1696 – An Attractive Place To Start A Career with Delia Associates’ Ed Delia

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Co-Founder & CEO of Delia Associates, Ed Delia.

Delia Associates works with clients who are part of the supply chain of larger brands, helping them position themselves to win in the market and drive growth. One recurring challenge they face is attracting talent to these B2B companies, which may not always appear attractive to the rising generation.

Ed also discussed the importance of brand building and the need to communicate effectively with existing customers and prospects. Their work with clients typically starts with a conversation about the brand's vision and whether it is living up to its potential. They aim to help companies overcome brand-related obstacles and become more competitive.

Ed emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to prospects. They aim to provide their clients with five incredible prospect opportunities rather than 100 mediocre ones. They believe a quality brand will attract quality prospects by focusing on quality, leading to successful business partnerships.

The conversation then shifted to the balance between what a brand does and who they are. Many companies focus on their brand's functional aspect, highlighting what they do. However, Delia Associates believes in incorporating an emotional component into the brand positioning. They aim to tap into the emotions of their target audience positively and authentically, as even professional buyers are influenced by emotion.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Ed Delia's background and Delia Associates
  • Importance of branding and attracting talent in B2B landscape
  • Challenges of attracting talent to B2B companies
  • Importance of brand building and effective communication
  • Delia Associates' approach to marketing communications
  • Focus on quality over quantity in prospect opportunities
  • Balancing what a brand does and who they are
  • Emotional component in brand positioning

About Ed Delia:

Ed Delia is the President of Delia Associates, a position he assumed in 2000 after joining the company in 1995. He succeeded his father and company founder, Michael Delia.

Under Ed's leadership, Delia Associates has significantly transformed from a traditional advertising and PR agency into a digital-focused hub for B2B brands. This transformation has led to substantial growth, with the company more than tripling.

Its proprietary B2B growth platform, the Brand Leadership Solution®, introduced in 2003, is a cornerstone of the company's success. This methodology has been instrumental in developing, transforming, or revitalizing over 150 brands. Ed heads a team of 15 professionals who provide brand development and digital and traditional marketing services to a global clientele.

Delia Associates has also established itself as a HubSpot B2B Implementation Partner for over a decade and has earned 49 industry awards in the last three years alone. Ed holds a B.A. in English from Dickinson College and is a respected speaker at various business organizations and a guest lecturer at regional colleges and universities.

About Delia Associates:

Delia Associates is a versatile agency offering comprehensive branding and marketing services, including web design and development, social media management, PR, tradeshow support, and strategic search engine marketing and SEO solutions.

Their expertise lies in enhancing the identities of businesses that operate within various B2B sectors, such as Specialty Manufacturing, Industrial, Materials Development, Product Development, and Financial Services.

With a focus on “brands behind the brands,” Delia Associates excels in elevating their clients' visibility and market presence. Whether you're looking to revitalize your brand or seek guidance on marketing strategies, Delia Associates is a dedicated partner ready to assist in achieving your objectives.

Their multifaceted approach and industry-specific knowledge make them a valuable resource for businesses seeking to thrive in competitive B2B markets.

Tweetable Moments:06:28

“Sometimes our work on the brand is making them look not just like an attractive place to place business but an attractive place to start a career.”

14:50 – “We believe that a lot of B2B brands sometimes forget about that emotional component and even professional buyers are influenced by emotion.”

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