1931 – Unleashing Your Intuitive Superpower for Business Growth with Simone Wright

Harnessing Intuition for Entrepreneurial Success

In a riveting episode of The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Show, I had the opportunity to converse with Simone Wright, a leading expert on intuition and its role in entrepreneurship. Simone, who has always been attuned to her intuitive intelligence, shared valuable insights from her book “First Intelligence: Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition,” highlighting how intuition can be a powerful asset in business. She emphasized the concept of intuition as a muscle that can be developed, and the necessity of being in a state of flow to enhance leadership skills.

Simone Wright's perspective on creating mental space to foster flow was particularly impactful. She suggested that engaging in activities that relax the mind, such as walking or meditating, can unlock our intuitive insights. Moreover, she drew a parallel between the intuitive and innovative mind, suggesting that innovation stems from giving our intuition the space to process information. Our discussion also explored the intuitive abilities of animals and their natural disaster awareness, underscoring the widespread presence of intuitive intelligence.

Wrapping up our enlightening discussion, Simone Wright offered guidance for entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their intuitive fitness, sharing a success story of a client who achieved remarkable business growth by tapping into their intuitive potential. For those seeking to delve deeper, Simone recommends her master class and book on entrepreneurial intuition, along with one-on-one coaching. As we concluded, I encouraged listeners to explore Simone's resources for further inspiration and to subscribe to our show for ongoing motivation in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

About Simone Wright:

Simone Wright is an internationally respected authority on Intuition, Evolutionary Creativity and Entrepreneurship. She started her first business at the age of 9 and has used her understanding of Intuition, Creativity and entrepreneurial focus to build a globally respected coaching and education business – and to become an internationally collected artist, who has become the highest selling artist of her kind in the world. 

Simone developed her Intuition ‘street cred’ by using her skills to successfully assist law enforcement in missing children’s cases and other criminal investigations. Her groundbreaking Intuition training program, and book, First Intelligence, have helped people from all walks of life (including established and emerging entrepreneurs, multi-million-dollar CEO’s and every level in between) develop profound Intuitive clarity, and Vision to help them expand their businesses in ways that are in alignment with the individual, not the crowd. She helps people SET the trends in their life and in business … not follow them. 

She has appeared in over 100 media outlets and been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

About First Intelligence (Book):

First Intelligence is a multifaceted language that communicates with and through us in a number of sophisticated yet elegant ways. The third P in the Peace/Perception/Precision triad ~ Precision ~ plays the strongest role in how we begin to effectively and consistently recognize the voice of our higher wisdom.

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Speaker 1 (00:00:05) - Hey there, thoughtful listener. Are you looking for introductions to partners, investors, influencers and clients? Well, I've had private conversations with over 2000 leaders asking them where their best business comes from. I've got a free video you can watch with no opt in required, where I'll share the exact steps necessary to be 100% inbound in your industry over the next 6 to 8 months, with no spam, no ads, and no sales. What I teach has worked for me for over 15 years and has helped me create eight figures in revenue for my own companies. Just head to up my influence comm and watch my free class on how to create endless high ticket sales appointments. Also, don't forget the thoughtful entrepreneur is always looking for great guests. Go to up my influence. Com and click on podcast. I'd love to have you. With us right now. Simone. Right, Simone, you are an author. You're an international authority on intuition, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Simone, you're found on the web at Simone

Speaker 1 (00:01:18) - It's great to have you. Thanks for joining.

Speaker 2 (00:01:20) - Us. It's great to be here. Josh, thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (00:01:23) - Well, I listen, you and I have already chatted a time or two and so I, I really love your topic. Do you mind maybe just kind of kicking us off, talking about your impact in the world, who you serve. And, hopefully it's about intuition.

Speaker 2 (00:01:38) - Yes, yes. Well, I've been an entrepreneur since I was nine years old, so that's over 40 years. and I've also had this intuitive intelligence as I was a little kid. So I've taken those two passions in my life, and I've mushed them together like an awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And now I take that intuitive skill set and I train people how to develop it, how to apply it, how to use it at will and and what I think I excel the most at is knocking the fluff off the intuitive process so that people can access it in a way that is direct, all is tangible, is targetable, and you can actually see results in.

