1680 – Become Better at Influencing by Understanding Your Reach with Jennifer Myers

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Certified Business & Leadership Coach of Gener8 Leadership Solutions & 90-Day Divas Ltd., Jennifer Myers.

Jennifer Myers, a certified leadership and business coach, aims to impact at least 1 million business professionals positively. She helps leaders and teams elevate their performance and shares an inspiring story of how attending one of her events transformed a woman's life. This experience motivated Jennifer to focus on helping leaders make an impact in their businesses.

Jennifer also discussed the significance of authenticity and vulnerability in leadership. Being too polished can create a disconnect while sharing vulnerability can build connections and trust. She noted that women leaders often excel at connecting with their teams but emphasized the importance of finding a balance.

She suggests connecting on LinkedIn to learn more about her personality and approach to working with Jennifer. She starts by understanding clients' goals and challenges through a conversation. Jennifer then tailors a coaching curriculum using her resources and tools to support their growth. Regular accountability and action are essential in her coaching process.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Jennifer Myers' work as a certified leadership and business coach
  • Jennifer's mission to have a positive impact on 1 million business professionals
  • The importance of influence in leadership and communication
  • The impact of leaders' behavior and decisions on others
  • The challenge of hiding intentions and persona in today's world
  • The importance of authenticity and vulnerability in leadership
  • The balance between openness and professionalism for women leaders
  • How to work with Jennifer individually or for teams
  • Jennifer's coaching process and use of resources and tools

About Jennifer Myers:

Jennifer Myers is an accomplished American expatriate now residing in New Zealand. She boasts a rich portfolio as a Certified Business and Leadership Coach, international best-selling author, speaker, and trainer. Jennifer's expertise lies in strategy, leadership, communication, and sales.

Her journey to New Zealand began in 2009 when she and her husband realized their lives were being overtaken by their commitments. They decided to take control and, within 10 months, sold or gave away their possessions, condensing their life into three suitcases and three boxes. They then embarked on a transformative journey with three one-way plane tickets to New Zealand, a place they had never visited.

Jennifer now owns Gener8 Leadership Solutions and has over a decade of experience as a Certified Business and Leadership Coach and Trainer. She specializes in developing leaders and enhancing team communication using the DISC behavioral styles model.

As an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team for the past three years, Jennifer encourages her clients to step outside their comfort zones, facilitating their growth and business development. Jennifer's story is a testament to her ability to embrace change and inspire transformation.

About 90-Day Divas Ltd.:

90-Day Divas is a transformative initiative on a mission to empower individuals who believe they have untapped potential, aiming to help them thrive in their personal and business lives.

Comprising three accomplished businesswomen, 90-Day Divas draws from over a decade of experience serving clients in New Zealand and internationally. These dynamic women possess unique talents and skill sets, often called their “superpowers.” They specialize in personal growth, business and leadership expertise, and marketing and technical acumen.

What sets 90-Day Divas apart is their collective determination to assist individuals in realizing their inherent power. Whether you're looking to breathe life into a stagnant business or embark on a new entrepreneurial journey, 90-Day Divas is here to guide and support you on the path to success. With their wealth of experience and diverse skillsets, they are dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

About Gener8 Leadership Solutions:

Gener8 Leadership Solutions is a distinguished consultancy specializing in empowering corporate leaders across the globe to enhance their leadership, communication, and sales skills. Their team of certified coaches and consultants excels at crafting bespoke solutions designed to boost leaders' effectiveness, ultimately driving increased profitability for their businesses.

What sets Gener8 Leadership Solutions apart is its affiliation with the worldwide Maxwell Leadership team, which provides them access to exclusive tools and resources. With over two decades of experience, Gener8 Leadership Solutions recognized a common need among business leaders: the desire to become more influential and effective communicators. Many, however, lacked guidance in achieving this goal and selecting the right provider.

Gener8 Leadership Solutions addresses this need by offering unique programs and tools that help clients identify their strengths and challenges in leadership and communication. With a track record of success, they empower leaders to unlock their potential and achieve more significant impact in their organizations.

