1824 – The Potential of AI and LinkedIn in Business with Catherine Roy

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the CEO & Founder of LHM International, Catherine B. Roy.

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Catherine's story is one of transformation and tenacity. With a background as a programmer, she made a significant leap into the world of business coaching, armed with a certification from the prestigious Goldman Sachs program for business development. Her journey is a testament to the power of embracing change and the opportunities that come with it.

Catherine underscored the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and LinkedIn as pivotal tools for entrepreneurs. She shared how these platforms are not just about technology but about establishing a strong personal brand and driving meaningful engagement.

Catherine's approach to using AI is particularly fascinating, as she trains tools like chatGPT to create content that resonates with her audience, saving time and enhancing efficiency in business operations.

One of the key takeaways was the significance of authenticity and human connection in the content we share on LinkedIn. Catherine highlighted the effectiveness of short-form vertical videos and storytelling in creating a bond with the audience. It's about more than just selling a product or service; it's about building trust and establishing personal connections with potential clients and partners.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • Introduction of Catherine B. Roy, a business coach and entrepreneur
  • Catherine's background as a former programmer and transition to business coaching
  • Emphasis on using artificial intelligence and LinkedIn for business growth
  • Importance of authenticity and human connection in content on LinkedIn
  • Leveraging short-form vertical videos and storytelling for audience engagement
  • Approach to analyzing business systems and implementing solutions using technologies and funnels
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence tools for content creation and business development
  • Catherine's success on LinkedIn and her podcast, “The Catherine B. Roy Show

About Catherine B. Roy:

Catherine B Roy is a distinguished Business and Personal Growth Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Bestselling Author. She is celebrated for her global client base and associations with prestigious organizations like Forbes, BMW, and IBM.

A member of MENSA with an IQ over 156, she stands out for her intellect and resilience, having overcome significant personal challenges. Catherine's accomplishments include being a Forbes Coaches Council member, certification from the Goldman Sachs 10K Women Program, and recognition as a Top 30 Under 30 and 100 B2B Thought Leader.

With a Master's in economics and 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and IT, she's also a linguistics researcher and certified in NLP, positive psychology, and EQ. Catherine's book, “Live from Your Heart and Mind,” quickly became a bestseller, demonstrating her influence and the impact of her LHM system.

Her journey from surviving bombings and health challenges to becoming a mother, despite a diagnosis of infertility, underscores her message that anything is possible.

About LHM International:

LHM International empowers individuals and businesses to achieve their fullest potential through various services. With a singular mission to help clients pursue their passions and thrive in their dream businesses, LHM International offers expert business coaching tailored to individual needs.

The organization also specializes in public speaking, providing insights on cutting-edge topics such as artificial intelligence, leveraging LinkedIn for business growth, entrepreneurship, business modeling, and strategies for high achievement.

LHM International's transformation coaching leverages the proprietary LHM System, designed to enhance life quality by harmonizing intellectual and emotional states. This holistic approach ensures that clients succeed in their professional endeavors and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.

Tweetable Moments:

06:28 – “People like to work with people they like and trust. If they see us as human, not just as a CEO, they tend to connect with us easily, especially emotionally.”

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Catherine (00:02:28) - Thank you so much for having me. It's my pleasure.

Josh (00:02:30) - Yeah. Well give us a quick overview of the work that you do.

Catherine (00:02:34) - Well Josh I was a programmer for 15 years until I realized that I can implement that and become something which I always desire.

Catherine (00:02:42) - Then that's a business coach. So I'm certified by Goldman Sachs Program for Business Development. And now I'm helping coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online using the top notch technologies. These days.

Josh (00:02:55) - Top notch technologies. Tell me more.

Catherine (00:02:58) - Of course, it's artificial intelligence. And, you know, LinkedIn actually, which is not so new, but it changed my life and it helped me to triple my business twice. So, uh, combination of these two, it's a kind of a golden mine.

Josh (00:03:13) - Yeah. Um, well, well. So tell me, let's talk about LinkedIn then. Um, why is LinkedIn a great platform for coaches?

Catherine (00:03:22) - Well, as I like to say, LinkedIn is the largest B2B search engine even more powerful than Google because there is so much information over there. And when Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2017, they actually, you know, switched it from being a CV to being our shop window or our landing page. I had the chance to be behind the scenes with LinkedIn editorial team from UK and LinkedIn editorial team from USA.

Catherine (00:03:50) - So the way I see things, it's the enormous potential because establishing connections on LinkedIn is easier than anywhere else, and we can go so deep into targeting using the search engine that can help us actually to establish our personal brand on high level. And this is how I using a few tricks. And I will share that if you wish, made up on Google from 50 to 120 million search results thanks to LinkedIn.