Speaker 2 (00:02:19) - And I work with emerging entrepreneurs, top level CEOs, people from all walks of life and learning how to develop what I call that first intelligence.

Speaker 1 (00:02:30) - Yeah. so for someone that's listening to us and they're kind of on the edge of like, oh, is this going to be a bunch of woo woo stuff? let's talk about because I love how you talk about what intuition is. Right. And I think we can all, as leaders identify again, I'm kind of, spoiling the, you know, you're you're you're, how you describe it because we've already had this conversation, but share just a bit about what intuition is so we can get everybody back on board.

Speaker 2 (00:03:02) - Sure. Well, listen, if you guys are I mean, all of you guys are high performing entrepreneurs. And you've heard people like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Sarah Blakely, the the creator of Spanx, they all talk about intuition as being the wisdom that helped them shape their level of success. So we've all heard it.

Speaker 2 (00:03:27) - but none of those excellent people can explain how or what intuition is or why it works, or how it works, or how they direct it. And I got my intuition street cred working with law enforcement, working with police in missing children's cases, helping them find missing children and helping them close, cold cases. So, working with law enforcement, you can't go into an environment like that and be talking fluffy stuff. It has to be rooted in science. It has to be very pragmatic. It has to be understandable and applicable. So listen, I understand the sort of there might be a bit of a knee jerk reaction to the idea of what intuition is, but you can't look out in the world today and not listen to a top level entrepreneur or people who are changing the world in big ways and not hear them talk about the word intuition. So my goal, in what I do in my service to the world, is help people access that higher level that we all have, by the way, we're all born with it.

Speaker 2 (00:04:27) - It's not something that some people have and others don't. It's inherent in our biology. and I help us tap into that inherent intelligence in a way that there's no doubt about it. There's no need to be skeptical or or think it's woowoo because it's not.

Speaker 1 (00:04:47) - Yeah, well, what I'm really interested in, Simone, is how, my how I, as a leader can enhance this, like we want to. It's like a muscle. And, you know, I think we all know what it feels like. The way I think of it, too, is like, there are times in our business when we feel like we're in a flow. And then there's times in our business where we just feel like there's a bunch of stuck energy and something's not work, something's out of alignment, something's not working. And I keep encountering frustration. And, you know, I don't want that. I want more flow where like, answers seem to come easy to me. Insights like, you know, like that's what I want more of.

Speaker 1 (00:05:25) - How can I spend more time in my business in that sort of state?

Speaker 2 (00:05:28) - Yes. Well, you just identified a really important thing, and I'm sure that all of your listeners have noticed that, that they have that flow where stuff is just it boom, boom, boom. They, they take a shot they can't miss. So what what you want to be able to recognize in that moment is that you've already got that intuitive skill set rolling. It's it's already active in you. What I tend to identify in, in everybody that I work with is that we've got our sort of intuitive superpower where stuff really flows is like, dun dun dun. And then we've got our intuitive Achilles heel, we've got a weak spot, we've got there's a gap and and that gap, that empty space is clarified, is cleared out when you start to understand principles of intuition. And you mentioned a really important word. Josh, you mentioned the word flow. And the idea of flow is evident in, you know, top level performers, high level athletes and all that sort of stuff.

Speaker 2 (00:06:25) - And I bet you'd be all willing to say that when you're in flow, you're not thinking. There's very little thought going on, and the intuitive process is rooted beyond thought. So how do we get out of our way when things are stuck? This is going to sound counterintuitive. It's not going to make sense to you, but that's why it's intuition is I invite you to stop grinding. I. I invite you to go take a walk. I invite you to go, I don't know, shoot some golf balls, go play hoops. Go meditate. go take a shower. I always say to my male clients, I said, if you haven't shaved already, go shave. Why? Why do I invite you to do that? To get back into flow and not being a shaver myself, I'm just assuming with all of the men that I've watched as they shave, they're not really thinking it's so automatic. And maybe you can speak to this. Josh, you're not really thinking you've shaved so much that it's just automatic.

