found one. This is compliance manager Julia. She really understands the compliance, how to run ads, you know, as clean as possible.

Rohaan (00:10:23) - So, yeah, that $40 million brand now is working with us, running ads with stability. So the process for us is quite simple. You can come to our website or have a call with our dev team. They'll find out, first of all, what's your business about? What are you trying to promote, how much you're spending and what kind of issues you have. Then we'll tell you a little bit about our agency. And you know, right now we have over 400 clients and just a year and a half old and we have around 30 employees total full time at the moment. So really growing really fast. And we'll send your URL to the reps. They'll say, yes, approved or no, change this, this and this. So where else can you get that tailored feedback? No else because the other reps, they won't really tell you that they'll follow the scripts. So what we have is that we have dedicated compliance support where they'll tell you that headline needs to be changed. This image needs to be removed, you know, before and after image and stuff like that.

Rohaan (00:11:15) - These regularly get ads disapproved, but people don't know that because again, this is the reps giving you proper information, as it should be.

Josh (00:11:24) - Yeah. So what does like for someone that's listening or a conversation? Like they just they need to have a conversation, you know, either, you know, they don't want the risk of kind of going it alone or going with a really small agency who doesn't have the access or maybe they're in a sensitive area, you know, like things like CBD or, you know, some of the financial stuff I know can be pretty touchy. Um, but, but what is, what's kind of that onboarding process?

Rohaan (00:11:55) - Yeah. Good question. So again, the verticals would be CBD, melatonin, vape, sports betting. A lot of these, they're clean, but they're just too new for the platforms. The policy hasn't been updated yet. First step would be they just come to our website, Orange Book a Call, and our team will have a call with you.

Rohaan (00:12:12) - And then from there, if your URL is approved, it's very seamless. We can open an account for you within 24 hours. Get you into our slack. Now we have account managers around the world which means that we can provide 24 or 5 support from Monday to Friday. We're the only agency that does that in the slack. Within a few minutes, you can get an answer any time of day. And the process is quite simple. We need to sign an agreement to every single client because remember, it's to protect them, but also us. No shady stuff. And then as soon as your account is ready and agency account, it's it's quite interesting because it's part of a meta business manager. It's an authorized sales partner, best manager. It's not your BM. The ad account is created up here, so it's kind of decentralized. And then we share it to your business manager. So because of that, if you get banned because it can happen on your personal level, on your page level, it has no impact on the ad account.

Rohaan (00:13:04) - That's why these accounts are so strong, so approved, you know, and the fees, the fees are quite affordable as well. We just charge 500 bucks per month and 3% of ad spend. And for this you get peace of mind. You can have as many ad accounts as you want and 24 five support and then insisted matter of topping up the accounts as well. So agency accounts don't have a card. You cannot put a card on there can attach your PayPal. They needed to be loaded up like a prepaid model, like a phone credit. You put credit on your phone, spend it on data and calls same as an agency account. You put money on it and then you can spend it on ads. And we have dashboards that show how much spend you've had historically, how much is remaining if you always know when you need the top up. So it's quite a different process to your standard advertising accounts because you just put your card on it and go, Boom, make me a millionaire on agency accounts.

Rohaan (00:13:53) - You kind of have monitors and and everything, but the benefit is this is the most stable way to run your ads.

Josh (00:13:59) - Yeah. All right. Rohaan Khan, again, your website, Orange Trail, it's found on the web, Orange trail, dot IO. And again, you're the founder of SEO. Fascinating. Again, when someone goes there, what should they click on? What do they do?

Rohaan (00:14:16) - They can schedule an appointment, get agency account. They can book a time on our Calendly or you can also message on the WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype. We have a lot of modes of communication.

Josh (00:14:26) - Yeah, I love it. All right. Rohan Khan, thank you so much. Founder, CEO of Orange Trail found on the web at Orange Thanks, Rohan.

Rohaan (00:14:34) - Cheers. Josh Thanks for having me.

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