1594 – A.I. Tools with Epic Presence’s Casey Meehan

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Chief Exeutive Officer of Epic Presence, Casey Meehan.

Content marketing has become essential to every business strategy, but creating high-quality content is time-consuming. Enter AI tools that help businesses generate content faster and more efficiently. In a recent podcast episode, the CEO and founder of Epic Presence, Casey Meehan, shared his insights on using AI in content creation.

Meehan emphasized the importance of quality over quantity in content marketing and warned against using AI for thin content. He suggested using AI tools fine-tune prompts and generate more powerful results. AI can also help write bios, an essential part of any business profile.

Meehan's YouTube channel, Blazing Zebra, offers tutorials on AI and marketing, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their content marketing strategies. He also stressed the importance of having a marketing department and a direct line to the C-suite for businesses looking to work with content marketing agencies like Epic Presence.


About Casey Meehan: 

Casey founded Epic Presence, a specialized content marketing agency, in January 2014, focusing on SaaS and HR technology sectors. His agency is known for producing over 2,500 in-depth articles for global tech companies and engaging with over 20,000 influencers to boost content outreach. 

Meehan pioneered a unique influencer outreach strategy that fosters growth and lead generation. Utilizing original data gathered from surveys, research, and interviews, Epic Presence crafts compelling narratives for its clients. 

Its impressive portfolio includes partnerships with leading SaaS companies, including Salesforce and other innovative B2B tech organizations, contributing to their significant growth over the past decade.


About Epic Presence: 

Epic Presence, a content marketing agency, has been propelling the growth of major B2B software providers for a decade. Leveraging insights from hundreds of software marketing campaigns and continuous research on software procurement and usage, the agency deeply understands what drives campaign success. 

As part of its mission to share knowledge, Epic Presence has developed ‘Funnel Fuel: Epic Software Marketing Insights.' Subscribers gain access to valuable, actionable data to augment their software businesses. 

The company provides a report called Software Buyer's Journey. It gives advice on how to approach modern software buyers, improve product demos and understand why customers sometimes do not buy. These resources equip businesses with the understanding necessary to excel in the B2B software market.


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