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Check out Gener8 Leadership Solutions website at

Check out Gener8 Leadership Solutions on LinkedIn at

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Josh (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my influence and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now, Jennifer Myers. Jennifer, you are a certified leadership and business coach, a speaker trainer. Your website is Jennifer Myers, Coach NZ. So you're an American who found themselves all the way in New Zealand and now you are on the Thoughtful Entrepreneur podcast. Jennifer it's great to have you.

Jennifer (00:01:19) - I'm happy to be here Josh.

Josh (00:01:20) - Josh give us an give us an overview of your work, your impact in the world, who you serve and what you do.

Jennifer (00:01:27) - Yeah, so yeah, what I call myself is I am a coach and up leveler of leaders and teams. And my mission in life is to have a positive impact on at least 1 million business professionals. While I'm upright and breathing, I don't know exactly how that's going to look, but I'm on my way, so that's brilliant. And that mission really got kicked off back in. I think it was around 2007 when I was just a couple hours down the road from you, Josh, in southwest Florida. And I was running a business which created events and opportunities for professional women in the community to connect with each other. And after one particular event, a woman came up to me and she said, Jen, I just got to let you know this event has changed my life. This organization has changed my life. And that was a goosebump moment for me. I'm like, Wow, that's amazing that I can facilitate something that has that much impact.

Jennifer (00:02:25) - So that kind of put me on the path I'm on, which, yeah, now I work with leaders to help them increase not only their own ability to make an impact in their business, but also with their teams to help them raise their game in really important areas like leadership communication, which includes sales, right? So really helping to lift the entire organization's performance and achieve business goals.

Josh (00:02:53) - And then I see that one area that you talk about and you use the example of some some notable leaders that we all familiar with. But the commonality among great leaders and communicators you kind of mentioned is this X factor is this ability to influence. I want the X factor. How can we how can we be better at influencing in our lives?

Jennifer (00:03:21) - There's a couple of components to that. And I think the the ability to influence is understanding first, that it starts with you and it starts with you understanding that a whole lot of people are watching you, so many that you don't even know are watching you or watching you.

Jennifer (00:03:41) - They're looking to you for cues about how to behave, how to interact in certain situations, how to treat other people, how to make decisions. And they're, you know, they're sitting on the sidelines sometimes and they're watching what you're doing. And obviously, the team, if you've got a team around you in your business, you're the leader and main influencer of that team. So they buy your energy. And if you're someone who is conscious of that fact, that is the first realization I think that helps people move down the path of, all right, this is just not all about me. This is about who I'm being and what those people around me are picking up.

Josh (00:04:22) - I believe that. And I think today, I think maybe decades and decades ago, I feel like you could probably hide your real intentions and persona a little bit better today. I think it's very, very challenging to to to pull that off. And and I think that most people can feel your intention. And I think that that's both from the fact that we have so many inroads into each other through social and and so forth.

Josh (00:04:49) - But as well, I believe that I think that the population just seems pretty savvy. Like, you know, your audience, my audience, audiences, they know what's going on. They like you can't fool them like. And so, you know, maybe it's like, you know, we're just, you know, we've had to use these skills much more regularly. And so or maybe we're all a little bit more cynical and jaded. And so we're kind of looking for that. Maybe we've been burned before. But again, for my fellow Gen Xers in the crowd, that's kind of part of our mantra anyway.

Jennifer (00:05:23) - Absolutely. I can't totally get that. Yep, I'm right there with you. So I think you're I think you're right in all of those things. I think, you know, social media and the ability to access so much information has changed the landscape of so many industries and changed the landscape of how we interact. And we talked just a moment ago about the fact that, you know, I'm married to a clinical psychologist.

Jennifer (00:05:49) - So, you know, when we go to the doctor now, we go to Dr. Google first and then we then we go to the doctor and say, I think this is what I have. So I encounter the same kind of thing. When I work with coaching clients, You know, they'll self-diagnose or they'll tell me what they think they need. But really, it's a good conversation around, you know, what are the what's manifesting for you and in your business that's causing problems and then we can get to the bottom of that.

Josh (00:06:13) - Yeah. So, Jen, how do you work with your clients? Like, what does that typically look like?

