1608 – Unblocking Your Block with Corene Phelps

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Consultant, Coach & Speaker of Corene Phelps Coaching & Consulting, Corene Phelps.

Corene Phelps, the founder of Corene Phelps Coaching and Consulting, a motivational speaker, and a hypnotherapist, delved into the world of hypnotherapy and its remarkable ability to help high performers and business owners overcome limitations and reach their highest potential.

Corene clarified common misconceptions about hypnotherapy, emphasizing that it is not about mind control but rather a tool for relaxation and accessing our inner truth. She explained her approach of using therapeutic questioning and guided sessions to help clients identify and overcome mental barriers. Additionally, she highlighted the power of visualization and the creation of new neural pathways in the brain through hypnotherapy, showcasing the mind's capacity to reshape reality and unlock true potential.

One particularly resonated topic was Corene's discussion on money blocks and people's emotional attachment to money. She stressed that improving our relationship with money is attainable for everyone, addressing issues such as self-worth, abundance, and the belief that earning money must be difficult. Individuals can transform their financial lives by upgrading old beliefs and patterns.

Phelps shared inspiring success stories of individuals who have overcome mindset blocks and are now living up to their full potential on her “Super Expander Podcast.” Witnessing others achieve what we aspire to do can serve as a powerful motivator for taking action.


About Corene Phelps:

Corene Phelps is a Washingtonian entrepreneur and growth advisor who specializes in helping leaders and business owners achieve their full potential. Through her performance training methodology, Corene empowers both leaders and teams to drive strategic priorities and implement tactics in a coordinated and optimized manner. She offers a unique individual mastermind program that combines mindset training with Hypnobreathwork, a technique that combines hypnotherapy and breathwork to enhance personal development.

With a diverse background, Corene has gained experience in various industries, including healthcare, wellness, fitness, real estate, and mobile/direct-to-consumer technology. Her expertise allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance to individuals and businesses operating in these sectors.

By leveraging her extensive knowledge and practical methods, Corene Phelps supports her clients in maximizing their performance, improving their leadership skills, and unlocking their full potential. Her holistic approach blends mindset training, strategic thinking, and practical implementation, enabling individuals and teams to thrive in their respective fields.


About Corene Phelps Coaching & Consulting:

Corene Phelps Coaching & Consulting is a professional service firm founded by Corene Phelps, an experienced entrepreneur and growth advisor. The company provides coaching and consulting services to leaders and business owners, helping them unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

Corene Phelps Coaching & Consulting empowers individuals and teams to drive strategic priorities and implement tactical solutions in a coordinated and optimized manner through a performance training methodology.

With a diverse background in industries such as healthcare, wellness, fitness, real estate, and mobile/direct-to-consumer technology, Corene Phelps brings valuable expertise to her coaching and consulting services. She combines her knowledge, practical experience, and strategic thinking to provide tailored guidance and support to clients, helping them maximize their performance, enhance their leadership skills, and achieve long-term success.


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now, it's Corene Phelps. Corene, you are the founder of your own company. Corene Phelps, coaching and consulting. And you are a motivational speaker and hypnotherapist. This is going to be fun conversation. Corene, thank you so much for joining us.

Corene (00:01:14) - Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much for having me.

Corene (00:01:16) - I'm so excited to be here.

Josh (00:01:17) - Well, being a hypnotherapist, it sounds like it would be a fun thing to do. You get to work with really cool people. You probably get to experience some, you know, some great breakthroughs with folks. Can we just talk about maybe what you do generally? And then I really want to get specific on a few things, particularly things I would say that leaders commonly face and see, you know, maybe see if we can't help provide some great advice today.

Corene (00:01:44) - Yeah, it is super fun. I love what I do. Of course, I always have to battle some of these like stereotypical myths about hypnotherapy. Like, I'm not going to make you quack like a chicken or spontaneously do something against your will. That's not how it works. But yeah, so I am a motivational speaker and I use hypnotherapy inside of my coaching practice. I work with high performers, high achievers, business owners. And really what I do is help you unblock your blocks so that you can step into the highest potential that you're meant to step into, whether it's in your business, in your life, wherever it happens to be.

