1786 – The Six-Step System to Success with Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks with the Founder & Director of LDC Strategies, Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia.

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Lori Anne is a success coach who propels high achievers toward realising their personal and professional goals. She has a unique ability to help individuals on the cusp of action but find themselves stuck and unable to leap.

Lori Anne explained that 92% of people fail to take decisive action towards their dreams. They may take a few steps but often get bogged down by justifiable excuses or mental blocks. As a take-action coach, Lori Anne's mission is to eliminate these excuses and strategize a clear path for her clients to soar to success.

Lori Anne uses the analogy of a super ball to describe high achievers. Like the ball, they have the energy and potential to bounce in all directions, but they need to be thrown in a straight line towards their goal. She helps her clients harness their energy, focus on their zone of genius, and strategically shelve distractions until the right time.

Lori Anne has developed a six-step system to help clients launch or expand their businesses, maximize revenue streams, and systemize their operations. This approach allows for more downtime, crucial for creativity and overall well-being.

Lori Anne's book, “Women Who Dream,” is a collaborative effort with 30 authors sharing their insights. It's a must-read for anyone uncomfortable and looking for a new perspective. The book encourages readers to focus on their wants, dream big, and set actionable goals.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Creating consistent and predictable sales activity without spam or ads
  • Working with high achievers to accelerate their potential and achieve personal and professional goals
  • Identifying and overcoming mental blocks and excuses to achieve success
  • Implementing standard operating procedures and systems to maximize business revenue
  • Finding and staying in the zone of genius to increase productivity and satisfaction
  • A six-step system to launch, maximize, and systemize a business
  • The book “Women Who Dream” and its focus on making choices and setting big dreams and goals
  • Dreaming big and setting goals for the future
  • Taking action and becoming part of the 8% of action takers

About Lori Anne De Iulio Casdia:

Lori Anne is a multifaceted professional dedicated to empowering business owners and executives. As a Certified Professional Transformational Success Coach & Strategist, she specializes in building strategies and structures, offering support and accountability to turn ambitious dreams into realities. 

Her accolades include being a #1 International Best Selling Author and a Personal Development Success Coach. Lori Anne hosts the radio show ‘Healthy Lifestyle with Lori Anne,' and is recognized for her impactful speaking engagements.

She is renowned for identifying ‘Super Ball Syndrome' and creating the ‘TAKE ACTION WITH JET PROPULSION' program, inspiring people to act and monetize their messages. Lori Anne excels in activating behavioral changes, guiding individuals from confusion to clarity, disrupting limiting beliefs, boosting confidence, and honing communication skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Featured on Jack Canfield's TV show and various media platforms, she has shared stages with notable figures like William Paul Young & Dr. Debi Silber. Lori Anne has authored two books, including the #1 International Best Seller “Women Who Dream”.

Her passion is intuitively coaching clients to breakthroughs and realizing their visions through diverse platforms like retreats, programs, and live events.

About LDC Strategies:

LDC Strategies is a dynamic consulting firm led by Lori Anne, specializing in various services, including Success Coaching, Strategy, Marketing Positioning, Business Consulting, and Personal Development. They are committed to guiding individuals and businesses from their current state to their desired goals. Their highly personalized approach focuses on understanding clients' passions and tailoring strategies to align with their objectives. 

LDC Strategies offers diverse programs, such as the Soar to Success™ series, which encompasses setting clear intentions, overcoming internal resistance, and engaging ideal clients. They also emphasize the importance of increasing visibility and leveraging effective systems for sustainable results. 

Their website features PR ducts and events, including ment”ring packages and business courses designed for long-term personal and professional growth. LDC Strategies' philosophy centers on transforming lives and businesses by embracing new possibilities and facilitating profound Strategies'.

Tweetable Moments:

02:12 – “High achievers have the fire in the belly; they'll show up for themselves and they want to succeed, but they're in a place of not knowing where to go.”

08:12- “It's none of our business what anybody else thinks, and when you start thinking like that, you really start focusing on what you want.”

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Josh (00:00:04) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Would you like consistent and predictable sales activity with no spam and no ads? I'll teach you step by step how to do this, particularly if you're an agency owner, consultant, coach, or B2B service provider. What I teach has worked for me for more than 15 years and has helped me create more than $10 million in revenue. Just head to up my and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. You can even chat with me live and I'll see and reply to your messages. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for guests. Go to up my and click on podcast. We'd love to have you. With us right now. Coach Lori Ann Duilio, Cascadia coach Lori Ann, you're a best selling author. You're the founder of LDC strategies, your success coach, thank you so much, Coach Lori Ann, for joining us.