Jennifer (00:06:19) - So on the individual side of things, I've got a client in particular who is a lone wolf, and she's been very successful in the finance industry, but she kind of understood that if she wanted to really scale her business, take some things online, do an online course, those sorts of things, she needed to learn how to collaborate and influence. So we really worked on taking her from kind of the soloist in the orchestra to the conductor, right? How do I how do I step from the soloist chair more on a star, and how do I just kind of set my ego aside for a minute and work on collaborating with other people so that we can create synergy and create something bigger than what I've already got.

Jennifer (00:07:04) - So that's the kind of work I do with individuals, with teams, for instance, I've got a client now who is they have a team of 500, 400 big team, but they're spread geographically and they're working on how to uplevel the team's ability to build relationships and maintain customer relationships over the long term. So it's on connecting, it's on sales, it's on, you know, understanding people's personality and their behavior. So I'm a big disc practitioner. The disc behavioral model flows through a lot of what I do. So we worked with them. I sat down with the leaders to say, Right, where are you people and what do they need and how do we deliver that in the way they're going to hear. So we created a program that was pre-recorded assets that they could watch and put up on their learning management system. We do monthly Ask Me Anything sessions where we hop online like this and have the team log on and ask questions. And then there's written materials as well. And we even did a little podcast style interview.

Jennifer (00:08:08) - So it's just really customizing what someone needs, pulling that together into a package that works for their team.

Josh (00:08:14) - Yeah, I'm on your LinkedIn and I'm seeing other areas where you've done some particularly great work among female business leaders. I'm hoping maybe you can give us some insights about what it's like working with female leaders, what trends you may have seen. Are there any, um, just, I guess, any observations about working specifically with, with women that that that would be valuable for us to be aware of?

Jennifer (00:08:46) - So the thing that I find most often, it's a great question. The thing that I find most often with women and working with female leaders is their hesitancy to step into their superpowers and to step into what's what's really awesome about them. And not that they want to necessarily shout it from the rooftops because, you know, even culturally there are some differences here in New Zealand, but, you know, ensuring that they can embrace all the good stuff that they've done and the things they've accomplished and really try to internalize that so that they feel confident when they step into a meeting or when they, you know, address the team or contribute so they contribute more.

Jennifer (00:09:31) - Does that make sense?

Josh (00:09:32) - Yeah, absolutely. And so are there any trends that you've observed? And by the way, what what you just said, I have talked with and countless, you know, leadership consultants who would echo that same sentiment. Now, I love that that awareness, I hope, is is evoking like awareness. Hopefully that's evoking action, right? Both I'd say compassion for ourselves and for each other, but also awareness. Am I showing up in that way? Right. And so, you know, to consider that when there is an opportunity to own that mantle, which which rightly is rightly deserved.

Jennifer (00:10:20) - Absolutely. And I think, you know, trends that I would see working with females versus males and I do work with males, too. But it is it is different. You know, females are much more tend to be much more concerned about how do I ensure I'm taking care of my people? How do I they've got much more natural connectedness, I think, than my male clients.

Jennifer (00:10:44) - So there's an extra piece of working with males there where, you know, it's the awareness around many males. It's that awareness around how important the connected piece is. Getting a little bit vulnerable. And I've got a story for you around this one, Can I tell you that.

Josh (00:11:02) - Please.

Jennifer (00:11:04) - So I've got a client who's an accountant and was asking me. He said, Jen, we were in a team meeting. We did an all day retreat with his team and we were in the middle of the day. Things were they were kind of going okay, but everybody was just a little bit jaded. And he came up. He said, Jen, I don't feel like I'm connecting with the team. Do you think I should tell a story about when I was in high school? And, you know, people always ask me why, Why do you not like to get up in front of groups and, you know, talk to us and do trainings and things like that. Can I tell a story about when I was in high school and I got really embarrassed in front of my class and I said, Yeah, I think that would actually be a really good thing because it gives them insight into who you are as a human being.

Jennifer (00:11:50) - And he did, and it was received really well. And I think it helped to begin to break down that, you know, I'm the.

