1619 – What Do People Need Right Now? with Richard Kaye

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Business Growth Strategist of Top Talent Agency, Richard Kaye.

Dr. Richard Kaye is a man of many talents. He's not only a retired chiropractor but also a master negotiator and publicity expert. He has dedicated his life to helping people grow their businesses and accelerate their bottom line by securing fantastic publicity.

He shared a personal story of using publicity to stand out as a chiropractor and become the most recognizable name in his field. His company guarantees results, such as best-selling books and media coverage, emphasizing the power of publicity in building credibility.

When asked about the principles he recommends for someone looking to be recognized and stand out ahead of their peers, Dr. Richard Kaye was clear: it's not about what you do, but what's in it for them.

He advises pitching to show hosts and media outlets by focusing on what the audience will get from it. He also emphasized the importance of targeting the right audience and finding the producers or decision-makers to pitch to. In the era of Zoom meetings and virtual appearances, being articulate in your pitch and attentive and engaged during media appearances is more crucial than ever.

Dr. Richard Kaye also shared tips on reaching out to producers and constructing compelling pitches. He emphasized the importance of building authentic relationships with producers and focusing on serving their audience.

He advised against bombarding talent with requests, as they often redirect such inquiries to their team. However, if a genuine human-to-human relationship is formed, it can lead to opportunities.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the significance of making the host and producer look good. Dr. Richard Kaye suggests complimenting them and expressing gratitude for the opportunity. He also recommends sending a handwritten thank-you card to stand out.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Dr. Richard Kaye's impact and work in the world today
  • The power of publicity in building credibility and growing businesses
  • Principles for gaining recognition and standing out in the media
  • Importance of focusing on what the audience will get out of it in pitches
  • Targeting the right audience and finding decision-makers to pitch to
  • Being articulate and engaged during media appearances
  • Building authentic relationships with producers
  • Making the host and producer look good
  • Small gestures like sending a thank-you card
  • Next steps for gaining publicity, such as becoming a best-selling author and appearing on national television


About Richard Kaye:

Dr. Richard is a business growth expert who has dedicated 24 years to coaching entrepreneurs, aiding them in their journey from startup to established businesses. A distinguished speaker, he frequently graces podcasts, webinars, and radio and TV programs, including KGTV and KTLA.

His global influence is reflected through his workshops in Australia, France, Japan, Russia, and the USA. The architect of ‘The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation' program, he's shared platforms with renowned figures like Lisa Nichols and Les Brown. He was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Top Talent Agency.

Besides, his social engagements include involvement with a United Nations NGO and other for-profit boards. He's also a founding member of the Taos Entrepreneurial Network and ex-vice president of CEO Space. His acclaimed book, ‘The Secrets of Creating Customers for Life‘, showcases his expertise. He resides in Taos, New Mexico, with his wife, Angel.


About Top Talent Agency:

Top Talent Agency, also known as Top Talent Publishing, redefines the concept of traditional publishing. They specialize in talent management and representation, uniquely prioritizing overall business profitability over singular book sales.

The agency's philosophy revolves around the question: “How does an author make $100,000 with a book?” rather than simply selling 100,000 copies. The objective is to provide a maximal return on investment by tapping into various revenue streams and increasing exposure instead of focusing solely on book sales.

By capitalizing on opportunities often overlooked by conventional publishers and printers, Top Talent Agency aims to offer services that significantly outpace standard publishing expectations.

Its comprehensive, innovative approach reimagines publishing as a multifaceted venture extending beyond the written page to enhance authors' value. This visionary perspective sets Top Talent Agency apart in the dynamic publishing world.


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now. It's the one. The only. It's Dr. Richard Kaye. Richard, you are found on the web a few different places which we're going to get into in this conversation. Your primary kind of personal web page is Richard That's K A Y E dot com. Richard, thank you so much for joining us.

Richard (00:01:19) - Fun Josh I'm all over the place right.