Speaker 2 (00:07:26) - You've got a routine, right? And oftentimes I hear from many of my male entrepreneurs is that they'll get the most powerful intuitive hits when they're shaving or when they're getting ready to line up a golf ball and take the shot, or when they're in the shower. Why? Because their mind has stopped. It's in an empty, relaxed space, and that's when the intuitive ideas start to come in. It's not when you're trying to figure stuff out. So Albert Einstein, who was one of the most, I don't know, powerful proponents of the intuitive process, said that he got his most brilliant ideas when he was out sailing his little ship, his little boat, and putting around on the water. It wasn't when he was grinding it out in the studio. So in the, lab. So I always say, if you're stuck, move, get out of the environment that keeps you stuck and go do something that relaxes your mind and go.

Speaker 1 (00:08:24) - Shave, even if you don't need a shave. You know.

Speaker 2 (00:08:27) - I've got pretty smooth skin. I, I, I find that most of my intuitive hits come when I'm, I have I have horses, and I find that most of my intuitive hits come when I'm out walking the horses or when I'm getting their grain ready. It's not when I'm in the studio, it's not when I'm trying to figure things out. And so allowing a spaciousness in the mind allows that flow to move.

Speaker 1 (00:08:54) - You know, I'm listening to a book on digital minimalism and you know just how important that is? That we give our brain time to relax and digest and how often we don't do that as much anymore, like back in the 80s. You know, before we all had cell phones in the 90s, you know, sometimes you would just have to just sit and be bored for, you know, 15, 20, 30 minutes or something like that while you're waiting. And we don't do that anymore. Well, that's actually really good for our brain to be able to do that. So right now it's like we're just constantly bombarding with information.

Speaker 1 (00:09:35) - So I know for me, someone one thing that, you know, I have to be pretty thoughtful about is when I take my dog for a walk around the block, I have the temptation to start listening to something. Podcast, news, you know, whatever. and I come back and and it's just not as rewarding. Sure. I was learning something or whatever. but it just I don't feel as relaxed as opposed to if I just am conscious about unplugging. I feel that that recharges me so much more. And so that's, you know, kind of my, my intuition telling me, yeah, give us some, give us more of that. And then that way when I'm truly on, you know, it's kind of like this idea of like, you know, I'm going to grind work 16 hours a day, or I can be 100% on and present for eight hours and then just, you know, have relaxed my mind and quiet and engage in hobbies and gardening and that sort of thing.

Speaker 1 (00:10:34) - Yeah. I today would much rather do the eight solid focused hours rather than 16 hours. I'm just not going to do that for sure.

Speaker 2 (00:10:42) - Yeah. And you you mentioned something really important there. So the intuitive mind is the innovative mind. It's the trend setting mind. It's not the trend following mind. It's the expanded mind. It's the evolved mind. And the intuitive mind moves in direct proportion to how much room you give it. So if you're constantly filling your mind with data, so data is already known information. Now listen, you can get a lot of benefit out of data. But if you're working as an entrepreneur who's looking to innovate, who's looking to set new trends in, in your income level, in your profit levels, in how your performance levels, if you're looking to set new trends, you've got to be able to innovate because you'd already be creating those success markers if you were if you were able to based on the data that you're currently using. So when we're working intuitively, that is we're not rooted in data.

Speaker 2 (00:11:43) - So we want to be able to give the mind room so that new information, new insight, new ideas, trend setting ideas can start to flow. And if I may, Josh, a little bit of a story, if I may, if you guys recall the tsunami that happened in Indonesia in 2004, I believe it was the one that wiped out, you know, 250,000 people. It was a pretty big wave. It was a giant wave. But what was interesting that virtually no animals perished in that catastrophe. Virtually none. Why? Because most of the animals sensed something was coming before the earthquake hit and before the wave hit. And in in particular places in Indonesia, the tourists would ride on elephants on their little tourist trips. The elephants broke their chains before the wave hit and took off up the hills with people on their back. Nobody was injured by the elephants, by the way, but virtually none of the animals died. And. And why was that? Is because they sensed the energy in the field, the information of the wave in the field, and they responded from a level of mind, a level of intelligence that wasn't rooted in thought.

Speaker 2 (00:13:02) - Yeah, we are in the middle of a data tsunami that is unprecedented in our history, right? I call it we're surfing the data wave, we're surfing the information wave. And as entrepreneurs, as visionaries, as mavericks, as people who are wanting to set innovative trends that help the world, we've got to be able to surf that wave. We've got to be able to get ahead of it so that we're not drowned by it. And our intuition is the skill set that will help us do that. It's a different level of mind that's rooted in strong targets. Establishing a potent focus and then being able to let that mind then go so that the information that's carried in the environment around us, just like the elephant sensed in Indonesia, can be, can be, perceived by us and then processed. Yeah, most, most people don't know that story about Indonesia. They're like, what? You've got to be kidding. Quarter of a million people and then virtually no animals. What's going on there?