Josh (00:11:58) - Boss. Totally, totally. And in fact, I feel like, you know and I know this from kind of PR and media consulting is that, you know, you don't want to be too polished because then it's like, I don't I don't connect with you because I know I'm not that level of polished if I'm being honest about who I really am. And so if you are like, there's going to be a disconnect, I don't feel like I'm getting to know the real you unless you're willing to at least share some vulnerability that we're hey, we're both human here. We're just, you know, kind of we make mistakes. We both hope to learn from those mistakes. Like that's endearing. I feel connection with that person because I know that they are just like me.

Jennifer (00:12:40) - Yeah, it is. And it's real. And I think sometimes women tend to be a bit more open.

Jennifer (00:12:44) - So talk. Going back to the trends, leadership tend to be a bit more open about what they what they talk about with their team and about connecting with the teams. So and I think that's a brilliant thing. But then I think sometimes it can go a little too far. So it's yeah, it's finding that balance for those women leaders. It is. It's not easy.

Josh (00:13:01) - But yeah, I'm sure Jen talk about, you know, like someone that might be listening to our conversation right now and they're wondering, was Jen someone who could help me? Maybe you could talk a little bit more about kind of what that looks like tactically. Um, you know, what that relationship dynamic typically looks like.

Jennifer (00:13:22) - So if someone's looking to explore working with me, either individually or for their team, what I always do is say, go find me on LinkedIn. You know, I do a lot of stuff on LinkedIn. You're going to learn about a lot about me, my personality. There's little videos you can find about me.

Jennifer (00:13:39) - So Google me, stalk to me, right? Not stalk me, but Google me and connect with me. So there's plenty of places. Or people can connect. And you know, we have a chat and we'll talk about really what they want to achieve. Where do they see as their biggest blind spot and how do they feel it's manifesting within the team? Then I'll ask some more questions and find out, you know, is that really what the issue is? And dig down to, you know, where I think we need to do some work. And then working with me is, you know, pretty simple. It's a fortnightly coaching engagement. And we create I'll always create a curriculum, if you will, to kind of work through. And I've got screeds of IP and tools and resources that I use with clients and I can kind of it's like going into a pantry when you want to make a recipe and going, okay, what ingredients do I need to pull off the shelf for this client so that we get the result that we need? So I go to the pantry and I pull out, you know, a little didactic teaching and pull out some resources for them to read.

Jennifer (00:14:41) - I pull out a podcast they can listen to, and you know that regular accountability of putting stuff into action is key.

Josh (00:14:52) - Jennifer, your website is Jennifer Myers co-owns to our friend that's losing our conversation. Click around in your podcast app. We've got a direct link. Open it up right now. Jen, When they go to your website, what would you recommend they do?

Jennifer (00:15:06) - Once they go to my website, I would recommend that they get in touch. Let's have a conversation. There's a down. I've got actually a freebie download that I think Josh are going to share with everyone in the show notes and that is a brilliant resource around the disk. It's based around the disk model, but it helps you to kind of understand that we're all wired a little bit differently when it comes to how we view the world and how we connect. And it's just a really quick resource to help you go, Here's how I might be able to connect a little bit better with that person over there who isn't wired like I am.

Jennifer (00:15:39) - So it's a really cool resource and if you can connect better, you can increase your influence and your ability to lead.

Josh (00:15:45) - I just want to make sure.

Jennifer (00:15:46) - To grab.

Josh (00:15:47) - Yeah, I just wanted to make sure we what do they click on? Where do they go? I mean, we'll have the link in the show notes, but do you know how one gets that?

Jennifer (00:15:56) - That is a separate link that I believe is on my resources page.

Josh (00:16:04) - If it will be by the time this episode is published. Exactly.

Jennifer (00:16:07) - I'll go take a look. It should be up there. If it isn't there, it will be there.

Josh (00:16:11) - Yeah. Resources to support your development. Some great audio programs that you've got listed here, great content here. And that again, that resource will be available again to website. Jennifer Myers Jennifer, it's been great having you again your certified leadership, business coach, speaker, trainer and it's been fabulous having you join us today.

Jennifer (00:16:33) - Thank you so much, Jeff.

Josh (00:16:40) - Thanks for listening to the Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show.

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