Josh (00:01:24) - You know so I've got a few questions here So there's a couple of areas that looks like, you know, you're kind of within your domain expertise now, I should say. You're a retired chiropractor, but what you're really known for are is your negotiation prowess as kind of an expert and then, of course, publicity. And so how would you sum up your impact and work in the world today?

Richard (00:01:49) - Well, Josh, when I'm turns out I'm best known for is helping people grow their businesses and accelerate their business and their bottom line. These days, I do it by helping people secure amazing publicity. What is publicity do? It gives you credibility. I give you a short story. When I started my chiropractic practice drove from New York to San Diego. I was one of 300 chiropractors. How the hell can you stand out from that crowd? Well, I got myself on a morning television talk show. Turn that into a regular guest on there. Got a major article in the San Diego Tribune and one in The Los Angeles Times wound up on radio and magazines about on the 630 news.

Richard (00:02:39) - One day I get a phone call from a producer, Josh, at PBS. She said, Who are you? We're hearing a lot about you. Can we come out and do a special? I said, What? All of a sudden I'm no longer one of 300. I'm now the most recognizable name as a chiropractor in San Diego. The fact that it shut my practice a year after that and retired had nothing to do with that. So Josh, you used to be in PR of all people. You can appreciate the value of someone's name and practice. My name was Quantum. My name, the name of the office was Quantum Healing Center. And just as an aside, when I shut it down, I tried to sell it to Deepak Chopra and never heard back from them. Hello, Quantum healing. So again, you understand PR It's what you did. Yeah. Can appreciate.

Josh (00:03:34) - Yeah. So you know, of course, you know my experience with this in just kind of just for someone who might be new to the program, you know, that's how I built a seven figure.

Josh (00:03:44) - Your company is with zero ads. And I'm going to ask you about that in just a second. But, you know, it was just going out serving audiences, you know, delivering as much value as you can truly advocate for that viewer, for that listener, for that reader, and asking ourselves, you know, what do they really, really need right now? Well, if you do that enough, you don't have to advertise. And I suspect, Richard, that you're not a huge billboard advertising guy. Like, I don't see you having to pay tons and tons of money because advertising, I think it was I forget that it was a founder of Geek Squad who said this. I'll get your take on this. Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable. What's your say on that?

Richard (00:04:26) - I love it. I love it. You know, you bring up an interesting point. And let's talk about the distinctions between public relations, advertising and what we do as publicity. Now, the 50,000 foot view on PR is making phone calls and sending press releases.

Richard (00:04:44) - And there's a lot more. As you know, that's the 50,000 foot view. And then you pray to God, someone's going to say, I want that person. Does it work? Absolutely. Advertising is paying so that people can know who you are. We did a conference in LA at the convention Center a couple of months ago, and you walk out of the hotel and there are these 40 foot, I guess, 30 foot high marquee signs with pictures on them. And it's all neon and led these days and just glows at you. That is trying to convince the world that you're really good. What we do is publicity. Josh We guarantee our results. We guarantee a best-selling book in multiple categories. We just finished an event. We just had a three-day event, all the publicity and publishing conference. During the event, one of our clients went number 1 in 3 categories during the event. That's impact. We get people in the Los Angeles Tribune, we get them articles, we get them in USA Today.

Richard (00:05:52) - This is all guaranteed. We get them on the Nasdaq television program, new to the street. It's different once when you're talking about how wonderful you are. It's different when other people are talking about how wonderful you are. That's the power of publicity.

Josh (00:06:11) - Yeah. So I don't doubt that you're able to get amazing results for your clients. But let's talk about some of those principles that you're using. And, you know, so the value of media is not I mean, visibility is a component of it, but the authority is it can be a cash cow if you use that. But what are some of the kind of tried and true principles that you would recommend for someone that is looking to be recognized so that they can stand out ahead of their peers?