Speaker 1 (00:14:04) - Yeah.

Speaker 1 (00:14:05) - And by the way, what you're talking about is so the 2004 tsunami, I was just kind of doing a quick search on this, fascinating article from the BBC about now work that they're doing with animals, and they'll actually have them wear collars on goats around these volcanoes and stuff. because prior to the volcano volcanic activity, the goats kind of do some weird stuff and they're able to, like, now, you know, kind of watch these patterns. And it's, it's it's fascinating. This is really, really fascinating. Isn't it fascinating. So Simone, tell me about how you work with individuals. Like what? The coaching. What does that look like?

Speaker 2 (00:14:42) - Well, I work with, like I say, emerging and high level entrepreneurs. And we get together and we talk about what their targets are, what their goals are, where they're wanting to take their business. And we also talk about what's going on in their personal lives, because, listen, you may be really excelling at business and just being able to knock it out of the park, but you're stuck a little bit in your in your real world.

Speaker 2 (00:15:01) - Maybe you've, you know, having some limits. But we set we set some strong targets, some strong goals. And then we start activating the intuitive process within within you. As as as a coach, I view the entrepreneurs that I work with as athletes, and I help them develop that intuitive fitness so that they can take it, out of work and bring it into life, or bring it out of life and put it into work. One of my recent success stories was, one of my clients wanted to expand his bottom line in business, and we took him from 40 million to 200 million in, in three years. And we're working on $1 billion target now. And so we start to shape those really strong targets that are rooted in time, ideas, money, and we allow them the intuitive process to start to direct that entrepreneur in these sort of innovative ways. And it's, it's a it's really a fascinating process for me as a coach, because I love to see and feel and hear how entrepreneurs at high levels process information.

Speaker 2 (00:16:07) - And we've all got certain skill sets, certain superpowers and entrepreneurs are really a dazzling crew. So what I help you guys do is I help you set really strong targets. And how this was established was me working with law enforcement. If I'm finding a missing kid, I need to establish a strong target for me. That kid is home. And in a context like that, where high stakes, very high stakes, very limited time, you've got to be able to perform at a high level, when when stakes are high and pressures on. And that's what I help entrepreneurs do by, by clearing out the mental clutter and really aligning that intuitive focus so that people can move with greater grace, greater efficiency, greater ease.

Speaker 1 (00:16:55) - Yeah. Your website is Simone, right? Com we have that, linked up. when somebody goes to your website, Simone, what would you recommend they do?

Speaker 2 (00:17:04) - I recommend you check out the the coaching to the work with me. place in classes. There's my master class specifically for intuition.

Speaker 2 (00:17:15) - Intuition for entrepreneurs. And, you know, start simple. You can pick up a copy of my book First Intelligence Using the Science and Spirit of Intuition. When that book first came out, it ruffled a few feathers. because it was a little bit ahead of its time. And I think finally people are catching up. But there's all sorts of ways to work with me, sort of starting at the basic fundamentals or, you know, go big or go home is one of my mottos. And so the you've got different levels there of of work. I find that when we can work together one on one, we can get really specific with what those targets are and help you shape those targets in a way that it is. It is ultimately like hitting a target with an archer. You set the target, you get into flow, you take the shot and you let the intuitive mind do the rest. And that becomes a real fun place to be where you're able to then let go of the stress you're not having to grind anymore.

Speaker 2 (00:18:13) - Grinding is overrated.

Speaker 1 (00:18:16) - agreed. agreed. Simone. Right. author your book, which we've got linked up as well. It's called First intelligence. Using the science and spirit of intuition. it's got a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. You got 71. you got 4.8, 71 ratings, 4.8. so very, very well loved. It's both in Kindle and paperback. And of course, your website, which we share. That's Simone. Right. Com Simone has been great. Thank you so much for the conversation.

Speaker 2 (00:18:49) - Thanks for having me. Josh. Have a good day. Bye, everyone.

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