1590 – Ranking with A.I. with Ink For All’s Alexander De Ridder

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founder, Visionary & CTO of INK, Alexander De Ridder. Are you tired of creating static pages with generic content? Do you want to improve your chances of ranking in less time? Look no further than Ink, an AI-powered content optimization tool that can help you achieve spectacular results.

Ink's third-generation semantic AI empowers you to gain valuable insights into your competitors' SEO strategies, enabling you to produce engaging and evidence-based content. Additionally, this AI technology can help optimize your writing for emotional impact, ensuring that your content resonates with your accurate but also emotionally stimulating.

But what about concerns about an Internet where AI potentially writes all content? Alexander De Ridder, Co-Founder of Ink thinks the new Internet will only focus on factual content, not who creates it. And he's not alone in his prediction that the future of SEO and content marketing lies in AI-generated content and personalized user experiences.


About Alexander De Ridder:

Alexander is the co-founder and CTO of INK, the first AI-powered content optimization software. A visionary and innovator, Alexander crafts pioneering web marketing tools. He is keenly interested in the decision-making processes of humans and AI.

De Ridder was also a co-founder and CTO at Edgy Labs, LLC, a successful marketing agency serving Fortune 500 companies, acquired by in 2021. Known for his versatile roles, Alexander brings expertise as a project manager, strategist, leader, and technology officer to his teams.


About INK: 

It was established in 2017, as a pioneer in search marketing optimization aimed at facilitating purposeful communication. The company specializes in developing Natural Language Optimization AI models to decode content semantics and discover performance-enhancing nuances.

INK's cutting-edge technology empowers your content to be found, engages audiences, and drives conversions, providing a competitive edge in a cluttered digital environment. Its mission is to assist in creating compelling content and aid businesses in standing out amidst the noise.


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now, Alexander de Ridder. Alexander, you are the co-founder at Inc and you're an AI and SEO expert. You're found on the web at Inc for Alexander, thank you so much for joining us. Let's be here. All right. Give us an overview of what ink does.

Alexander (00:01:18) - Yeah. Inc was a it's a spinoff from a very successful SEO enterprise agency that we had at which got acquired in November 2021.

Alexander (00:01:29) - We service Fortune 100 companies with large enterprise contracts. Right? So funny thing is like somebody came to Facebook and said like, Hey Alexander, I love your material. Why don't more people know about you? Why don't your videos have more views? And it's like, you know, I'll trade enterprise contracts for YouTube views any day, right? So there's only so much you can do. But let's just say I've been around the block a few times now. Inc for All is basically the AI technology for content optimization that we use to help really get our enterprise clients spectacular results. We're talking about, um, we're talking about 12 million visitors more per month coming to some of our clients. Okay. So in the time we work together, we grew our enterprise clients websites by 12 million visitors a month. Right? That's insane. That's over 200. That's over 100 million per year. And so then when we apply that to like smaller test cases, we like took a website from 100,000 visitors a month to 1.2 million visitors per month in just 16 weeks.

Alexander (00:02:44) - This is how crazy this technology is. And like these are these this can be proven like anybody with SEO accounts and like tools can go and check these use cases out. What's powering this is a patented AI algorithm that you can you can think of as third generation like first generation would be like Yoast. It would be like rule based, second generation would be like phrase and surfer, which are like entity counting. And then third generation is semantic AI. And so we in 2015, we started working on semantic AI because Google was moving from a search engine to a knowledge engine and was using semantic technology to start ranking. So like they say, like fight fire with fire. We were the first in the world to create this kind of optimization technology. We own the patents on it. We created a successful agency out of it and then spun it out. So last year is really like the year where we where I started focusing more on what end could become. Now what we were looking for is, is of course a great user experience and and so generative AI was really up and coming.

Alexander (00:03:53) - So we figured like if we can teach generative AI our insights about what makes content work, there's going to be magic, right? And so since 2019, we have been working to file the patents for that. So today our company has invented the technology to reverse engineer what you're what makes your competitors rank for target for optimization targets and then teach an AI how to write more factual, how to write more emotionally engaging so that you help your content get found, engage and convert online. Yeah. And so that's what the Ink company was all about Then since last year, November ChatGPT kind of broke the Internet, right? And and so they kind of, I would say like they, they just washed like a tsunami over all these generative AI startups. And just like, we're the boss here, right?

Josh (00:04:46) - Yeah. Yeah, that's that's our observation. When we've kind of done some side by sides of just simple, something simple like taking a transcript and ChatGPT outperforms anything else that we've seen.

Alexander (00:04:59) - Yeah.

Alexander (00:05:00) - So realizing that when plugins were first announced we were like of the early developers because we have been working as a developer with OpenAI since I guess 2019, 2020. GPT two was like the first we started working with. And we are the first SEO plugin approved in the chat TPT store. So SEO app is a plugin that takes your command and ChatGPT and then goes and research it with all of our AI and all of our insights, gives it to ChatGPT and teaches it how to write factually, emotionally relevant and SEO optimized. So get this right. So content optimized with our technology is 520% more likely to be first page of Google.

