161 – True Weight Loss for Entrepreneurs with Evolution Eat’s Daniel Thomas (Part 2 of 3) – free coaching call with Daniel – weightloss for entrepreneurs.

MASTERING YOUR DIET: The Quickest Way to Master Your Mind, Body and Overall Performance
– Developing the “Life long practice” of mastering a skill vs Short term goals (diet)
– What is your Identity? Do you LIVE as a healthy person?
– Master Mindfulness, daily practice, being in and out of integrity



Daniel Thomas is the founder and CEO of EvolutionEat.

 EvolutionEat is a weight loss program dedicated to helping individuals solve any weight, diet, and eating problems they have.

In the last decade, Daniel has successfully coached hundreds of clients lose weight and adopt healthy lifestyles.

Clients at EvolutionEat are able to build permanent healthy eating and exercising habits that allow them to keep the weight they have lost off.

EvolutionEat doesn’t just give you a meal plan and exercises to try. They address and analyze the reasons you may be practicing unhealthy habits and solve those problems at their core.

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