1647 -Becoming More Technical with Growth Acceleration Partners’ Dave Moore

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Chief Innovation Officer of Growth Acceleration Partners, Dave Moore.

As the Chief Innovation Officer at Growth Acceleration Partners, Dave shared that his role is centered around failure. He emphasized that innovative companies tolerate failure and embrace and celebrate it. This approach involves testing and pushing limits in a controlled environment, not about making catastrophic mistakes. Dave works internally with teams to develop innovative solutions for customers and helps them implement these processes.

Dave provided an insightful overview of Growth Acceleration Partners, a company that advises, designs, and builds custom software and data solutions. With a team of 600 people based in Austin, Texas, and engineers in Latin America, they help customers build a competitive advantage by providing engineering talent and expertise.

Dave emphasized the benefits of the central time zone alignment with US-based customers and the high quality of engineers in the region. Their range of services is impressive, from long-term engagements for established companies to advisory services for startups, providing flexibility and scalability for their clients' software development needs.


Key Points from the Episode:

  • Overview of Growth Acceleration Partners and its services
  • Advantages of working with a Latin America talent pool
  • Importance of technical knowledge for business owners in software development
  • Origins and growth of Growth Acceleration Partners
  • Current trends in the industry, particularly AI technology
  • Role of Chief Innovation Officer at Growth Acceleration Partners
  • Embracing failure and iterating on ideas


About Dave Moore:

Dave Moore is the Chief Innovation Officer at GAP, bringing over two decades of expertise as a software developer and architect keen on creating scalable cloud-based applications. He has led large engineering teams and developed applications utilized by millions of users. Before his role at GAP, Dave served as a consultant at IBM, assisting clients across various industries with public cloud adoption, modern software architectures, big data analytics, and fostering a DevSecOps culture.

Dave's versatility shines as he effortlessly advises both C-suite executives on strategic technology challenges and engineers and architects in implementing groundbreaking solutions. He is also an accomplished author and frequent conference speaker, specializing in databases and application modernization. At GAP, Dave's primary goal is to help customers transform their applications and data to gain a competitive edge in the market. His wealth of experience makes him invaluable in driving innovation and technological advancement.


About Growth Acceleration Partners:

Growth Acceleration Partners (GAP) is a strategic technology solutions partner specializing in Digital Transformation through top-notch software and data engineering teams. With a focus on building lasting client partnerships, GAP combines extensive domain knowledge and deep technical expertise to deliver seamless, transparent processes and transformative results.

Founded in 2007 by CEO Joyce Durst, GAP is driven by values and committed to fostering long-term success for individuals, companies, and communities. As an early advocate of the nearshoring model, GAP provides outsourced software development services from countries close to the U.S., ensuring geographical and cultural proximity.

GAP excels in designing cutting-edge solutions using the latest cloud-based technologies. Their agile, accountable, and customer-centric engineering teams contribute to one of the highest client satisfaction rates in the industry. GAP ensures continuous delivery with transparent communication by seamlessly integrating into clients' organizations.

GAP's expertise helps businesses scale intelligently, converting objectives into data-driven decision-making and delivering software solutions that drive crucial business outcomes.


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02:33 – “The talent pool of engineers in Latin America is phenomenal, so we get really high marks on the quality of engineers that are helping solve customer problems. That's the big thing.”


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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my influence com and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now, Dave Moore. Dave here, the chief innovation officer at Growth Acceleration Partners. Your website is Growth Acceleration Partners. Dave, thanks for joining us.

Dave (00:01:11) - Glad to be here. Josh, Thank you.

Josh (00:01:13) - Yes. Give us an overview of who growth acceleration partners and what you do and who you serve.

Dave (00:01:18) - Sure. So growth Acceleration Partners, we advise design and build custom software and data solutions. So we've been in business I think about 16 years now, just celebrated an anniversary. We are woman owned and led with our CEO, Joyce Durst and have a pretty awesome company. That's about 600 people based in headquarters are in Austin, Texas. The United States and the engineers are in Latin America, mostly Costa Rica and Colombia. So we help help customers that are trying to build things for competitive advantage, and they need the engineering talent to help them figure out what to do and how to do it.

Josh (00:02:02) - Yeah, you know, and I've Dave, I've had this know, I've had conversations about this before, talk about the advantages of working with a Latin America talent pool.

Dave (00:02:13) - Yep. So if you're a US based, which all of our customers are, Central Time zone is a big thing that's very important to them. So having that central time instead of something overseas where you have to make some pretty serious adjustments in how you work and how they work, that's one.