Josh (00:05:51) - Now. Okay. So this and so. So I understand. What would be the difference between what ink does and maybe what ChatGPT does just natively? Yeah.

Alexander (00:06:08) - Well, the best way to think about it is like if you have a kid that goes to high school, they have like a general education, right? They learn a bit of math, they learn a bit of writing.

Alexander (00:06:18) - They learn a bit of history. Right. Maybe they know like. Like maybe they know a little bit about biology or cooking or some, like, really like out there topics, depending if this is their career or not. But they have like a general understanding of the world. That is what you can think about when you think of GPT. It is like a general model with general knowledge. But if you are asking it something like like this week something happened like Home Depot had there had their like stock meeting, whatnot, or like they announced how things were doing and it didn't go so well. Their stock dropped like 7% or something like it. And I asked ChatGPT, like what happened with Home Depot today? And they're like extraordinary performance all time high. And it's like, this is not true. Like, so GPT does not know what's happening right now.

Josh (00:07:12) - Yeah, right.

Alexander (00:07:13) - And then secondly, even if you know what's happening right now, it doesn't mean, you know, to think like a marketer what is important to this audience.

Alexander (00:07:24) - And so the way that platforms work is they constantly monitor their users and find out the content that is most factual, most engaging, most converting, and they bubbled up to the top. And so our patents and our technology basically says, okay, well, if that is the best content for this keyword or this intent, then let's go and reverse engineer what they have in common that makes them so performant and a miracle happens. Now in your data, because now you're seeing like, Oh wow, they're all appealing to the same limbic brain primal urges for humans, or they're all including these similar facts. Those must be really important. And so you can start reverse engineering the patterns of what makes it so good. Now, GPT, as just like a high school graduate or something, would have to go and do market research before it can start writing an essay or a marketing piece. This is what that app, this is what Ink for All does. On top of GPT, we're feeding those specialized insights that used to take days to research into the model so it can write better.

Josh (00:08:34) - Yeah. And so like the platform that we're talking about. So, you know, to a friend that's listening, you can go to Inc for all this is just it's a SaaS tool, right? So we're talking somewhere between 39 and, you know, just over $100 a month to be able to use this tool, right. Am I reading that correctly?

Alexander (00:08:54) - Yeah, like 439 would be on an annual basis. So like $49 a month on a month to month basis, you get image generation, text generation, social media content, you get keyword research, you get keyword clustering, you like get everything the $100 pluses. If you need like three seats, it just it gives more seats. It's seed based, so you get everything for $49. It's a bit of everything. If you are preferring to use ChatGPT and you're a ChatGPT user, then you can just use that app to achieve many of the same things. You don't have the image generation and the editor and everything, but maybe you don't need that.

Alexander (00:09:31) - Maybe you have a chat. GPT Membership and you just prefer to use everything inside there. And I know there's hundreds of thousands of you right now. So yeah, that app is kind of that. The vision for that app is slightly distinct from Inc for all Waiting for All. We try to create a traditional SaaS product, a tool that can do all these different marketing kind of copy creation for the app. We see it as a the future, we see it as a true digital coworker. So actually the workplace is going to change a lot in like five years from now. You're going to think it's the most normal thing to just email your digital coworker and say, Hey, can you take a look at that? And then it's going to take care of that work for you. And so scope the way to think about it, what we're trying to create is a co-pilot or an SEO team member that augments your team and it can do all kinds of SEO stuff. The first iteration of that that you see in the market will be in like the plugin store, but that is going to continue evolve.

Alexander (00:10:35) - You may have heard of auto GPT. It took the news cycle for about a month. Agents are coming. AI agents and AI agents are a little bit more than just the chat. GPT So agents work with a large language model, then they have like a memory component. Then they have an agency component where they can make decisions about how to break down a task and and do subtasks and delegate and stuff. And then finally you have this, this ability to interact with other agents or humans. And so in a workplace, you need that kind of collaborative system. So when you take those those components together, you grow from just the large language model plug in, You grow and evolve into an agency vision. Now the technology is not fully there yet, but this is what app will evolve into. It will be your marketing colleague for content marketing.

Josh (00:11:32) - Yeah.Is there any. What concerns do you have or what thoughts do you have about an internet where all the content is potentially written by AI in the future?

Alexander (00:11:45) - Yeah, the new internet won't care.