Josh (00:02:21) - And so again, hypnotherapy let's just kind of address the elephant in the room a little bit more on. So if someone says hypnotherapy, that wouldn't work for me, right? First of all, I believe I believe them. Okay. It sounds like your mind's made up on that, right? Because that's kind of one of the things I've heard from hypnotherapist. It really just depends on, you know, following the other person here. If they're open and accepting of it, they're going to experience. And I've had hypnotherapy sessions in my past and I'll tell you for overcoming man, I'm stepping all over your answer. I'm so sorry. I just wanted to I just wanted to share my point of view on this first. It is an incredible tool for calming. Here's my experience, calming the kind of like the, you know, the kind of that chatterbox mind. Right. And just relaxing and tapping into truth and our own internal truth. And I don't think you need to get real, you know, woowoo about it.

Josh (00:03:19) - It just, you know, it does meditation work as there benefits to meditation, yes or no? And I think we all agree that there are some benefits there. And so it's kind of down that same road, right?

Corene (00:03:29) - Absolutely. So. Well, hypnotherapy is actually it's literally meditation with a very specific goal in mind is really what it is. And yes, you need to be open to it. It's just like a growth mindset versus a closed mindset. Right. We have to be open to exploring different ways of getting where we want to go. But the sort of fun thing is, is whether you believe in it or whether you don't. Everyone goes into hypnosis on their own multiple times a day because all hypnosis is self hypnosis.

Josh (00:03:59) - And so what is it like to talk about like, do you just do individual sessions or how do you do your work today? Like, who are you working with and what does that look like?

Corene (00:04:09) - So there's a multitude of ways that I work with people.

Corene (00:04:11) - I work with them one on one, and I also do it in a group context. When we do it in group context, I actually add in breathwork. But one, a 1 to 1 context. I'm usually working with high achievers, high performers, whether that's CEOs, founders, someone who just wants to perform at a higher level. And we usually go in and kind of connect with what it is that is holding them back, which is typically something rooted in your subconscious mind. And no matter what level you are at, we all have these little devils that continuously arise as we evolve into the next version of ourselves, the next goal that we're pursuing, and we get to face them over and over and over again.

Josh (00:04:52) - Yeah, what if someone says, Well, I don't I don't know that it's something that I'm creating. All I know is this is what the world's giving to me or, you know, I'm in a bad or, you know, an uncomfortable relationship situation or there's this uncomfortable situation in business and work or this, you know, I keep experiencing this frustration and I feel like, you know, I don't know that it's my childhood trauma or whatever that's manifesting right here.

Josh (00:05:17) - Like, how would you address that question?

Corene (00:05:20) - Well, we are all the captain of our own ship. So if it's continuously happening to you, I would say maybe it's time to take a step back and look at a little bit of pattern repetition and what's the common denominator in that situation so that we might be able to take a little bit of responsibility and then move forward. Right. Because even if you are, you feel like it's being done to you, you still have a choice in the situation to change the situation. And sometimes that's just a little bit of tweaks within our mindset and what the next right step is for us to take.

Josh (00:05:52) - Yeah, what typically happens in a one on one hypnotherapy session?

Corene (00:05:58) - Well with starts with a therapeutic questioning. So it's a lot of just me and you talking about what's going on so we can kind of start to peel that layer back kind of like an onion to find out what's at the core of what your desires are and what might be causing you to not get there as quickly as you like to get there.

