1670 – Rewiring The Brain For Success with Dr. Alok Trivedi

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & Author, Dr. Alok Trivedi.

Dr. Rewire discovered a fascinating connection between the brain and healing during his practice. This revelation led him to focus on helping people with money and entrepreneurship. He emphasized that entrepreneurs often face high-stress levels, which can cause our brains and bodies to break down.

To combat this, Dr. Rewire has developed neurocognitive pathways and tools to help entrepreneurs rewire their brains and improve their decision-making abilities. He shared a success story of a client who experienced a significant increase in income after working with him, demonstrating the effectiveness of his methods.

Dr. Rewire acknowledges that skepticism toward his methods is expected. However, he explains that mental health is not solely a mental issue. It also involves physical factors such as diet, exercise, and hormones. To address these complexities, he has created 98 tools to help people rewire their brains and overcome past traumas.

He also discussed the detrimental impact of unhealthy thinking on our ability to create wealth. He gave an example of a client who feared making more money due to past financial losses. He explained that our brains are wired for survival rather than abundance, which can hinder our ability to grow financially.

Dr. Trivedi explained that people in a desperate situations are motivated to hustle and work hard to improve their circumstances. However, once they achieve financial independence, their motivation decreases because they no longer have the same need and desire to succeed.

Dr. Trivedi believes that motivation is fleeting and what is needed is inspiration. A business built on inspiration does not rely on external motivation because the desire to serve clients at a higher level is intrinsic.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Dr. Alok Trivedi's expertise in helping entrepreneurs rewire their brains around income, money, wealth, and business
  • The connection between the brain and healing, leading Dr. Rewire to focus on helping people with money and entrepreneurship
  • Neurocognitive pathways and tools developed by Dr. Rewire to help entrepreneurs rewire their brains and improve decision-making abilities
  • Success story of a client who experienced increased income after working with Dr. Rewire
  • Addressing skepticism towards Dr. Rewire's methods and the importance of considering physical factors in mental health
  • Impact of unhealthy thinking on wealth creation and overcoming past traumas
  • Difference between motivation and inspiration in business, and the need for intrinsic inspiration rather than fleeting motivation
  • Balancing focus and urgency with listening to the body's feedback to avoid chronic fatigue and adrenal issues
  • Dr. Trivedi's involvement in a documentary exploring his work and the process of rewiring oneself as an entrepreneur

About Dr. Alok Trivedi:

Dr. Alok Trivedi, known as “Dr. Rewire,” is a renowned media figure and an authority on health and human behavior. With over 25 years of expertise in brain research, he has pioneered a scientific approach to achieving enhanced success and fulfillment.

Dr. Alok assists sales and leadership teams, entrepreneurs, and top-tier athletes in uncovering underlying factors and rewiring their brains for profound transformations in business, well-being, finances, and relationships.

His innovative behavior modification system has proven instrumental for prominent enterprises such as Mobiroo International, Primerica, Draftmore International, and UPS Store.

As the author of “Chasing Success: Lessons in Aligned Performance,” Dr. Alok's insights have garnered attention from major media outlets, including CBS, NBC, Fox News, and Global News.

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09:27 – “Motivation is fleeting and what you need is inspiration.”

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Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:01:14) - Hey, thanks for having me, Josh, Appreciate it.

Josh (00:01:16) - All right. So what do you do as your pseudonym, Dr. Rewire?

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:01:23) - Well, that's what I do.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:01:23) - I help entrepreneurs rewire their brains around income, money, wealth and business. I used to be in practice and worked with over 400,000 patients over the years. And I found that there was systems in the brain that affected the way that we heal and how we think. And then it led my path on to dealing with people with money, entrepreneurship and help people increase more sales to business growth.

Josh (00:01:45) - So are you talking about So you initially just mentioned there, you know, kind of the connection between. Are you talking about the connection between healing and the brain and kind of like our can you talk more about that? Because I'm fascinated by that.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:01:59) - Yeah, absolutely. So it's really my expertise is really an entrepreneurial health, right? We as entrepreneurs, we have this whole mentality of grinding it out, working harder. And look, we as CEOs, entrepreneurs, we deal with a greater level of stress where we're working with our employees, we're working with new mergers, new acquisitions. How do we how do we manage this? And what happens is that our brain and our body starts to break down.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:02:19) - And what we do is we run on our adrenals and our body starts to break down. I started realizing this in practice and I started doing things with clients and patients of mine just to ask them different what I call neurocognitive pathways, different questions to help them rewire the brain. And as time progressed, I started working with people. Then they started making more money and they're like, Huh? You know, my income keeps rising every time I work with you. And there was a there was a direct correlation. And then I started working things on money and I started working things in business, right? Like, and I just got off with a client who's who's got a $75 million company. He's looking at buying another company and he's like, I don't know if I should, if I should or shouldn't. How do I navigate this? Because, you know and I know, right. Josh the most important thing we have as CEOs and leaders of businesses is the ability to make proper decisions. But our emotions cloud that and our emotions then come and affect our health.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:03:08) - So there's a direct correlation between the ability to use our brain and the ability to use our body. And I try to maximize both.

