1709 – The Most Effective Tools and Practices for Cultivating a Monk Mindset with Madhu.Life’s Madhu Dasa

On this episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Holistic Lifestyle Coach and CEO of Madhu.Life, Madhu Dasa.

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Madhu's journey is as unique as his approach to life; Madhu spent six months living in a monastery in India, where he learned various practices that he now shares with others. His mission is to help people experience success through the monk mindset without having to go to a monastery.

Madhu believes in developing a monk mindset, particularly for high achievers in leadership roles. There are multiple methods of meditation and mindfulness, like breathwork and movement, and engaging the senses. He emphasized that suffering only happens in the mind, and learning to be the boss of your mind can lead to deeper happiness and contentment.

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