Richard (00:06:37) - Ladies and gentlemen, don't take this personally. No one cares what you do. No one cares about it. We're all interested in the same thing. What's in it for me? When you are pitching, whether it's. And let's be totally transparent.

Richard (00:06:53) - When Josh and I had this conversation, I didn't tell him how wonderful I am, what I've accomplished. I said, This is what your audience is going to get out of it. That's what every show host wants to know. And in a moment, I'll tell you how to get on radio and television using those principles, whether you're pitching your services, a show host, a radio program, television, talk about what the other person is going to get out of it. Let me know how you know this. When you look at someone's website and it's I do this, I do this, I do this, I've been doing this for 117 years. Does that grab your attention as much as a website that says this is what you're going to get out of working with us? That's the distinction.

Josh (00:07:45) - Okay. And then so obviously, you know, messaging and having the right mindset is going to be really critical. I think where I hear a lot of people confused. Right, is they think, okay, well, is the answer to getting press.

Josh (00:08:01) - I understand the value of having a great message. But how do I initiate those relationships with folks that are in the media or, you know, the folks that are they have audiences, you know, some folks might look at it as just lead gen or outreach, right? And they're kind of looking at it that way. I don't think press releases are going to be the answer you give anymore. What would you recommend for initiating these new connections and relationships within the media that could be so valuable?

Richard (00:08:38) - Find out who you target audiences. And I'm going to go back to decades ago when I was pitching the media and getting on a talk show. I was in San Diego, the myriad talk shows. Who is the audience that I want to target? So I targeted a show called Son of San Diego. It was the local talk show. Ladies and gentlemen, find out who is in your niche. In my business. I don't want to go talk to plumbers, electricians.

Richard (00:09:06) - Nothing wrong with that. That's just not my target audience. My audience are entrepreneurs, so I'm going to look for who has an entrepreneurial audience. Josh has got one of the best ones out there. Josh And that's one of the things that cause me to connect with you said, okay, here's a guy who's got a great audience. Let's see how we can connect. In a bigger organization. And by the way, I'll tell you how to get on radio. I said I would do that. Don't bother with the host. Now, in a smaller business, you know, Josh and me. Yeah. Know we're one on one. We're real people here. If you have a VA or whatever. Find the producer of the show. Now, when I did it way back when it was Yellow Pages, how about some people don't even know what Yellow Pages are?

Josh (00:09:54) - Don't know if you can find them. Now I'm interested. Are there. Is there anyone who's publishing a print yellow? I'm sure there's directories out somewhere.

Richard (00:10:01) - Yeah. Yeah, maybe. But not in this country today. It's easy to go online, find the producer. That's the decision maker hitched to the producer. And another thing that's important is be articulate in your pitch. Yeah. Down at the bottom you can include your bio and tell them why. And again, you're going to pitch to the producer what their audience is going to get out of it and his total transparency when you get on the show. Be intelligent. Look at the host or look at the camera. Don't wander off and look all over the place. It looks like you're not interested. You know, you're out in your space, cadet. You may be, but play the game of being in the third dimension. It works.

Josh (00:10:49) - And that's particularly important in our Zoom world where a lot of media you're going to be doing is on Zoom. You need to know where the camera is and you need to get it look into the soul of the camera. And that might mean you need to hide viewfinders You might need to hide the window, because a lot of times, Richard, we're looking at ourselves because we're self-conscious or like, how do I look? Do I look like a dum dum? And you just you and you want to look at the person you're talking to, which is normal.

Richard (00:11:15) - Which is nice.

Josh (00:11:17) - That looks really weird for other people watching you who, again, the audience needs to be. That's where your focus needs to be. So, yeah, that's a great tip. Any tips on the language for reaching out? And that's a really great reaching out to the producers, not the talent. The talent. Unfortunately, we get, they do get bombarded and all they're simply going to do, even if you do, are able to engage with them, they're just going to say, you know what, we've got a team for that. You know, go, here's the page, you know, for news tips or whatever. And that's all they're going to do is redirect you generally, unless I would say one tip, though, I would say is if you can form a relationship with that person, authentic person, human to human relationship with that person, and you're willing to spend time there and build and cultivate that relationship, then that can be an end. But if you're still kind of cold to that talent, it's not going to go real far.