Dave (00:02:33) - But the main thing I would say is the talent pool of engineers in Latin America is phenomenal. So we get really high marks on the quality of engineers that are helping solve customer problems. So that's the big thing.

Josh (00:02:49) - And how is, you know, speaking from someone maybe that, you know, let's say there's, you know, an SMB founder or a potential founder that's listening to us and and they don't really understand the world of acquiring talent for software development. Can you kind of just give it, you know, paint a thumbnail picture of what that world is like typically?

Dave (00:03:13) - Yes. It covers a wide range. And we have customers that are across the spectrum. So we have some that are very established, large companies that know exactly what they want and they just need teams of people to help build it. Right. Those are quick, long term engagements. On the other hand, we have some that are like either a startup or they're not super tech savvy and they're like, I need some advisory services to start with to help me figure out how to how to lay this thing out and how to build this thing.

Dave (00:03:47) - And then if they like us, we then follow on with the additional engineering resource and say, Now let's now let's build it. And so they, they don't typically start staffing up full time hires in the US, so they like the flexibility. And then if the, if the startup takes off, then they start expanding with resources in the US and Latin America.

Josh (00:04:10) - And I would imagine with GAAP growth acceleration partners. Let's say that the founder isn't explicitly Uber technical. And you know, and maybe initially they were thinking, you know, well, what we're going to do is we're going to just hire a couple of developers and I'm going to tell them what to do and we're going to get this thing built. The project management side of, you know, of of larger, certainly larger scale technical projects, but, you know, things that they can get kind of in the weeds. It's it's it can be not for the faint of heart, in my experience.

Dave (00:04:48) - That's true. And we have rescue missions for companies that have gone down that path that are then like, help us because things are off the rails here and then we need some we need some serious help.

Dave (00:04:59) - But back to your point about not being very technical, when you're creating a business that is maybe it's a SaaS play, maybe you're hosting it all in the cloud. We are recommending to executives that they should be more technical. This is your business. So something that is so critical on how that whole thing works. You should know that you don't have to be writing code necessarily, but you should know about and Azure and cloud and these things because your company depends on it. Instead of just saying, I have to trust this team of people that are wherever I hope they know what they're doing, the the most successful ones are getting more and more technical.

Josh (00:05:43) - Yeah. And where did. Where did Gab come from? And how did you get to a point now where you've got a staff of many, many, many, many, many hundreds.

Dave (00:05:53) - Uh, yeah. Joyce Durst co-founded it with another person named Brett Bachman. It was like a lifestyle business. They had been in the big company world, big corporate world.

Dave (00:06:04) - And I think Joyce's story is that she went down to Latin America and was sold on the people and the talent and said, Hey, let's start this thing. And then it just took off. Like most good ideas and hard to keep up with demand. And she leveraged her network of resources that were people like that trusted her. That said, we would love to use your company to help us build these things Now. Now we have 600 people.

Josh (00:06:31) - And what are some of these? I think we're in a really interesting time right now because I think we're looking at the promise of AI and what, you know, how I can supplement development teams. What are you observing right now or how are those conversations going, you know, or, you know, things that I just you know what what you're observing, what you're witnessing in your space, both with growth acceleration partners and, you know, kind of more largely in the industry.

Dave (00:06:59) - Uh, it's crazy. I mean, I have not seen a surge of any technology like this in my lifetime.

Dave (00:07:06) - Wow. So our customers and I'm with quite a few different customers every week, they want to know how they could take advantage of it for business advantage. Right. And that's that's that's a hard problem, especially when you're talking about you need lots of data and their data is a mess and they want to corral that, but they also want to consider things like data as a product. Maybe we can monetize our data as a as an additional revenue stream that we've never thought of. There are marketplaces now for the data, so we have very specialized practices, everything from advising around that to actually implementing it with our seasoned data scientists and data engineers that we can help.

Josh (00:07:49) - Yeah. Who are some of the folks that you've worked with or maybe some some case studies or examples that you can kind of point to like. Oh, okay.

Dave (00:07:58) - Uh, some of the big ones are Amadeus. So if you've ever made an airline reservation, which I'm sure you have, it goes through Amadeus Systems. Another is like extra financial based out of Austin, Texas, a big fintech play.

Dave (00:08:17) - Uh saatva. The mattress company. We have customers in a wide variety of industries, but our main things are are fintech and and health, digital health type stuff. Those are our preferred. So yeah, but wide range of customers that were pivotal part of their technology play.