Lori Anne (00:01:12) - Thank you for having me. Josh, appreciate being here.

Josh (00:01:15) - Your book is titled Women Who Dream.

Josh (00:01:17) - And so I suspect we're going to talk a little bit about that, but sounds like we're going to talk a little bit about mindset, that sort of thing. But give us a quick overview of your impact in the world and who you serve and what you do.

Lori Anne (00:01:27) - Yeah. So I serve high achievers, accelerating their potential and achievement of their personal and professional goals. That's fancy talk to basically say that I work with people who want to take action, who haven't taken action yet, 92% statistically of the population take no action. They think about it. They want to do it. They take a couple of steps, but they really don't take action and jump in. And that's why I'm a take action coach. I help you jump in and just soar and get through the muck so that you get there faster and better.

Josh (00:02:00) - So who is that then? So sorry. I just wanna make sure I understand. So you said you work with high achievers who are not achieving. I'm sorry.

Lori Anne (00:02:08) - They're high achievers, but what happens is they're latent achievers.

Lori Anne (00:02:12) - Yes, a little bit, but they get stuck. So there are people who show up for themselves. I look for three qualities. When I coach people. One is to show up for themselves, the next is the desire to succeed. And the most important thing. And I can't teach any of these three. Nobody can. The other thing is to have the fire in the belly. High achievers have the fire in the belly. They'll show up for themselves and they want to succeed, but they're in a place of they don't know where to go. So what happens is justifiable excuses come up where you're like, well, I have to do this first, and they'll make all kinds of excuses. And some of them have blocks. So I help them through the mental blocks and we take away the excuses. We take excuses off the table. And we really set a strategy to allow them to soar to success.

Josh (00:02:53) - So is it more they're lacking focus or they're lacking motivation?

Lori Anne (00:02:59) - So what it.

Josh (00:02:59) - Is, is fear is paralyzing them.

Lori Anne (00:03:01) - It's a combination of all three. So remember these little balls. They're super balls and they bounce. And when they bounce they they go all over the place and they look like a hot mess. Well, that doesn't mean it's not an achievable ball. It's just looking like it's a hot mess. We're similar to that. But if I take that same ball and we're in the same room, Josh and I throw it directly at you, it will get to you. Correct?

Josh (00:03:23) - Eventually. Yes.

Lori Anne (00:03:24) - Yes, exactly. So what it means is we have to harness that energy and get it into that straight line, as opposed to us bouncing all over the place. So high achievers have lots and lots of ideas. They want to do a bunch of different things. Easily distracted. Shiny Object Syndrome is definitely a quality of the people who I work with, because they just are very creative and they have a lot of vision. Those are my people because those are the people who want to take action, but they get easily distracted.

Lori Anne (00:03:51) - So I keep them in their their zone of genius from beginning to end and let those distractions come in. We kind of shelve them. We backburner them until it's time for us to implement them in the strategy so they get to do everything that they want to do. I used to be that person with all these open and incompletes, and now I'm very, very focused and I stay there because I learned how to harness that energy and stay focused without muting my creativity and my vision, because that's something you take that away, I take my ball, I go home, I'm like, no, I'm not playing. And so to stop that, I needed to learn how to do that. Now I teach other people how to do that.

Josh (00:04:29) - Yeah. And what would be maybe another example or two, how this might be showing up with maybe thinking about a client that you've worked with in the past and what their block was and what they came to realize.

Lori Anne (00:04:41) - Yeah. So I have this client, I adore her, she's fabulous.

Lori Anne (00:04:44) - She came to me a little over a year ago, was in business for about seven years. That the year she came to me, she was making about $57,000 a year in her business, doing a great job working out of her home. And she came to me and she was almost in tears. She goes, I can't do this anymore. I spend all my time packing up the boxes. I'm not doing what I do. And she's an artist and she creates the stuff that goes in the boxes, right? So we put standard operating procedures in. We found her inventory. We worked with that. We put SOP standard operating procedures in place. Now this year she'll make about $300,000 in sales. She's about 250 right now with another month to go. And she has three people working for her. She has procedures in place. She has an inventory system. So it's taking someone from a start and really putting implementing these things that are not in their zone of genius. That's the important element here is keeping people in that zone of genius, because when we're not there, we get confused.