Corene (00:06:18) - And then from there I curate a session and you would get super comfortable and cozy, lay down, pop some headphones in and get to listen to some relaxing music while I guide you through a journey that includes hypnotic cueing, which is really just connecting with your subconscious mind to ask specific questions so that you can see the answers. And then I also use visualization, and that really helps to create new neural pathways in your brain, which operates on the principle of neuroplasticity, right? That our brains aren't just this like rock that never changes. We actually have this ability to change it. Kind of like a ball of Play-Doh. And through visioning we can actually start to do that. We start to create new neural pathways, which helps us in the 3D waking world like you and I, where we're talking right now. When you go to take action on something, shift something change something, do something big. If you can visualize it, then it's kind of like you've already done it. So when you go to do it in the 3D world, then it doesn't feel so hard or so challenging.

Josh (00:07:21) - You know, is there value in, let's say, listening to or watching or something, a guided meditation or a guided hypnotherapy that's not necessarily personalized, but can can someone get value from that?

Corene (00:07:38) - Oh, absolutely. I mean, I think anytime you do something that's custom or personalized and that's going to make the experience a little deeper, a little richer and probably a little faster. But absolutely, there's like prerecorded, whether you find it on YouTube or like I have some of them too, that I generally make and you're going to receive and connect with your own personal level of things, even on even one that's not completely tailored for you.

Josh (00:08:04) - Let's talk about maybe a couple of issues that come up frequently. One of them is I think so many of us have tenuous relationships with money and money blocks. And, you know, we might I know I've experienced this right where my, you know, very conscious intellectual brain say, no, I don't have any problems with that. I want lots of money.

Josh (00:08:29) - Right. I'm not kidding. I'm not sabotaging myself. But then, you know, if I really start to get curious, you know, and I also start to be a little bit maybe a little bit more. You know, I'd say just honest and introspective and willing to examine those things. You know, there's definitely stuff that comes up. And would you maybe talk about the role of hypnotherapy in Money Box and or maybe this idea that someone may be very unconsciously kind of getting in their own way because of bad programming or bad experiences?

Corene (00:09:08) - Oh, my gosh. Yeah. So in terms of money box, the money is such an emotionally charged thing, even though it's just this neutral. It's just numbers, right? It's neutral. But we attach so much emotion to it. And it definitely I mean, I don't care if you're someone who is a multimillionaire, everyone has some level of space where they can improve their relationship with money, whether they utilize it for gaining power for themselves.

Corene (00:09:36) - And what is that doing for them? Or if we're struggling with things like self-worth or whether, you know, worthy of receiving worthy of abundance, does it feel like it has to be hard in order to have money? Do you feel like you have to work tons of hours in order to have it? Because that's the model of the world that you saw, especially as a child, or perhaps the conversations that might have gone on at home that imprint on us, and whether you are consciously aware of it or not, it's in that subconscious mind because your subconscious mind is literally like a library that stores every single thing. And it doesn't when you're a kid, before you have enough context to really understand and connect the dots of what things actually are and aren't right. And so unless we go in and basically upgrade those, then we're carrying around old programming and what it could be about money, it could really be about anything. So we get to go in and upgrade that programming just like we do our iPhones.

Josh (00:10:32) - Yeah. How like what would be an example of maybe someone that you've worked with, maybe the challenge that they came in, do they are they able to solve big problems quickly or does it kind of one of those things where, you know, are you going to have like a year of psychotherapy to kind of, you know, break through this? Or what do you experience and like, wow.

Corene (00:10:57) - So, I mean, I think a common like a big transformation that like comes through my doors pretty often is typically with money work and it's usually connected to a sense of worthiness as we start to peel it back. And in terms of hypnotherapy, statistically speaking, it's a 93% success rate within six sessions. So always whenever I work with someone, I we come in and it's like a succession minimum because I want to make sure that you reach success. But oftentimes once we dive into this work, we start to see other areas. It starts to illuminate other places where we might like to improve or evolve.

Corene (00:11:32) - So a lot of times clients come in to work with me and they stay for longer than six sessions, but that's more out of a desire to continuously expand.

Josh (00:11:41) - Yeah. And Corene, what's your background like? How did you get into this?