Josh (00:03:16) - What would you say to someone who's listening to a conversation and they're kind of feeling a little bit of skepticism here? Sure.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:03:22) - I'd say you're not the first one, and I get it. I completely get it right. Like, you know, it's like thinking about this. I'll give you an example. Right? We have a big conversation in the world today of mental health. And mental health is a big thing in our world today. But I'll tell you that this mental health conversation is a little bit of a farce as well. And I did say that, and you can catch me because it's not mental. 94% of the serotonin, which makes you feel good, is made in the stomach. So if we sit and say that, hey, look, our if we're supposed to feel good, it's not just the way that you think, it's the way that you eat, it's the way that you exercise.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:03:56) - It's the way that you breathe. It's the way that you live. It's the hormones that are affecting your body. Those are all affecting the way that you think. So if we negate it and say that it's just a mental health problem, that's not true. It's a complete human problem because those things are affecting the way that we think we move and we act. In my rewiring processes, I've created 98 different tools to rewire the brain, to get people past their past issues, what I call positive traumas and negative traumas to help them grow past so they don't stay stuck in their emotional states.

Josh (00:04:26) - What would be some examples of unhealthy thinking that are consciously or unconsciously impacting our ability to grow and create wealth? Um, that, you know, maybe, maybe addressable maybe fixable here 100%.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:04:45) - At a client just yesterday he told me, you know, he's built a business before and then he lost it all. Went through. Went through life. Went through divorce. Right. And it happens. These are the things that happen.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:04:56) - And you lose half of your estate or maybe all of your estate and all your money inside of it. And then you said, say, I don't want to build again because what happens in our subconscious pattern, what I call your latent awareness pattern, you actually become afraid of making more money. And it's not what you'll tell people on the outside. It's not the conversation that's happening on the outside. It's the one that's happening on the inside. Like, Hey, look, if you had more money and you actually built the A million, 2 million, $3 million back in into your estate or 4 million, 10 million, whatever it is inside of it, and you were hurt by it. You create this emotion of resentment. And that resentment stays locked into your nervous system. That resentment stays locked into your pattern. And no matter what you do is that you resent and you push it away. So what I say is that whatever you resent, you resist. And so let's say you lost a bunch of money.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:05:44) - Let's say, you know, right now we deal with a crazy, crazy market out there. We don't know what's happening if it's up or down, inflation rates and interest rates. But let's say you lose a bunch of money in the stock market and I'm personally guilty of this one. Right. Back in 2008, I lost a bunch of money in the stock market and I stopped myself from making more money for the next four years because our brain is not built on this idea of abundance. It's really built on the premise of survival. So we'll create enough revenue in our life to make our self survive. And whatever we do, we'll hold ourselves at that place.

Josh (00:06:15) - You are the author of two books, Chasing Success and Wired for Wealth. Which one should we talk about first?

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:06:23) - Let's talk about chasing success first and then we can talk about wired wealth.

Josh (00:06:27) - Sounds great. Yeah. So tell me more. Yeah, I was going to say, I didn't know if you need a tip for that, but yeah, that's cool.

Josh (00:06:34) - Yeah. So the subtitle, by the way, Chasing Success A Story of Inspiring Audacity, Finding Fulfillment and Living Your Dreams, recently published. So congrats on the on the book launch.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:06:45) - Yeah, we republished it. Actually. I printed it, Yeah, I printed in 2016. We did really well with it. It went really well. We went all over the world with it. It was fantastic. But I wanted to republish a rebrand it and that type of thing. But the book is about an entrepreneur, actually a corporate executive who's playing the game, who's not really living his fulfilled life and talking about his his journey of trying to build income, build money and chase success, but loses himself in the path in the process, kind of finds his way flooded, left empty, and has to rebuild his entire self inside of it. So it's a story that's it's an easy read, but it's a fictional tale with lots of wisdom, principles throughout it. And it's about a 3 to 4 hour read.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:07:25) - But at least I'm a little bit biased. Maybe on this. I think it's a it's a fascinating read with lots of lessons involved in it.

