1785 – Talking about Natural Intelligence with Rosie Tomkins of N-Stinctive

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & Director of N-Stinctive, Rosie Tomkins.

Rosie is not only the author of the insightful book “Instinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence” but also the founder of Instinctive and the mind behind the new book “Let Nature Be Your Compass.”

Rosie illuminated the concept of natural intelligence and its critical role in decision-making. Unlike the more commonly known forms of intelligence such as IQ (Intellectual Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient), NQ taps into our innate ability to perceive, instinctively understand, and act swiftly from a place of deep knowing. Rosie's work positions NQ as a complementary form of intelligence that enhances our traditional cognitive abilities and emotional understanding.

Rosie passionately spoke about the foundational elements of leadership that are often overlooked. She stressed the importance of self-leadership, which involves having faith in one's judgment and the confidence to make decisions, particularly during challenging times. 

She also touched on the concept of energetic transfer and how leaders can influence their environment through their energy. The conversation highlighted the significance of connection, courage, and ownership in cultivating leadership qualities.

One of the profound insights Rosie shared was the value of internal validation over external approval. She believes that true leadership comes from within and that seeking validation from others can detract from one's ability to lead authentically.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Introduction to Rosie Tomkins and her work in natural intelligence and leadership development
  • Explanation of natural intelligence (NQ) and its role in decision-making
  • Importance of self-leadership, energetic transfer, connection, courage, and ownership in leadership development
  • Differentiation between natural intelligence and emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Application of natural intelligence in real-life situations
  • Consequences of not embracing natural intelligence in leadership
  • Insights from Rosie's new book, “Let Nature Be Your Compass”
  • Tactical and actionable advice for listeners to employ natural intelligence in their lives
  • Emphasis on observing and learning from nature for resilience and challenging human thinking

About Rosie Tomkins:

Rosie Tomkins is an acclaimed Executive and Leadership Coach, author, and advocate for integrating nature's wisdom into business leadership. Her career, spanning over three decades, is marked by her role as CEO of N-Stinctive, where she offers unique leadership development experiences. 

These include Inspirational Team Development Days, Online Business Courses, and Equine Retreats near Bath, providing a nature-immersed environment for holistic leadership growth.

Renowned for her transformative approach, Rosie specializes in leading through complexity, promoting self-belief, and fostering a competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape. Her expertise covers transformation, innovation, and leadership expansion, catering to a diverse client base, including elite sports teams, pharmaceutical companies, and creative agencies. Notable clients include the NHS, Pfizer, and the Olympic Hockey Team.

Her coaching philosophy is grounded in NLP, somatic, and ontological coaching, focusing on harnessing individual inner power to enhance leadership effectiveness. Rosie's latest book, “Let Nature Be Your Compass,” released on October 31st, offers insights into human-nature connectivity and its impact on personal and business development. 

This follows her earlier work, “N-stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence,” which explores natural intelligence in leadership. Both books offer practical, applicable strategies for readers.

Rosie Tomkins stands out as a transformative leader, blending natural wisdom with modern leadership techniques and guiding individuals towards professional and personal growth. 

About N-Stinctive:

N-Stinctive is an innovative leadership development organization known for its unorthodox yet highly effective methods. The core of its approach is to uncover and harness hidden strengths within individuals and teams, transforming them into impactful assets for businesses. 

N-Stinctive specializes in rapidly enhancing team engagement, purpose, and impact, making it particularly valuable for organizations seeking quick and meaningful improvements in team dynamics.

Utilizing expert facilitators, N-Stinctive employs stimulating and unforgettable challenges. These are designed to reveal and leverage untapped resources within teams. Such an approach identifies strengths and prepares teams to face upcoming challenges with renewed vigor and capability. 

The immediate applicability of the methods used by N-Stinctive allows leaders to be deployed more effectively post-training, leading to a surge in creativity, innovation, and productivity.

The diversity of the teams is a crucial aspect of N-Stinctive's methodology. By fostering a motivated and varied group of individuals, the organization ensures a wide range of perspectives and skills are brought to the forefront, further enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training.

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