Corene (00:11:46) - Uh, well, so I'm a recovering real estate agent. I started out in real estate in my early 20s and realized that I just kind of jumped into it because I became a single mom very early in life. I was in college, and at that point, I was actually studying nutrition and food science. And so in the midst of selling real estate, based on someone had told me that's what I needed to do in order to make enough money to raise my daughter and have like the space and time to be able to do. So. I was like hating my job and crying most days and I decided I really needed to jump back in and start doing something with my life and career that I was meant to be doing. And that was in the wellness space.

Corene (00:12:21) - So I dove back in wellness, and I spent a lot of time in brick and mortar. I owned a brick and mortar studio, worked a lot with in 1 to 1 and in corporate space. And what I quickly came to realize is the people that I was working with weren't necessarily coming to me because they needed to know how to exercise or they needed to know how to eat. There was these big mindset things that were going on inside, and so I really started to dive in there in terms of learning how to pull someone's greatness out of them, how to get the boulders out of the way, how to harness their potential and help them see it and do so in a way that was quick and effective and efficient. And so I went through lots of different trainings, one of them being hypnotherapy, and I started applying applying that work. But funny enough, I actually wasn't fully embodying all of the things that I was asking my clients to do. And I hit burnout really, really bad three times.

Corene (00:13:12) - But on the third time was the like, you know, the two by four on the back was like, when are you going to start to pay attention? And I found myself sitting in the emergency room because I thought I was having a heart attack at the tender age of 38, and I was actually having a panic attack. And that's where Breathwork came into the situation. So my the doctor was like, You've got to start managing your stress. And when I got really honest with myself, I was not walking the walk. And so I found this class that was about stress and getting in touch with your subconscious mind, which I was using hypnosis at that point, right, with my clients. But I wasn't walking the walk. And so I went into this breathwork class and it completely cracked me open. And what I realized was combining the power of hypnotherapy and breathwork was an absolute game changer for regulating your nervous system, which to me personally is the key to showing up powerfully in business, showing up powerfully in your relationships.

Corene (00:14:08) - When we're calm, we're able to kind of see things for what they are and actually respond versus react.

Josh (00:14:14) - Yeah. And in Korean, I don't know if there's something that maybe you can share just on this program alone. I know you're a podcaster as well, and I wanted to give you a shout on that because anytime I have a fellow podcaster love to make sure to drive every single one of my listeners over to your podcast. And that podcast is called Super Expander Podcast. But before we talk about that, I was wondering if maybe if there's any tips or like if it's, for example, like let's say thatyou're at work, you're doing business and you are just feeling stressed, burnt out. Is there a particular kind of breath pattern that you'd recommend along with, you know, here's what you do. I am taking notes. Tell me what to do if I feel that overwhelm.

Corene (00:15:01) - Absolutely. Mean any time that you can just pause and take any kind of breath if you're feeling like that is going to be helpful because we were born knowing how to breathe, but we actually forgot.

Corene (00:15:11) - And we tend to be very shallow breathers. And when we shallow breathe, it actually thrusts our body into a state of stress. So if you're feeling the weight of stress at any given moment, the first thing to do is just to kind of sit up tall, to make space in your body and just take the deepest belly breath that you can possibly take. So maybe you want an eight count in and then an eight count out. And if that's too long because maybe you're really, really constricted, maybe start with four and then start to add. So you can just match the duration to your inhale, to your exhale, which is going to start to change the channel. And if you're feeling like the peak of stress, then you're going to want to start to extend that exhale out. And although my really, really powerful pattern is breathing in for seven and out for 11, which is definitely a challenge, but if you can actually start to create the space in your body and start to slow your breath down and consciously, slowly, slowly, slowly exhale and do that for a couple rounds, I promise you that your nervous system and your stress state will go from like a level ten all the way down to like a level four.