Josh (00:07:34) - Yeah. And who should read that book and what would you expect that that transformation that they would experience from reading and applying what they learn?

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:07:41) - I find that people who read that book are the ones who kind of sit and say like, I'm trying to find balance in life. I'm trying to figure out success and family and fulfillment and trying to find the ground where I can stand on. Because a lot of entrepreneurs, they make all this money and success, but they lose their family and they lose the dynamic of family inside that. And they can't they can't figure out how to have it all inside. How do I have a successful business and a thriving family at the same time? And I find that people who are struggling with that usually resonate with this book really, really deeply.

Josh (00:08:11) - Yeah. Your other book as well. Wired for Wealth Share just a bit about that.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:08:18) - Wired for Wealth is written like a workbook, and it's 27 chapters where I take each principle and I go through the principles and I explain it and I go through it in depth. And then what we do is that there's work actually, like homework that you do at the end of it. Because what I found in the marketplace, everyone said, like all the, you know, all the books that I saw on money and consciousness and thinking were about, okay, here's what it is. But no one actually gave you the strategies of actually how to rewire your brain around it. And it was like, oh, you know, just do just random things around money in that. And there's other great books on strategy around money, which is hugely important. But in my world, consciousness and will never trumps strategy. You need the consciousness in place to be able to have the strategy. So this book is about brain consciousness. It's about unlocking your brain for financial success. So this book is written in a step by step format to take you through all the emotional patterns that could be preventing you from having wealth in your life.

Josh (00:09:12) - Yeah. And you know, just kind of looking at your social media, Dr. Oak. One thing that you said and I'd love for you to kind of expound on this, the more money you have, the less motivated you'll be to go out and make more money. Is that true?

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:09:27) - It is true. It's completely true because most people are looking at like there's a law of diminishing return. Right. Meaning that our our inspiration when your back is against the wall and you make no money and you have nothing to your name, you're going to go out and you're going to do whatever it takes to hustle and grind and build whatever you got. Right? It makes sense inside that. But now you put someone who's got financial independence in place, they don't have to work as hard as they did before. The need and desire to want to are going to be completely different. That's why I say motivation is fleeting and what you need is inspiration. A business that's built on inspiration won't need motivation because you'll want to serve the client at a much higher level and you'll continually want to serve it.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:10:06) - But someone who's motivated has the up and down yo yo in business and they say one month they're really motivated, the next month are exhausted. And so the greater the value of money, the less the inspiration most people have unless they're inspired as a leader. And what I do is when I work with CEOs and entrepreneurs, I to rewire their brain so that they actually use their brain and actually inspired by their business to help them grow inside that rather than stay stuck in the up and down oscillations.

Josh (00:10:34) - And how do we how can we let's say that and I've heard this before, right? Think there was where did I hear this a long time ago? Jeff Olson. I think, you know, most of us kind of go from kind of this emergency guy to scramble guy to get back up to normal. And then once we get to normal, we go, Whew. Okay, good. Now I can relax where I think his argument was that if you maintain that same level of focus and urgency, you can continue to go and now you can really start going, you know, and maybe, you know, kind of be bopping between normal and true abundance, right? It's that same level of focus and drive.

Josh (00:11:17) - We'll get you there. But again, most of us stop when we're like, okay, bills are paid. We good? Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's true.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:11:24) - That is there is and there isn't. At the same time. Yes, there's a point to that, right? However, at the same token, we we have to use the body as our feedback. So if our, if we look at your HRV, we look at your adrenals, we look at your bloodwork, then you analyze that and say, hey, look, okay, because here's the thing which is interesting, Josh, I'm one of the few people on the planet that I can look at your bloodwork, I can look at your lab work and I can tell you what your brain is thinking. And I can look at your cholesterol, your testosterone and everything and tell you what's going on inside of your brain, rewire your brain and in essence, change your lab work. And without having to takes drugs, medications, supplements or any of that.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:11:57) - Because what'll happen is that maybe we get to this point of, okay, we don't have to go anymore. But if we continue to grind at that same level over a period of time, what happens? We create chronic fatigue in ourselves and our chronic adrenal factors inside of it. This is the part as entrepreneurs that we are missing the boat on, right? Like you've been to masterminds and programs and event and spoken at a massive high, as have I. And you look around the room and you're asking yourself the question like, where are the healthy people? Like, where's where are the people that lead and said this? And they're struggling because they're their stress relief is a vodka tonic. When they get home at 6:00 at night in front of one, it turns into four. And those things are actually breaking our body down and decreasing performance versus increasing it.

