1829 Strategies for Success in Business and Life with Zack Tlili

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Finance Director of McCombs Ford West, Zack Tlili.

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Zack Tlili began by dissecting the concept of motivation. He emphasized that motivation isn't just a fleeting feeling but a driving force that propels us toward our goals. It's the spark that ignites action and the fuel that keeps the engine of our ambitions running.

Zach shared that aligning our actions with our core values and purpose is the key to sustaining motivation. When we understand the ‘why' behind our endeavors, we can tap into a wellspring of enduring motivation.

Transitioning to mindset, Zach illuminated the importance of nurturing a mental framework that supports success. He explained that our mindset shapes our perception of the world and our experiences. Zach provided actionable advice on reframing negative thoughts and focusing on growth, learning, and the pursuit of excellence.

No journey to success is without its hurdles, and Zack Tlili is no stranger to this truth. He shared personal anecdotes and professional experiences that highlighted the inevitability of obstacles. Zach discussed strategies for facing obstacles head-on, leveraging them as opportunities for growth, and maintaining confidence in one's ability to overcome them.

Key Points from the Episode:

  • The Essence of Motivation
  • Cultivating a Success-Oriented Mindset
  • Overcoming Obstacles with Confidence
  • Strategies for Goal Achievement
  • Insights and strategies from Zack Tlili

About Zack Tlili:

Zack Tlili stands out as a beacon of motivation and a strategic mastermind in the business world. More than just a consultant, he embodies dedication, service, and unparalleled excellence.

With a rich history in corporate sales and leadership, Zack offers a wealth of experience and insights that promise to revolutionize your organization. He specializes in unlocking the hidden potential within teams, guiding them through transformative journeys that lead to unprecedented success.

Zack's approach is not just about strategies; it's about inspiring change and fostering an environment where every employee can thrive. His commitment to empowering businesses and individuals makes him an invaluable asset to any company looking to elevate its performance and achieve its goals.

About McCombs Ford West:

McCombs Ford West, a stalwart in customer satisfaction since 1953, stands out as one of the top 30 Ford dealers nationwide. It proudly holds the exclusive title of San Antonio's authorized Roush Performance dealer.

This dealership is not just about selling cars; it's about creating a positive workplace, as evidenced by being voted the best workplace for twelve consecutive years. The ethos of McCombs Ford West is deeply rooted in the legacy of its founder, Red McCombs, who is renowned for his dedication to serving the community of San Antonio and the broader state of Texas.

Their commitment to excellence is summarized in their motto, “Simply the Best,” showcasing their dedication to superior service and customer satisfaction. McCombs Ford West exemplifies a blend of top-tier automotive sales and a commitment to community values.

Tweetable Moments:

07:16 – “A better version of yourself doesn't start with ‘I want.' It starts with the belief, having the mindset, and doing the work for it, and staying relentless and keeping going.”

08:14 – “Success is not a house on the hill, it's not a yacht, even though they're nice to have. Success is a teacher that wakes up in the morning happy and excited about having kids that she's going to care for.”

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Zack (00:02:19) - Thank you so much for having me. Josh. Yeah.

Josh (00:02:22) - Yeah, absolutely. Well, you're based in San Antonio. Give us an overview of the work you do and who you serve, and the kind of the impact you have in the world.

Zack (00:02:29) - You know, so I'm a motivational speaker, business coach, life coach, business strategist. And just to make it very simple, my mission is to serve the I can't group. It's very simple. A lot of times, you know, you get to meet individuals that are simply stuck in the past and people that are making decisions based on fear. And so that decision based on faith. And I made it a mission for myself to help others live a better version of themselves and accomplish their dreams by unstuck them from which whatever is holding them at this point.

Josh (00:03:04) - Yeah. Let's say someone's listening to what you just said there, and they go, ah, I don't need that stuff. I'm pretty self-motivated. You know, I show up and I'm working really hard, and I'm. They feel like they're doing all this stuff. Like, how would you approach that conversation?

Zack (00:03:21) - Josh, that's actually a very good question. In general, motivation is not enough. You can motivate someone day, afternoon, midday, night time.