Lori Anne (00:05:47) - And how do you know when you're in your zone of genius, Josh?

Josh (00:05:50) - I feel like I'm in the flow.

Lori Anne (00:05:52) - Yes, exactly. You're in the flow. And you actually say things like, wow, where did the time go? Oh my gosh, look at what time it is. You look up and can't believe that it went away. But you're in your happy place, so it's a place that makes you happy. It's a place where you know what you need to do and you're learning as you go. Because we're always learning, right? But you, you have in business all these other things that you have to do, right? You have to get them done. I like to call them ghettos, but they're not your zone of genius. So then we outsource that. So the people who were packaging those are her three people. They package it up so she no longer has to be there. And we can keep her in that artistic element and progressing her business forward. So that's a big jump in a year to be able to multiply her business that.

Lori Anne (00:06:37) - Hi.

Josh (00:06:38) - Yeah. So Lori, and talk about the ways that you work with your clients. Like what does that look like.

Lori Anne (00:06:45) - So I have a very simple six system step or six step system. And it's guaranteed to help you launch a business, maximize or expand your revenue streams, and strategically systemize your business so you can spend more time with your family and friends and and have more downtime. So here's the yummy part. We are much more creative and much more functional when we have downtime. I used to be a workaholic to the point where my friends were like, you're going to have to have that cell phone surgically removed from your hands. And I didn't recognize that. That's what I was doing. I had no downtime. I was constantly working, constantly thinking. That also led to constantly being stressed out, feeling the lack of satisfaction. Now that I've really minimized the amount of hours that I will work, what happens is I have my happy place, so I know that I get the reward of my happy place, even though when I'm working, I'm in my joyous place too, because I love what I do.

Lori Anne (00:07:41) - So it's a nice combination. And we work on your mindset. We work on where your zone of geniuses, we identify it, we work on how we're going to set that strategy up to get you from where you are to where you want to be. And we do that very systematically. And like I said, it's six steps.

Josh (00:08:01) - Yeah. Your book, Women Who Dream. Tell me about that. Who should be reading that? And what would you anticipate that transformation that would take place for the reader?

Speaker 3 (00:08:11) - Yeah.

Lori Anne (00:08:12) - Anybody who's looking for a different way to look that they feel uncomfortable within themselves. They're not they're not looking inward. There are 30 of us who wrote in that book. One of my chapters, called Two Choices and Two Choices, is basically, if we take all the emotion out, there's only really two choices to everything. It's a yes, it's a no, it's a go, it's a stop, it's a stuck or unstuck. All the other stuff is emotional compounding. And we're really thinking about other people, how other people react.

Lori Anne (00:08:41) - And quite frankly, it's none of our business what anybody else thinks. And when you start thinking like that, you really start focusing on what you want. When was the last time Josh somebody asked you, what do you want? That's what we're asking ourselves, what do you want? And especially this time of year, this is a great time to think about what do you want? Dream big. I always have my dream big master class in November. So we start dreaming big. We're looking at the what, not the how, not how it's going to be done. But what do we want to do in 2024? What do we want to do in our next year? Right. And then in January, I always have my vision and goal setting master class. It's always the first Friday of every January, and we sit down and we dive in and really set those goals from those big dreams. But we got to start from a dream. It's like going on vacation and not knowing where we're going.

Lori Anne (00:09:29) - Well, then how do we know how we're going to get there? We don't know where we're going. So are we taking a plane, a car, a boat, a train? We don't know that unless we know where our destination is. So we start at the big picture, the destination, and then we back up and we put strategy and a plan together so that we can, step by step, make it like digestible steps so that you actually execute and you become part of the 8% of action takers.

Josh (00:09:54) - Yeah. All right. So Lauren, let's give some to dos to our friend that's been listening. And maybe it's an exercise that you could have someone do some homework however you want to call it. But let's make sure we've got some action items from this podcast episode.

Lori Anne (00:10:08) - I love this. So action items number one, especially this time of year, I want you to sit down and write down all the things that you've accomplished in 2023. So I want you to turn around and look back at 2023.