Alexander (00:11:48) - So the old way of doing content marketing of publishing 100 articles about apples on your site. That is just going to kind of go away. Instead, a website is going to generate in real time dynamic server side generation is going to generate the page that is just perfect for you without you needing to read four articles to get the answer you want. Pictures, text layout is going to be generated from. Call it a database or plug in is going to generate your website of the future. So the the SEO as well as going to modify and edit, Bing has already come out and said they're going to use plugins to help your site rank. Now Google at Google I last week for your viewers, if this podcast is 40 days old at 40 days to that timeline, but Google at Google said they're going to do a similar thing with Google Barge. They're going to enable tools. And so this falls very much in our prediction with the future of SEO as well in the future. We call it the interactive Web.

Alexander (00:12:46) - Some people call it the generative Web. It is really what Web three is really, truly about. It's about giving people an even better user experience. And so the form of SEO will change from just creating static pages with static generic content to specialized data. For example, is my pizza almost ready? Do I have a table available at my restaurant? What are the current coupons on this product and what is the news on the ground as it is developing right now that only my site knows how to do? Or what unique SaaS or product or real world skill do I have that I can help you with through my website? For example, let's say I say, Hey, Siri, is my car almost charged? Well, Siri will talk to Tesla, which has a plug in that can talk to your car and your authorized and it says, Yep, it's charged. And then you're like, Hey, can you tell my car to pull up on my driveway? I'm ready to go now.

Alexander (00:13:40) - Siri sends that request to and Tesla answers to Siri. Hey, you know what? The garage door is closed. I can't do it. And Siri will say, You know what? I actually think that I know the the plug in for the garage door opener and it has it on your account. Let me open the garage last. Let me ask it to open the garage door opener, the garage door opener and says back to Siri, hey, it's done. So series now goes back to Tesla and says, Hey, it's done. The garage door is open and now the Tesla, like pulls up in the driveway and then they closed it and it's ready for you. And so then all Siri says, You know what, Josh? It's done, It's done. This is like the web of the future. So anyone who has unique data, unique skill, unique value to add to the general model will basically have a website that is consumed as a plugin. And then those very we call them AI interfaces or AI or a TOS.

Alexander (00:14:36) - Those a TOS will eventually also generate dynamically the the page in real time for your users.

Josh (00:14:44) - Yeah, I love this. So inc users should let's say that I don't really know a whole lot like we're producing content in our blog but I'm not an SEO or I don't know that my team are like SEO experts. Would it be appropriate for us to just use Inc directly or should we go through an SEO agency? Would you recommend.

Alexander (00:15:05) - You know, SEO agencies deliver a lot of value beyond just content writing? So the ink technology and technology is very focused on on content marketing and content performance. So if you have a content writing team, they can write much higher quality or better chances of ranking content in less time using our technology. It does not remove the need for like strategic analysis, competitive analysis, structuring your site, technical SEO and so forth by a by a human SEO, maybe scope in the future can help with all those things. But again, you know, we, you know, I'm kind of, you know, happy we're living in this exciting time.

Josh (00:15:49) - Yeah, it really.

Alexander (00:15:50) - Is evolving, right?

Josh (00:15:51) - Yeah. Yeah. For yeah, certainly. And then, you know, again, leaders who are paying attention to this and, you know, they're running experiments, you know, may get on it. I think it's what I'd say. So the website Inc for all really simple it's you know the website will explain exactly how this works in addition to just buying the platform, buying the tool. Or you can again, you can use a free trial. You also have resources and other tools on the website. Can you share just a little bit about that? When someone goes to Inc for

Alexander (00:16:29) - You mean think of income as like you get? It all at one low price. It's really it's a really good deal. You get image generation, you get keyword research, you get keyword clustering, which is important for a whole lot of reason. It would be another podcast to explain. You get a nice, beautiful editor you can write in that's distraction free that has AI writing in it.

Alexander (00:16:49) - It's unlimited words and it has all the optimization built in for your content with a visual interface. So ink for all offers a lot of value to users, right? And then SEO app would be a great place if you already have a chat, GPT Plus membership and you'd like to use the ink technology inside ChatGPT and then you're excited about the vision of that getting smarter and smarter like an SEO assistant in the future and you want to join that excitement, go there. And then there is one other thing you could be doing. Go to Smith with A Why? Smith Why? Where we're built, we're helping companies build their own plugins for their own business, which is going to be very critical for the next iteration of search engines. So this is an evolving space. We're at a cutting edge of this and we're following very closely what Google is doing to help make sure that our customers are always, you know, at the cutting edge. They're always have an edge over their competitors. And so if you like to see what we're building at Smith Dot, I would a why we that's a company that will help you get ready for this web three world by getting your own plugin.

Alexander (00:18:05) - Oh interesting. Excited about an SEO assistant in ChatGPT. Go to scope and then if you're just want a regular good old SAS interface that does so much for great value, just everything you could possibly want. Inc for all is a fantastic product. It's a real labor of love and I think you'll enjoy it.

Josh (00:18:24) - Very, very cool again. Alexander de Ridder, co-founder, CTO of Ink. Again, you're found on the web at ink for Alexander, thank you for joining us.

Alexander (00:18:37) - Let me hear.

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