Josh (00:12:44) - Yeah, you have. Aside from the books, you have a number of ways that you work with folks. I wanted to ask you before I get into your programs, I also see that you've got a documentary that you're involved in.

Josh (00:12:57) - Do you want to share just a bit about that?

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:12:58) - Yeah, we filmed a documentary. They did a documentary on kind of my work and kind of what we do and just it's it's about the path that I kind of went through and then kind of lays out the similar path of an entrepreneur and kind of how to help rewire yourself and understand how the rewind process works. It's really short. It's about 23 minutes, but super valuable.

Josh (00:13:17) - And that you can find if you go to Dr. Rewire, click on start. Here is is where I found it. Yeah. And you can actually watch the film right there. Now, how else do you work with leaders? Like if someone's like, Okay, this sounds really great, maybe I'm suffering from burnout. Maybe they're just, you know, they're just exhausted. They're not performing at the level that they wish they could, and maybe they just don't feel like they've got enough juice in the tank, so to speak. How could you work with them personally or how could what's kind of some other areas that they could work with you?

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:13:53) - Here's here's what I would do.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:13:54) - I would I'm going to be a little bit bold. I'm just going to say email me. I'm going to email. I'm say email me. You could get into my programs, into masterminds and programs and courses and things like that. But I'd say email me directly, because if you're an executive CEO, you probably are someone like me that says, You know what I want? I want I don't want to do masterminds. I don't have time for masterminds. I want to work with the source and get my results right. And I get that because I'm the same way. Like we don't have time for that, so you probably won't work with that. So email me directly. I'll have either myself or someone on my team get on a call and we can see kind of like if it's kind of what's going on and then I can sit and see, okay, what's really happening? And we can do like you can work with people. I work with people over the course of a year. I work with people over the course of a day, kind of what needs to be done, but happy to work with people who actually want to grow inside of it.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:14:36) - But when we work with people, what I do is I take their lab work, so I'll get all their lab work done. I want to see your labs, because here's the thing. What I found, Josh, is that people can say whatever they want to, but your labs don't lie. Right. Your labs don't lie. People can say, Oh, my wife did this or my ex-wife did this. Yeah, that's your story. And that's great. Don't really care, right? What I care about is what are your labs telling me? Because your lab is telling me what's going on in your brain. And then from your brain, I can rewired. I'll give you a quick example here before we got to run here. But, you know, we did a study and we did an EEG on people's brains. All right. Which is an electroencephalogram. And we checked people's brains. And in a 40 minute session of rewiring someone's brain, they went from a brain age of 42 to 24.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:15:20) - And then literally dropped 18 years of brain age, which means that their brain functioned that much better and faster. Wow. And they said, can you and I talked to the company that actually which actually had the EEG company. Can you reproduce this? I'm like 100%. I do this every day. And so we did it and we did it with 100 people. And we showed we had 20% of the results just didn't come out right. But 80, 80 people, we showed that their brain age dropped by an average of 17 years when they did the rewire work and brain capacity, the speed at which they function have grew that much, grew about 60% better. So the work works. We've now got the science and the evidence to prove it, and entrepreneurs are growing because of it. So that's the kind of results we do. We get putting a brain scan on someone and get real results inside of it. Yeah.

Josh (00:16:08) - Dr. Wallach, your website. Dr. We've certainly shared a couple of places that people can start and kind of begin or kind of get to that next stage with you.

Josh (00:16:20) - Any other things that you'd recommend that they take a peek at? Maybe they've maybe they're already researching you and they came across this podcast and now they've heard our conversation and they're like, All right, Dr. Rewire, let's do it.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:16:32) - I would sit and say, you know, check out the socials, of course, but then get a copy of Wired for Wealth. I think you'll really appreciate the the stance that I take in Wired for Wealth inside of it. And I believe the audiobook should be out by the time we actually get this together. So it should be out as well, so you can actually listen to it as well. So you'll be able to get copies of that. I think those are two great places to start and if you you can just go to Wired for a wealth book and some free resources and things like that. You can get there as well.

Josh (00:16:55) - Wonderful. All right. Dr. Alok Trivedi, again, AKA Dr. Rewire. That's your website. Dr. Dr. Alok, it's been great having you.

Josh (00:17:07) - Thank you so much for joining us.

Dr. Alok Trivedi (00:17:09) - Josh Thank you for having me. I appreciate you.

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