Lori Anne (00:10:21) - We need to celebrate our successes, small and large. They don't have to all be, you know, big, huge accomplishments. The small ones, all these many steps get us to the big ones. Right. So we want to look back at 2023 and look at what we did, look at our successes. We also want to look back and say, hey, what didn't we do well and how could we change that? And does it still serve us? Because a lot of times when we're navigating, things don't service anymore and we have to be ready to release that then I want. To to turn the other direction and look into 2024. And I call this the big dream. And if anybody wants a PDF, I actually have a PDF of this. I'd be more than happy to share with your listeners, but we're going to look at 2024 and look at now that we know what we learned in 2023, what are we going to change for 2024? What do we want in 2024? And take that look? And number one question I love asking.

Lori Anne (00:11:14) - This is what's your word for the year? My word for the year for 2023 was expansion. My word for 2024 is evolve. So I did my expansion this year, and now next year I'm going to work on evolving that expansion that I created. So some of my clients words are things like simplify. They overcomplicate things. So we're going to simplify things. So I want you to look at your word of the year to you. Do that homework. You're going to be prepared to start working on your goals and setting them in January.

Josh (00:11:45) - Come up with a word of the year. By the way, sometimes people might look at that and go, I don't know. Okay, here's a simple way, and maybe I'm sure you have a much more effective way, here's how I've done that or things like that. So the way we did it, I remember last time when we needed to come up with our values, like our core values, like what were our five core values. So you put everything on sticky notes, put it all up on a board, and hopefully you've come up with like, you know, if we're just coming up with one word, maybe we're talking, what, ten, 15 different words, put them all up and then process of elimination.

Josh (00:12:18) - And then I find that it's a lot easier when I can a be like, okay, like if it's this word versus this word and then eventually going to come up with like a, you know, you want to come up with a S tier ranking, right? And then you're going to come up with, okay. But it's process elimination is how you get there. So one thing though is to put it all out like every just word map and just throw everything out on there and then it will start to become clear. Is that kind of your process?

Lori Anne (00:12:44) - Absolutely. And if anybody again, if anybody wants to reach out to me, I'll walk you through the process or if you want the PDF, I'll be more than happy to drop that to you. But and I'll give it to you so you can add it to this episode so that they could just download it. But here's the thing. When you do that, don't eliminate anything in the beginning because you're going to see a pattern with the words.

Lori Anne (00:13:04) - And a lot of the words are duplicative. So if somebody says, I want to work, I want honest and I want trustworthy, well, isn't that kind of the same thing? So you collapse them into each other and you'll see that it collapses into a word that's very obvious. And you're like, oh, that's it. And when you have that aha moment, you'll know when it hits you and resonates right in your chest. You'll know that that's the right word. So I love the sticky note process. You could do it on a computer. You could do it on on index cards. However it works for you. I like to write with mirror markers that you could get at the dollar store, and I write it all over. I have this big mirror. I write all the words all over it, and then I slowly but surely shake it down into one word for the year. But what it does is it gives you a litmus test to know during the year, am I staying on track? It keeps you on track with your goals, it keeps you on track with your successes, and you're going to see you're going to take leaps and bounds based on the fact that you're very focused.

Josh (00:14:00) - Yeah. All right. Coach Lori Ann, your website is l d c When somebody goes there, was there some resources that you had to share that folks could get immediately from your website? Yeah.

Lori Anne (00:14:14) - They can go there get that. If they they can get a couple of different resources, they could get the Dream big workbook. They can also get three quick steps to cleaning up your opens incompletes and messes. I love that one. That's a really good way to start a new year. Is this clean up all this little stuff that's hanging out, all those little bits and bobs that you just have to figure out what it is. So that takes you through that. And there's a bunch of other things that they can get off the website. They can also go to Coach Comm and they can get some of the information off of that as well.

Josh (00:14:45) - Yeah. All right. Coach Lori Anne, it's been a pleasure. Again, your website, LDC strategies dot com. And then your book is your book available on Amazon.

Josh (00:14:56) - Or how do people get your book.

Lori Anne (00:14:57) - Yeah book is available on Amazon. Ingram. It's also available from my website. So if you go to the website click on Women Who Dream. You could get it through that. That's an autographed copy if that's of any interest. Uh, we autograph those.

Josh (00:15:11) - Yeah. Terrific. All right, coach Lori Anne, thank you so much for joining us.

Lori Anne (00:15:15) - Thank you. Josh, appreciate being here.

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