Josh (00:12:17) - And you're absolutely right on that. How would we construct that language or that, you know, that pitch or that outreach? Like, what should we say?

Richard (00:12:25) - Well, I'm going to back up just a little bit before the answer. Sure. We all have heard it's who you know. That. No, it's not who you know. I know who the president is. Does the president know me? No, it's. Who knows you? Who do you have in your Rolodex? Now, that segues right to what you would Rolodex. That's another one we have on your cell phone. It's. It's who you have that personal relationship with. And by the way, you know, if your name is Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton. Politics aside, you can go to the host. You know, you've got some things. Oprah. Yeah, you got some leverage. Otherwise, you want to build the relationship with a producer. Again, you can find online and I'll be transparent. There are dating sites that I use.

Richard (00:13:16) - These dating sites are for podcasters and webinars. I'm married, so I don't go on those kind of dating sites and build a relationship. Write a compelling short note to the connection. And most of the time on these matchmaker type for podcast, it is the person directly. So introduce yourself, you know, and listen to the program. Make sure that you are a fit. Tell them why you're a fit and how you can. Again, I go back. My consistent baseline is how you can serve their audience. This is not about you showing your brilliance. And again, Josh, total transparency. Engage the host. You notice a few times Josh is responding and instead of my being shit, this is my time and I'm happy to make Josh look like a superstar. Yeah, that's your whole job. Ladies and gentlemen, make the hosts shine.

Josh (00:14:18) - You know, Richard, and I'll share the dynamic of what you just pointed out that audience subscribes or tunes in or is pre congregated to that host platform or that TV show because they like the host and they trust the host is going to bring them good people.

Josh (00:14:35) - But yeah, that's absolutely. So my point on that and I'd love your take on this right is you know, is if you can, you know, in a very authentic way, make the host look good at their job, make the I'll tell you, you know, also extremely important, make the producer look really good for making that connection. Like and that was kind of my mindset with the, you know, whoever the connectors were to make that happen. I wanted to make sure like I would before and afterwards I would compliment whoever the producer was to the talent. I would compliment the talent to the producer. Like I want them to know that I really appreciate this opportunity. And it's really it's a joy to work with professionals who care like I do about serving audiences.

Richard (00:15:24) - And that's the key. And I'm going to drop one other key in here. Send the producer, Send the host a thank you card, a handwritten thank you card. Why do that, Josh? You've got a lot of people who you interview.

Richard (00:15:42) - You've got an amazing audience. I'm just going to guess you don't get a thank you card for the time that they spend with you. You may there may be 1 or 2 people out there now. Go ahead. What are you going to say? Oh.

Josh (00:15:53) - It's about one out of 150. Well, I would say one out of 100 to 1 out of 150, somewhere in there where I get usually they like to send me their book, you know, which is that's fine. And we can that's how completely different subject. Right. We don't have time to get into that. Boy, I've got thoughts on that, but we'll save that for another time. I'm sorry, Richard, I interrupted you because what you're saying is, like so it's so good. I just want to I just want to validate what you are saying. It makes a huge difference. These small little things, spending more time and more quality time and more attention with fewer people. You don't need thousands of journalists. What you need is like, you know, 5 to 15, like really strong key relationships and the rest will happen organically.

Josh (00:16:42) - I'm sorry, Richard, Go for it. No, no.