Josh (00:08:42) - Before somebody hires a firm that's going to help them build something, that that day right now is just, you know, it's just kind of on the whiteboard or it's kind of, you know, in there. They've done some mind mapping on it. They've kind of specked out what they hope to do with that. What would what are some it's a great pieces of advice you would give them so that they could make a good hire because there's a lot of options and some of them are like, oh, should I just, you know, find some independent contractors that I hire internally? Should I, you know, should I work with growth acceleration partners? Maybe? What? I don't know. Maybe it's questions they could ask themselves or or certainly things to look out for or be careful of.

Dave (00:09:26) - Uh, great question. In my experience, I find the C-suite is currently overwhelmed with a number of different options. Whether or not it's technology or implementation, it's overwhelming. So I would say to get a get a trusted agnostic advisor, someone that has been there, done that and has stories of successes as well as failures, say this is what's worked for us. This is what we've seen, not work. We've been down these roads. We got a lot of scars and burns all over us, and we can help you navigate these treacherous waters. Find somebody like that. When you do that, then you have you're kind of joined at the hip with this with this agency or a company that can help really increase your odds of success. Otherwise, we see people making similar mistakes, like the one I mentioned earlier about totally trusting and outsourcing team and then trying to bring it back and stuff like that. We could have helped them before they went down that path. And I'm not saying that outsourcing team is not the solution is always not the solution.

Dave (00:10:28) - Sometimes it is, but here are the things that you got to be careful of when you do that. Have a product manager on your side. Have a product manager on their side. We have a long list of things like that that help increase success.

Josh (00:10:40) - Yeah. And so, Dave, what is the, you know, kind of the exploratory process? You know, if someone's like, well, all I know is that we've got something that needs to get done. Um, sure, you know, happy to have a conversation, but what do those conversations usually look and sound like?

Dave (00:11:00) - They are free conversation consultation. Typically an hour where let's talk about what you're trying to do and we'll see if we can help. Sometimes it might be something that is totally out of our wheelhouse and we're like, we're not we're not the best ones for this, but really just kind of chart it out. And the other thing that we like to do in that meeting, Josh, is everything that we do ties back to a business advantage.

Dave (00:11:28) - So we're not we're not technologists that are recommending things because they're new, they're fatty. There are all these cool things. We're like, Here's how it's going to increase revenue or it's going to decrease operational expenditure or it's going to make your employees happy or your customers delighted. Those are the things that we focus on, and we use technology as a foundation to make that happen. But if we can't tie it back to a business benefit, it falls down.

Josh (00:11:56) - Yeah. And Dave, you have the distinction of being the chief innovation officer. Talk about that role.

Dave (00:12:03) - Uh, that that is a role that is centered around failure. So, no, like I like to say that the most innovative companies don't just tolerate failure, they actually embrace it and celebrate it. So from an internal perspective, I'm working with our teams to help them kind of push the needle on doing some things and whether or not it's skill sets that we need out for our customers or building product lines that are pretty innovative, that are solving specific problems on the customer facing side.

Dave (00:12:36) - It's about bringing that kind of failure mindset and to to make sure that they get comfortable with kind of iterating on things, knowing that they're not going to get it right first, but you're going to get it right eventually. So and I'm not talking about failing where you're flying a plane in the side of a mountain. I'm talking about you have like a lab environment where you are testing and really pushing the limits on things and the art of the possible things that you were thought were way out of reach before. Let's focus on those. Those those are the reasons people speed to work every day is focusing on stuff like that. And so that's it. So I have an internal focus and an external focus where I help our customers implement some of these these processes.

Josh (00:13:20) - Sure. And your website is growth acceleration partners to that person that's listening to our conversation. Maybe they're familiar with you already and this is just part of their due diligence. What are the next steps?

Dave (00:13:37) - The next steps are you can reach out to me, you can find me on LinkedIn, you can find me on the on the Growth Acceleration Partners website.

Dave (00:13:45) - I would be glad for any listener would be happy to have a free consultation call and just hear what they're trying to do and see if we can recommend any good insights that they can take it forward so they can find me. I'm easy to find and I'm eager to help.

Josh (00:14:02) - Yes. All right. Good deal. So again, Growth Acceleration Partners. Dave Moore, your chief innovation officer, it's been great having you. Thank you so much for joining us.

Dave (00:14:13) - Thanks, Josh.

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