Josh (00:04:21) - Well, I can tell you one thing right now that you do on LinkedIn that I don't see, it's I look at a lot of LinkedIn profiles, and it is so rare when I see someone who has been so committed to short form vertical video on LinkedIn. Tell me more about this.

Catherine (00:04:43) - Yeah, well, when we were behind the scenes with LinkedIn editorial team, they said, we want to see more of you. We want to see human to human connection. We don't want to see just the professional touch. So I was traveling with my family. We were in Greece on holiday on the Lefkada island, and I recorded videos with my son giving a few tips around, you know, business growth or mindset.

Catherine (00:05:07) - But it's kind of refreshing and it looks like people really, really like that. But the main deal is actually using hashtags on LinkedIn correctly, because if we have personal brand hashtag, for example, like in my case, it's catching B-roll and we use that hashtag in two more. LinkedIn will add that hashtags in the URL of the post, and that's actually a backlink. So every time someone engages with our post, it's going to ping Google because it's a public profile and the rating on Google is going to go higher. So it doesn't matter much what type of content we are creating, but how intentional we are actually using the algorithm to grow over there.

Josh (00:05:51) - Yeah. So tell me more about what you mean by, you know, on LinkedIn, just, um, sharing more. It's again, kind of a humanness. And I can understand why LinkedIn would want that because I think that that's general. It's lacking a lot. There's a lot of I'd say just very dry information knowledge, which is great, you know.

Josh (00:06:17) - But I think there's a real opportunity to stand out from the noise by just simply connecting with folks human to human. In your content on LinkedIn.

Catherine (00:06:28) - Well, people like to work with people they like and trust, and simple as that. If they see us as a human, not as a CEO or whatever we do, they tend to connect with us easily, especially emotionally, if we use storytelling, for example. So if I'm showing them that I'm traveling with my family and this is my son, I'm really living what I'm talking about, and I'm really walking my talk. So I want to be as authentic as I can. And actually Instagram introduced this and LinkedIn said just, okay, this is kind of cool. We're not going to, you know, switch to reels, but we would like to see more of you as, as a human beings. And this is why I, I'm now testing the waters with this kind of new approach.

Josh (00:07:13) - Um, well, I can just tell you that your engagements pretty good here.

Josh (00:07:18) - Um, like, you just posted a video and you got a way more engagement than the typical profile that I look at. So that's saying something.

Speaker 3 (00:07:29) - Yeah, well.

Catherine (00:07:29) - You know, people, it doesn't have to be just a dry and smart content on LinkedIn. People like to, you know, you don't have to know anything about the topic I'm talking about. You see the video and you see the see and you will have something to say about that. So yeah, yeah, it drives engagement much more than something professional.

Josh (00:07:49) - Yeah. So for example, like I'm looking at a video right now. And by the way, to our friend that's listening to us, um, you can search up or you can go to Kathryn's website and click on to her LinkedIn profile. And you can see exactly what Kathryn does, which is, you know, again, you're you have a photo which looks like your child or a child, uh, in the video, beautiful scenery. You're kind of saying, hey, here I am, da da da da.

Josh (00:08:14) - And then you kind of get into just like a little business tip and then you've edited it and inter splice some video, like there's just. A little bit of thought here, but again, the payoff is, you know, you've got close to a couple of hundred engagements. Either engagements are common, your comments are off the hook. Um, which again, very rare for LinkedIn.

Catherine (00:08:34) - And not just that, uh, like companies like Forbes and Microsoft and indeed, um, they all reached out to me through LinkedIn. So I did several trainings in Microsoft Leadership Enablement community. They saw me on LinkedIn. Now they invited me to indeed, because I did that in Microsoft. So once you kind of connect with one of the sharks, like I did at the beginning with Goldman Sachs, the other sharks follow. But they need to see you. And what's the best way for them to see you then? You know, being just a human being because you already showcased your credibility, already showcased everything they know.

Catherine (00:09:10) - They can see the credibility, they can see the media which are standing behind you. So now they want to see a piece of you. And that's that's the whole deal.

Josh (00:09:21) - Yeah. Um, okay. Well, how do you work with individuals? Tell me more about, like, when you're engaging what that looks like.

Catherine (00:09:27) - Well, actually, I'm working with coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs and businesses, uh, depending on which state of the business they are. And after analyzing the system and everything that they have in place, then we find the best solution using technologies, funnels, whatever the tools are, Clickfunnels and all the system behind to elevate their growth, uh, creating passive income streams mostly, uh, because I believe that the most important thing is actually to have a system in place. As I was a programmer, I was working 15 years out of, you know, the processes of the huge international companies. So the best way someone can really invest in their business and grow if, if they have a system in place.