Josh (00:16:19) - Well, that doesn't sound so bad. And, you know, my logical brain tells me, no, don't worry about that. We're just going to work harder. We're just going to do more things. Whereas I think if I'm honest. Right. And I'm like, Oh, wait a minute, let me get me silence myself for just a moment. What do I really need right now? And I know that the benefits, like I'm one of those guys that I don't necessarily enjoy meditating, but it's always good for me. How can we maybe silence that, that analytical, logical brain that's like, God, you don't need to worry about that. You just need to work harder right now.

Corene (00:16:59) - Oh, my goodness. Well, first of all, I can tell you that if you keep going on that, it will 100% catch up with you. You'll be telling me a story a year from now about how you were sitting in the emergency room and it turned out to be a panic attack of some sort as well, because we need to give our body a chance to rejuvenate.

Corene (00:17:17) - And the thing is to when we kind of start to create that space is that's usually when the answers come through, right? The more we start adding in, the less creativity, the less thought process we have, the less cognition, all the brain fog, all the things are there. And what we really need is to create that step back and space. So for someone like you who really has a hard time meditating, that's why Breathwork is actually really powerful because it gives you something else to focus on rather than feeling like you're just having to sit there super still because Breathwork is really active. And so if you have a really tough time with it, I would recommend maybe just trying five minutes, right? Just committing like I can anybody can do anything for five minutes. And I think oftentimes if you can do something for 5 to 5 minutes, you'll stay with it for another six to 7 to 8, and that time will start to expand and making sure that you're consistently paying attention to how you felt before and after, because that's really going to be the benchmark for you when we do things based on the way that we feel, it's much easier to stay consistent and make it a habit.

Corene (00:18:17) - And there is absolutely no way that if you just start doing something like this consistently, that you won't notice a difference from the moment that you start to the end, you'll be like, Wow, I feel lighter, I feel less stressed, I feel more creative. I feel like I can think faster.

Josh (00:18:34) - Yeah. Corene, I wanted to. So your podcast, Super Expand podcast. What's the game plan? What's that podcast about?

Corene (00:18:42) - Ah, so it really is. It's success stories of people in business who have removed these mindset blocks and really just dove in and went for it and now are living, living their full potential, living their full purpose. And it operates on the idea of mirror neurons in our brain, which is what an expander is. When we can look at someone, that someone has done something that we want to do or aspire to do, it shows our brain that it's possible. And oftentimes it helps us just actually step right into action. That's how babies learn how to walk is based on mirror neurons.

Corene (00:19:18) - We don't really teach them to put one foot in front of the other. They see us as human beings walking around doing it, and one day they just are like, Oh, I can do that. And they just get up and do it.

Josh (00:19:27) - Mm hmm. Mm hmm. I should. Congratulations on getting on 150 episodes. 81 five star ratings. So clearly you're resonating with your audience. So congrats on that. And then Corinne, is one on one. You know, hypnotherapy is. Is it accessible or is that just for the super Uber elite rich?

Corene (00:19:51) - I mean, I believe it's accessible. I mean, definitely you have to be willing to invest in yourself. I have group programs that are a little bit less expensive. If it's cost prohibitive to jump into a 1 to 1 context as well.

Josh (00:20:05) - Yeah. Your website is Corene Phelps. Com. When somebody goes there, what would you recommend they do?

Corene (00:20:12) - Oh well they should reach out, say hi, peruse the website, see what jumps out at them as something that maybe would be a good fit.

Corene (00:20:19) - They can learn more about what hypnotherapy is, what Breathwork is. My podcast is listed on there and there's definitely a button for you to book a free consultation call and you'll see there too is that there's also I also have an offer which is custom recorded sessions, which is another way to jump in and less, I guess, a less expensive way where you actually get something custom. We do a little consultation, you fill out a form and then I record something for you.

Josh (00:20:48) - Wow, I like it. All right, get in your website. Corene is Corene Phelps and again, of which you are the founder of, again, motivational speaker, hypnotherapist. Corinne, it's been a pleasure having you.

Corene (00:21:02) - Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much. What a pleasure for that to have this conversation. Appreciate you.

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