Richard (00:16:43) - You're right on. You can do the rest of the talk because you get it. That's the whole point. And I would suspect that those people stand out. You know, if you're going to I'm going to they're going to stand out. So, ladies and gentlemen, you're hearing it from Josh, Forget what I said. Josh is amplifying the facts. So when you are again now, you said, what if you don't have their address? Ask them. If I don't have Josh's address, physical address, I'm going to send them an email or a text and say, Hey, Josh, what's your address? And by the way, I don't have your email, but we'll check up on that. Yeah. So I want you to watch this. Many of you want to get on radio. That's an assumption. That's an assertion I'm going to take about 20s here. If you listen to talk radio, find out, listen to the shows again that have your audience.

Richard (00:17:33) - Typical radio has three guests an hour. Typical show is three days a week. That's nine shows mean nine shows a week, 50 weeks a year, allowing two weeks vacation. That's 6500 guests. Terrestrial Am FM radio talk show. They need 6750 guests a year. Typical talk programs are three different hosts a day. That's over 20,000 guests they're looking for. They need you more than you need them. And you want to be sure that you are training. That's one of the things we do is provide the training to be present. And I'm going to go back to something else before we begin to wrap up. You ask and I'm going to tell you, don't use big words, don't use industry specific words to impress people. You've lost them when you're done that. So back to you.

Josh (00:18:33) - Josh Yeah. Richard You know, and I suspect, you know, folks may be doing their research search that this episode came up. They've been listening to our conversation and they're like, We I want more, Richard And there's so many ways that I know that you serve your clients, your audiences.

Josh (00:18:49) - Would you mind sharing maybe some great next steps for folks to kind of continue on this path with you?

Richard (00:18:55) - Thank you for even asking about publicity. That's simple. One word Talk about publicity. Let's explore the potential for you to be a best-selling offer author, to be on national television, to be on Forbes, to be. And when I was in Forbes magazine, it was like, Oh my God, what does that do to your credibility, ladies and gentlemen? That's what we do. And I want to give everyone a gift we have How many emails? You don't have to answer, Josh, but how many emails do you trash? Because you look at the subject and it's not interesting.

Josh (00:19:33) - So 99%.

Richard (00:19:36) - There you go.

Josh (00:19:37) - I'm incredibly protective of my time and attention. And I just I have to be it's I'm just in that position where it's. Yeah.

Richard (00:19:46) - So, ladies and gentlemen, guess what? Your emails also don't get open. I have a gift for you. Richard Kaye Richard Kaye K A Y E dot com forward slash 1000.

Richard (00:20:01) - That's 1000 proven valuable emails that will enhance the potential for your emails to get open. And then we have an event coming up and it's called Top Talent JV Top register. It's free. It is not a sale a ton. There's nothing for sale. It's not one of those. And we'll give you two gins, two knives because I couldn't afford for. There would be no sales. No one's going to talk for more than 15 minutes. It's not a pitch fest. It's for your education and your networking. I'd love to see you there. Josh, Ladies and gentlemen, reach out to me. Talk about publicity. I'm looking forward to how I may serve you.

Josh (00:20:48) - All right. Talk about publicity. Dot com. Richard and then top talent JV each of those links. My friend who's listening right now click on the show notes click on the little information icon. Look around, just keep clicking in your app. You'll find where we've got the links directly. Richard to your websites.

Josh (00:21:06) - I want to thank you so much for this great conversation. Sorry for chiming in so much, but then you happen to be talking about a subject is you could tell I'm quite passionate about it because it is a life changer and a game changer. If you can gain that notoriety, that authority and that respect within your industry because you're just seen as a contributor, you're contributing to the conversation, you're moving thoughts forward, you're assisting, you're serving those audiences. Richard, thank you so much for bringing this topic to the show. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. It's been a great conversation.

Thanks, Josh. Or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up My influence slash guest. If you're a listener, I'd love to shout out your business to our whole audience for free. You can do that by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or join our listener Facebook group. Just search for the thoughtful entrepreneur and Facebook. I'd love even if you just stopped by to say hi, I'd love to meet you.

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