Catherine (00:10:11) - So I would say it's all about the systems. Uh, after we actually do the analysis and the business model, then we set the system in place and they are ready to actually start, uh, generating passive revenue stream, which allows them to live free, because my mission is to help people to do what they love, empowered in their own freedom. And in order for us to live free, we need to have our time, uh, you know, free for that.

Josh (00:10:38) - Yeah. Yeah. I hate getting back. I hope you don't mind me kind of reversing back just a little bit. Um, to ask you a question, um, are there any tools that you use regularly? Um, in and around content that you like? I see, like video, for example, uh, which is vdo. Um, are there any other tools that you're using regularly.

Speaker 3 (00:11:00) - That I.

Catherine (00:11:01) - Will be honest, a lot of companies reach out to me because I had a huge campaign last year about artificial intelligence.

Catherine (00:11:08) - So they kind of give me their tools to test it around and to do a lot of things. So video is one of them. Uh, yeah. There are a lot of a lot of tools. Usually it's artificial intelligence. And there is one called video editor tool. It's Microsoft Clip Champ. This is how it's called. It's kind of very, very cool tool because not just that you can edit the video, but you can just add the content and Microsoft will like recreate the whole, the whole content for you. Um, also videos, that's another one which can help you to create interest and outros and things like that. But, uh, you know, nowadays it's like changing every single second. And practically every AI tool is now better than any tool was a year ago. So not only these tools, but, you know, I, I was behind the scenes of, um, actually training artificial intelligence in my native Serbian language. And, uh, so I kind of know how these things work behind the scenes.

Catherine (00:12:11) - And I think the most important tool is actually knowing how to train ChatGPT to sound like us. And once the GPT is practically cloned me and this is what I did, then I get content on the regular basis and it doesn't even have to be me. It's just it's just producing the content for me.

Josh (00:12:30) - Um, yeah. And so is that part of what you teach as part of your program?

Speaker 3 (00:12:35) - Yes.

Catherine (00:12:36) - That is not because because it's now now it's not separable thing of, you know, building a business online. It actually helps us. Uh, I will be honest for one workshop and the whole, um, promotion campaign, which is eight weeks, I needed two months to prepare that with my team. With AI, we needed two and a half weeks, so it's definitely time saver.

Josh (00:12:58) - Yeah, I totally agreed on the listen. AI tools ChatGPT can be one of the most amazing tools you can use today, but if you're not training it right, making sure it's got the right voice and everything, that pre prompting and you know, kind of the setup and the refinement.

Josh (00:13:17) - You know, if you're just counting on the default output of GPT, it's just generic garbage and it'll read like generic garbage. But you're right. Huge opportunity. Well uh, Katherine, uh, your website and oh, I wanted to point this out as well, again, as a podcaster, um, to our friend that's listening to our show right now. You could do a quick search in the podcast app. Katherine, your podcast is called The Katherine B Roy Show. So you just do a search for that and you should find it over 100 episodes as of when we're recording this. So congratulations. You've had a lot of great guests. Um, who should listen to your show and what will they gain, um, from listening?

Catherine (00:13:58) - Well, the show is focused on business and personal growth. So again, my target audience coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, small business owners, uh, CEOs, practically, I am bringing in experts in high achievers in different fields. So we discussed very, very different topics from sales, artificial intelligence all the way.

Catherine (00:14:19) - How some. One can write a song, which became Michael Jackson's music hit. So, you know, there are a lot, a lot of topics which actually are there to help us to, to make this world a better place and to connect with very, very good people who can really make this change.

Josh (00:14:37) - Yeah. All right Katherine your website Katherine Broadcom when somebody goes there and they've listened to our conversation and they they want a little bit more Catherine in their life. Uh what would you recommend that they click on. What should they do.

Catherine (00:14:51) - Well I would recommend for them to click on my media page because this is what I'm the most proud of. And what happens actually, after I kind of allowed myself to go out there and to be truly myself after the first attacks, I did. So, uh, they will see that everything is possible. I was born in former Yugoslavia, I survived war. I had no idea what I'm going to do with my life. And today I'm really doing what I love, and there is something that they will see that everything is definitely possible if they want to get the best resources from me, I would say go for LinkedIn decoded e-book, which is on my website and uh, which will actually be the entry point to all other resources that I have created over the years.

Josh (00:15:36) - Yeah. Excellent. All right. Katherine B Roy, your website, Katherine B Roy. Com Katherine, thank you so much for the conversation and joining us.

Speaker 3 (00:15:45) - Thank you so.

Catherine (00:15:45) - Much for having me. It was my pleasure.

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