Zack (00:03:30) - You can motivate people. But if people are not willing to make a change. So for you to be successful. You know, you read books. You, you know, that are many, many, many talented individuals that actually they laid the path for us in so many different ways. We know how to be successful. But who's following the steps? So for you to succeed, first of all, you have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that you're able to do one, two and three. That's number one. Number two, believing it by itself doesn't really make a difference. If you don't have the mindset, you say, you know what, I'm willing to do the work and I'm going to do it the less, Brown said. You know. He brought up the Robin formula. I don't know if you made it. Yes, you probably are. You know, the rubber format is something that the R stands for, being relentless in what you want because we all want something.

Zack (00:04:23) - We all want to say we want to succeed. We all want to be better. What are we doing with it? Just the one. And the desire is not enough. They have to be relentless in what you want. You have to dream about it morning, afternoon and night. And you have to actually lose sleep because of it. O stands for overcoming. You have to be willing to overcome anything that might come your way. And yes, you're going to have some bumps along the way, right? But we tend to make them hills, so you have to be overcoming. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to accomplish such a dream. I. You have to be involved. You're not involved in what you want to accomplish. You're never going to make it happen in the end is you're never, never to give up. So people say, yeah, I don't need this. I can just do this. But you ask them, what are you doing? What are the steps you're taking? Every single day you have someone that wakes up in the morning that loses sleep.

Zack (00:05:17) - A four in the morning, wakes up at five in the morning, gets a piece of paper cup of coffee, and they write ten new ideas daily. You know, people think they make crazy. You know, waking up every day writing update ideas. What is it going to lead you? It's the law of averages. Ten ideas a day, 30 days. Those are 300 ideas. 12 months. The 3 or 3000. And how many ideas? Right? Um, I mean, one of them is going to hit eventually if you stay persistent with a plan. So my my passion is to show you what is it that you have to do, not just what is it that you want because people don't know the difference between want and need. I want to be something. I need to be something. But the most important part is, are we willing to do the work? Because exactly. Or Josh or whomever you might be following can show you the walk. I can walk the walk and I can walk the walk, but I can't do it alone.

Zack (00:06:14) - So you have to be willing to do the work and follow the steps. And and that's where my passion comes in. I'm going to show you where. What if someone that was nothing. Can become someone bigger than the sun and the moon. Why can't you? So moral of the story is, you know that all living on stuck in such a dark spot. Yeah. I mean, I wake up in the morning, I have the energy to go and do it. And you ask someone, how happy are you going to your job? That's a job. You know, I go to the job. I got to do the job right. And people judge. They work hard enough not to get fired.

Josh (00:06:49) - Yes. Right. Right.

Zack (00:06:51) - And and an employer is paying them just enough for them not to quit.

Josh (00:06:55) - Yeah. Yeah. Right. Right, right.

Zack (00:06:57) - So how do you really how can you really tell me? But. But just work just hard enough not to get fired. And that you're actually going the right path or going the right way about, you know, making things happen for yourself and finding a better version of yourself, a better version of yourself doesn't start with I want.

Zack (00:07:16) - It starts with the belief having the mindset and doing the work for it and stay relentless and to keep going.

Josh (00:07:23) - Yeah, what if someone this is really interesting? What if someone says, well, listen, um, listen, I want a great, great, great things, but I also don't want to create a lifestyle for myself where I'm working more than, say, eight hours a day, like I am going to put in, and I'm going to be absolutely on fire for eight hours. But I want to have the time in my day, in my life so that it can do the other things that I'm very passionate about. Um, we're not necessarily just talking about, you know, I'm going to get you so motivated. You're going to want to work on your thing 20 hours a day.

Zack (00:07:56) - You know, just that's also an amazing question. The eight hours work that is that is an amazing benefit. And it's an amazing thing for someone to have the mindset, hey, I'm going to do my job for eight hours and I'm going to make the best out of it because, hey, these jobs do exist and they exist for a reason, and that are people that do such an amazing job.

Zack (00:08:14) - And the best thing I can tell you this is this to success. Success is not a house on the hill is not a yacht. Even though they're nice to have. It's not a vacation in the Bahamas every week. Success is a teacher that wakes up in the morning happy and excited about having kids that she's going to care for. Success is a good mother that's chose to be a housewife, although she could be a professional and housewife as well. She's good at it and she does such an amazing job at it. It's the carpenter that just adores what he does, that he works. He does his eight hours with the passion. That's success. So I'm not here to give you a house on the hill. I'm not here to build your mountain of gold. I'm here to make the give you the best version of yourself. What makes you happy? What puts the smile on your face and your family's face? When you are at work and you get the phone call from your son or daughter or whoever.

Zack (00:09:10) - How are you? I'm having an amazing day at work. I'm excited to work. I'm having a great day. I just was able to do 1 to 3 help so and so so if I. But are they actually living this eight hours a day? Are they actually excited just for the eight hours of the day? Are they happy living home? Are they happy? Closing the door of the office after eight hours is what a day! I can't wait to have another one tomorrow.

Josh (00:09:37) - Yeah, this is great. And this sounds like such a like an aspiring position to get to break this down, how can we move toward getting that in our life if we're showing up to work and we're a little bit burnt out or showing up to our own business and we're just burnt out a little bit, which happens.

Zack (00:09:57) - So look, the burned out, this is a huge and this is this very sad. But let me tell you something. Somebody's being burned out of the job. It could be for so many reasons.

Zack (00:10:07) - It could be good to leadership. It could be due to personal belief. It could be to our due to our own skills and mindsets. If I'm going to a job just simply because I got to collect my 40 hours and I got to collect my benefits, I got to put a little bit of my 401 K. So you don't really have a life because you would attach your tie down to the little bit, only that you ask and that you are in need and you're not actually looking outside the box of how much money you can get. Somebody has burned out because they're being micromanaged, because they're not being appreciated at work, and because I can't say bad leadership. I'm sorry, Josh, you know, I've read books and books and books that talks about good leader versus bad leader. There is no such thing with my humble opinion. Either there is a leader or there isn't. A good leader is going to see and a good leader is a good leader. There is only a good leader or there is no leader.

Zack (00:11:03) - So some people could be burned out because they are not under any leadership. That is management, that are title hungry individuals, that are just managing people without actually looking for what they need. So if I'm an employee and I see there is no leadership at what I'm at. And nobody's actually looking at wellbeing. So yes, I get burned out because there is no value for me at whatever I'm at. Here. This one, you have to draw a line. If you know there is no literature and there is no value before you can make a decision and talk about leadership, you have to ask yourself before you lead, before you can talk about leadership. Are you a good follower? Is it you doing as an employee to be a good follower? For you to have a good leader? Because a good leader had to be a good follower before he can lead, correct? But as far as employees going into that work segment and saying. I'm just here for the ride today. And you have a manager that wears a leader title saying, I'm here to collect the check.

Zack (00:12:03) - I don't care about your well-being. I don't care about what you go through in life. I just want protection. And companies don't grow. People get burned out. A lot of people told me that I gave the best years of my life to this company. And I've seen nothing. And it's true. And it said I gave the best years of my life to this company. Well, that's not the company's fault. That's the decision that you made and a commitment you made yourself to live miserable and to be under no leadership umbrella and give up the best years of life. And you were content with it. You're happy to collect the 40 hour check and possibly some overtime. And you said, you know what, hey, what's what's worth for me more is when I go home after that, they get to spend time with family. If the eight hours are at work. Are not productive and you're miserable. It's not any different than than being miserable at home and going to work expecting to have a good day.

Zack (00:12:52) - They just go hand in hand.

Speaker 3 (00:12:54) - Yeah, it's just the mindset.

Josh (00:12:56) - Yeah. Zach, um, what's something that we should be doing on a daily or regular basis so that, you know, so we can stay inspired, we can stay motivated, um, to be able to do the things that we know we want to do in the world.

Zack (00:13:12) - The first thing we have to do is we have to believe in ourselves first, and we have to want more. We have to wonder. Yeah.

Josh (00:13:19) - I mean and that's and again, that's that's a great trait. And I hate to kind of break it down into something a little bit more tactical. Like that's an aspirational like place to be. But how do we get there?

Zack (00:13:31) - The first of all, like I said, you have to believe in yourself first. Mhm. You have to have the mindset. The mindset of what? What is it that I want to do in life. What is it that I'm willing to do for it? What is it I'm willing to give up or.

Zack (00:13:44) - Because if I ask you what, Josh, what gives you a rich. If you're an employee today, you're waking up in the morning. I want to ask you a question. Just what will give you a rich life? Whatever the answer might be, I'm going to tell you. What is it you're willing to do for it? You're going to give me an answer. Josh, what is it you're willing to give up for it? So we have to know what we want. What are we willing to do for it? We have to know what it's willing to do. Give up work as well. And once you find these three aspects, then you can have a good version of yourself. You can have a good vision of your future. What are the next steps that you have to take? If you wake up in the morning because just if you don't know what you're going, you're going to end up elsewhere.

Josh (00:14:26) - Yeah. Yeah. Right. So okay. So long term target long term goal.

Josh (00:14:30) - Break it down into what's it going to take in order for me to get there. Do I really really want it or am I just saying that right. And I think you asked a good question. Right. It's like, what am I willing to give up in order to achieve that? And and then really just like, okay, well, if you're serious about that and you really, truly do want that and, you know, it's it could be, for example, like, you know, I was just in a weight loss competition and I won because I just broke it down to the simple daily activities. I just have to, you know, create a calorie deficit day in, day out. Pretty boring, you know, but it's, you know, kind of the James clear atomic habits kind of thing. And I wonder sometimes that we overcomplicate a lot of these things, you know, stay in your zone of genius. Just do the thing. Have the power. Right. Arthur Schopenhauer would say.

Zack (00:15:17) - That's, you know, Josh, it's amazing you said that. I give you an example of people wanting and people doing. Okay. The people I give you an example of a ship. If a ship that's actually a harbor is fixing to take off, right. Imagine a ship that has a mapped up direction, navigation, set up a destination, sails is ready, team is ready, the crew is ready, and that ship takes off. 99.99% of the time is going to make it to whatever it is destined to go. Correct. Imagine having a ship. No destination. The ship is amazing. Looks beautiful. It's state of the art. It's live in harbor. No map, no navigation, no destination, no crew. But you have to expect the ship to go. Where? To its final destination. That's what we are doing in our daily lives. We expect the shift. We expect the US to make it, to go to the next step without having that map, without having that navigation, without having that crew.

Zack (00:16:18) - The crew could be a thoughts. It could be a mindset. It could be, you know, things that we do the day before and early in the morning, things that we have to work on ourselves. We have to discipline ourselves. When we do that, the ship makes it to its final destination. It's not any different. Just when Earl Nightingale said, you know, it's a mindset. It's just pretty much like a piece of land judge, you know, whatever, whatever you implement in your mind, the results are exactly what you plant if you plant a positive thought. That you can and that you will and you're willing to do. You accomplish that better if you plant a negative thought, a negative outcome. Exactly. That's what you'll get. So we have to be willing to know what do we want, how bad we want it. Does that give us a rich life? And I'm not talking about rich life just in financial aspects. And what are we willing to give up for it? Because you are what you think about.

Zack (00:17:11) - As simple as that.

Josh (00:17:12) - Yeah. Zach. Your website. Zack Tlili Uh, when somebody goes there, what would you recommend they do? Like say they've listed our conversation and they want more Zach in their life. What would you recommend for them?

Zack (00:17:25) - You know, Josh, I made it very very simple. I try to make my website very easy. I did not if you go through it, it's not uploaded with a lot of photos and videos and it's not bulked up. I made it very simple. There is a book now or there is contact Zach, send an email. Send a message, click contact us, book us and if you just all are just going to do is going to let me know that you are looking for something, I'll reach out, we'll have a conversation, you know, 101 and then we take them. It's very simple. It's not any different than me. They send a new text message. Okay, I see your phone, send you a text message.

Zack (00:18:02) - Hey, this is Zach. You say, hey, this is Josh. How can I help you? And then we have that conversation. If I'm a good fit for you, so be it. If I'm not a good fit for you, so, so be it. You know, I made the promise to myself that it's to help others find a better version of themselves and find and accomplish their dream. And that's a promise I intend to keep. And as simple as that.

Josh (00:18:22) - Yeah. Zack Tlili. Again, your website, Zach daily Zach, thank you so much for the conversation. Thank you for joining us.

Zack (00:18:30) - Thank you Josh, appreciate you.

Josh (00:18:37) - Thanks for listening to the Thoughtful Entrepreneur show. If you are a thoughtful business owner or professional who would like to be on this daily program, please visit up my influence common Guest. If you're a listener, I'd love to shout out your business to our whole audience for free. You can do that by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or join our Listener Facebook group.

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